"It’s strange that I dare not be a male servant. If the toffee is dressed like that, I will say that my grandfather is not."

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Phoenix glass coldly stared her one eye tone is also cold "shouldn’t you worry about things you want to do so much? Go and inquire after the toffee. "
I don’t know if he is guilty of bringing back these four women this time.
Fengli thinks she must be sick.
It’s just bringing back four women. What’s wrong with him?
There are dozens of concubines in the former Wangfu, not to mention that he keeps those unworthy women outside.
At that time, I didn’t see what Mu Wanyou said.
Now she just brought back four concubines. What can she mean? Section 394: I couldn’t help explaining it to her.
At that time, I didn’t see what Mu Wanyou said.
Now she just brought back four concubines. What’s her opinion?
Even if she has opinions, it’s normal to be able to resist his men’s three wives and four concubines. She should have understood this since she was a child.
Even if she doesn’t marry herself, she must be married to an official brother, but she still can’t face her husband, three wives and four concubines.
Besides, these women are all given to him by my father, and he can’t refuse [
That a few women some reluctant to go to Jiang Xue bud front all face is disdain.
See a few people slightly bent bow look proud than "male and female servants have seen toffee to inquire after toffee"
I’ve long heard about this miss mu’s family.
Before marriage, you have lost your virginity and broken your body to marry the sovereign.
I heard that on the night of the report’s wedding, I hugged a concubine into the bridal chamber to humiliate her.
I also heard that the prince has never favored her since she married into Wangfu.
It was more than ten days ago that Wang Ye stayed in her room for the middle of the night.
Said it was midnight?
Because on the second morning of that night, someone found the drunken Lord in the street.
I heard that it was because her prime minister, Dad, forced the sovereign to favor her step by step.
I was forced to favor myself, and I hated the female prince, so I went out to get drunk.
I drank too much and stayed in the street.
This shows … how much great grandfather hates toffee?
It’s a few people who respect her on the surface but despise her in their hearts.
Even expensive toffee, so what?
Not favored toffee … It’s better than not waiting on my concubine.
Jiang Xue bud Gherardini looked at this a few people not out.
Seeing that Feng Li was a little guilty, she went over and seemed to explain that "they were all given to the king by their father."
See phoenix glass actually talk to Jiang Xue bud like this. These girls are surprised [
Great grandfather, is this … is this explaining something to this woman?
Otherwise, I would say something like this-
Hey, hey, today’s update is finished. Section 395: He is somewhat disappointed.
Great grandfather, is this … is this explaining something to this woman?
Otherwise, you would say something like this.
Is it necessary for him to tell Mu Wan when he takes several women back to the house?
Jiang Xue bud gently nodded tone light way "oh".
The most shameful thing about Fengli is that everything is so-called [
This kind of Jiang Xue bud will make him feel uneasy for no reason
Let him try to figure out what’s really on her mind.
At the same time, she also let him down a little.
Maybe … She brought back a few women for yourself … Just don’t have any opinions?
If she like herself, how can she not be jealous?
If you are jealous, you must be angry.
But look what she looks like now.
It seems that he has nothing to do with her at all.
Fengli couldn’t help frowning. "Mu Wan, don’t you have anything to say?"
No matter what, she should express her opinion.
Her mind was so hidden that he could guess at the root.
Jiang Xue bud looked at the phoenix glass that a face of uneasy expression gently shook his head.
"no? Wang has been away from the palace for so long, and you have nothing to say when you see Wang? "