A sad expression slid across his face and he fell into pain. He wanted to hide or rather get rid of it.

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"I don’t know what we are looking for," he said. "We don’t know what to do."
"Do you want to go to school with me?" I asked.
I think it’s very abrupt. This question is too natural, but the words have come out.
"I can take you to see the Roman temples and great palaces. Compared with those, the roots of my villa are insignificant. I can tell you that it is like being in the shadows without being discovered by humans; If you jump over the wall quietly and quickly, if you fly over the wall at night, you will not touch the ground. "
Avikas was shocked. He looked at Mal, but Mal was still sitting in depression and said nothing.
He sat up low and went on with his accusation.
"If you don’t tell me these magical things, I may become strong," he said, "and now you ask us if we want to enjoy the same Roman happiness."
"That’s it," I said. "You can do whatever you want."
Mal shook his head and he went on, but I don’t know what his intention is.
"It is obvious that you will never come back," he said. "They chose me and I will be the new god, but before that, we must find a jungle god who has not been killed by fire. After all, we have foolishly destroyed our own noble god! The God who made you. "
I made a gesture to mean that it was really shameful.
"We got the news," he said. "We finally got an answer from England. There is also a lucky god who is older and stronger."
I looked at Avikas, but his expression didn’t change.
But those messages warned us not to approach him, and there were some things that we shouldn’t do. We were confused by these messages, but we finally set off because we thought we had to try.
"But what do you think?" I asked lovingly, "You have been chosen, and you know that you will never be seen in the oak tree. You can only drink blood when there is a celebration and a full moon."
He looked straight ahead as if he could give me a decent answer and then he finally said.
"It was you who talked to me that corrupted me."
"Ah," I said, "you are afraid of the jungle belief and you can’t satisfy it, so blame it on me."
"Not afraid," he said grumpily, gritting his teeth, "but like I said degenerate." He looked at me with deep eyes flashing. "Do you know what it means to have no faith? There is no truth without God! "
"Of course I know," I replied. "I don’t believe in anything. I think it’s wiser. I didn’t believe in anything when I was human, and I don’t believe in anything now."
I think I saw Avikas shrink.
I can say something more cruel, but when I saw Mal want to go on.
He still stare at that front and continued his story.
"We embarked on our journey," he said. "We crossed the narrow channel and arrived in a green forest in northern England. We met a group of priests who sang our carols and knew our poems and laws. They were Druids like us, and we hugged each other."
Ivekas watched Mal keenly. I’m sure I have a broad and calm eye, but I have to admit that Mal’s simple narrative attracted me.
"I went into the jungle," Mal said. "Several ancient and huge trees, each of which was a towering tree, finally led me to a place full of iron locks. I knew God was inside."
Suddenly Mal glanced uneasily at Avikas, but Avikas motioned for him to continue.
"Tell Marius," he said softly, "and tell me."
He said this in a very gentle voice, but I felt lonely and my skin shivered.
"But those priests," Mal said, "warned me,’ Mal, if you lie or are untrue, God will know that he will kill you as a sacrifice. Think twice before you act, because God is far-sighted and powerful, but it is better to fear him than to awaken him with joy or hatred.
"This shocked me. Am I really ready to meet the unexpected miracle?"
He glared at me bitterly.
"I’ve thought about everything carefully, and the beautiful villa in the Bay of Naples comes to my mind. The magnificent house you described depicts the warm wind blowing gently against the rocks on the shore and depicts your garden. You talked about gardens. Can I stand oak trees in the dark? I want to drink blood. What happens every time I sacrifice hunger and thirst?
He stopped as if he couldn’t say "no" and looked at Avikas to "continue". Avikas said in a deep voice calmly that Mal went on.
"Then a priest took me aside and said,’ Mal, this is an angry god. He is thirsty for blood even when he doesn’t need it. Do you really have the strength to see him?’
"I answered him that the sun had just set and the jungle had been lit by torches. The believers all closed up and the priests surrounded me behind me and pushed me to the oak tree.
"I will insist on letting them let me go. I will put my hand on the tree and close my eyes, just like our jungle, and pray to me deeply,’ I am a jungle believer. Can you give me sacred blood so that I can return to my hometown to benefit my people?’ "
He stopped talking again as if he had seen something terrible that I couldn’t see.
Avikas shouted "Go on" again.
Mal sighed.
"There was a laugh in the oak tree but an angry laugh! Laughter got into my ear and I was shocked by it. God said to me,’ Give me a sacrifice first and then I will have the strength to make you a god’ "
Mal paused. "Of course you know Marius." He said, "How gentle is our god? When he created you, he talked to you without anger or hatred, but this god is full of anger."
I nodded.
"I told the priests that God spoke to me, and they were all worried and opposed.
"No," they said, "He has asked for too much blood, which is out of place. He is now hungry at the full moon, so that he can be as thin and hungry as a dry land until he is full, just like spring moistens everything."
"What can I say?" Mal said, "I want to find some reasons to persuade them that it takes energy to create a new god." I explained, "He was burned in the fire, too. Maybe blood can help him heal. Why not give him a sacrifice? Of course, you can contribute the sinners or immigrants in the village.’
"They got together again and stared at the tree door and lock. I realized that they were afraid.
"something terrible has happened and changed me completely. I can feel someone staring at me with hatred in the oak tree!