"Yes, to save you" He Lianheng seems to be wanting more. He suddenly grabbed him and pinched him in the palm of his hand. "Other things are by the way."

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Zong Jin’s slender fingers in front of his eyes, every time He Lianheng noticed his hand, he could not help but measure it in his heart-such a skill as holding a knife.
But Zongjin can hold it and hold it firmly.
These unexpected and surprising parts are also Zong Jin … all of which are the charm of Wei Chilan.
The man can’t help but give another gentle kiss on his fingertips.
Just now, there was a more embarrassing act, Zong Jin, but it was a little strange. Only then did he panic. He hurriedly wanted to pull his hand away and couldn’t help saying, "What are you doing … Do you know shame?"
"You and I don’t talk about this," said He Lianheng indifferently, but I still let him go.
Just as Zong Jin, who is repeatedly talking, He Lianheng just squatted on his leg and put his arm around his waist.
He panicked and didn’t know where to put his head buried in his chest and said gloomily, "I finally found you."
A man can always say things very indifferently without too much tone, so he can guess what he thinks, so he has no choice but to believe the literal meaning.
Zong Jin’s last expert supported the cold edge of the shop to maintain his posture. Don’t fall back. "… isn’t it a little late to say this now?"
"This shouldn’t be …" People are looking at them, but they can still look at the corner of the grottoes and mutter, "You should talk when you first meet …"
"It’s not too late to say now." He Lianheng hugged him tightly and said in his arms, "Finally found it."
"… you and I are dead?"
"… I know you won’t die"
"That’s it," Zong Jindao said. "Even if you don’t come today …"
"I will always come, no matter where you are, I will find you."
"… you are so shameless," Zong Jin whispered, and his words became vague. "What do you want to do next?"
"It’s not what I want to do, it’s what you want to do."
"What nonsense" Zong Jindao "Don’t beat around the bush with me"
"But what I said is true." He Lianheng said, "Either it is to go to war with Dongting and let Yong Men’s family go to Helianmen … Now that you have broken in, it is natural to solve it."
"… you actually want to take the opportunity to attack Dongting?"
"If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid you’d have to wait until the autumn harvest."
This is true. It is the most insidious and gambling to go to war during the autumn harvest. If you win the war to rob others of food, you will lose the war because no one has harvested food and there is no way out.
This is in line with the fact that it is difficult for Helian Hengfeng to lose because Helian Jun played Yong Men.
The only thing that can threaten He Lianheng is the Dongsi Alliance.
Before Zong Jin could reply, He Lianheng added, "I won’t let go of those who have hurt you."
"… this is my business, don’t worry about it."
"It’s none of your business," He Lianheng said. "My mind is fixed."
"It’s you." The man finally looked up at his face half hidden in the dark and said, "What do you want to do?"
"Me? I … "
Zong Jin lowered his eyes and looked at him seriously and solemnly. "If I say that I want the base to disappear from the world."
"Then do it," the man said. "What you want to do is what I want to do."
Many workers were frightened by this scene until the handcuffs and anklets were untied, and suddenly the whole person lost dozens of pounds. Some people didn’t react. What happened?
-Who planned to escape this time? It was already declared a failure when 42 and 394 were detained by Sun Hai.
No one expected that so many soldiers and the man who knew he was a big shot at that critical moment would rush in.
"… that, that isn’t even the army …" Someone raised his hand and uncuffed him by 394 while gawk tunnel "… four-sided flag I, I heard others say …"
The original angry stone quarry is now surrounded by a group of people, all of whom are unsmiling and filled with murder. Every three feet, someone will raise a vertical flag, and the four ribs of the flag will float in the dark, with a creepy smell.
Fu Jiushan squatted in front of him and untied the anklets for him. "… about we also hid big shots in this quarry."
The other person seems to be listening to them, but he doesn’t seem to be listening. He answered the sentence "… we are free?"
"… what freedom … out of the quarry so what … base is base …"
I don’t know where a more frustrating sentence came out. This is the last few people. Fu Jiushan finally untied everyone. He got up, wiped his face, and glanced forward casually, but he was shocked by this scene-
No one in the 200 laborers sitting in front of him has a happy face.
Don’t say it’s joy, not even relaxation. No one’s face is shrouded in ignorance. They are not happy because they can leave the quarry, but they are all at a loss because they suddenly have no pressure on their heads.
Blank power
Outside the quarry is still a lowly slave; Even if you resist seriously, even if you escape from the quarry, what can you do?
Fu Jiushan pursed his lips and opened his mouth to say something to ease the atmosphere; But he opened his mouth and throat, but like a dry riverbed, he couldn’t squeeze out water, let alone words
"… whether to fight …"
"Right, Hector even not that … very severe …"
"War …"
"War conscription will certainly force us to go to the front …"
"… I don’t want to fight, I want to live …"
"… in the quarry … if you don’t make trouble … you won’t die …"
Fine-grained complaints, like tangible things, converge into a swirling cloud above everyone’s head, and these bad karma people will be sucked in and smashed at any time.
If you don’t say anything, everything he does will be in vain … Fu Jiushan opens his mouth in confusion. "It’s not now that you can leave here. Everything will be fine. If you dare to resist, there will never be a’ base’ again …"
"… ah dad?" Abrupt another sound broke into the clouds.
Fu Jiushan turned around hastily and saw the 16-year-old boy walk quickly past him.