"A classmate … insisted on pulling me over to play with her, so I came with her."

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"Oh, then you should pay attention to Ann."
"Well, don’t worry, I’ve been here several times." There was a pause. "I booked an early morning flight."
"Nurse Zhao said it was a fall. It is estimated that it may be a fracture. Don’t worry too much. I’ll call you when I get to the hospital."
"that’s good"
I took a look at Zou Chen after hanging up. "Zou Shantou has gone to Tibet."
"Well, you told me yesterday that I was still a little bored. Didn’t you let her take care of Lu Zhengnan? How could she leave?" Zou Chen looked at the front eyes slightly narrowed. "It must be what Liu Zhengna did to her. If this king egg dares to bully the stream, he will beat him again."
"Liu Zhengnan was beaten like that by you. What can he do to the stream?" I gave him a white look. "And … he really didn’t care about the stream."
"Of course he doesn’t care about the stream because his mind is on you." A male tone was even more indignant.
My forehead is covered with black lines. "You are so boring. Why are you dragging me again?"
"Is he boring? Knowing that your heart belongs to someone, he is always thinking about why he is not looking for a beating."
I’m sure his words Liu Zhengnan are not hedged.
"Zou Chen, I’m warning you, it’s not naive to fight every time you don’t get started with people."
He turned his eyes and gave me a look. "Some things are suitable for some people to solve by force."
"I don’t have anything in common with you." I glanced at my face outside the window.
Zou Chen doesn’t earn this from me either.
Soon the bus arrived at the hospital that Nurse Zhao said.
After parking the car, Zou Chen called nurse Zhao. Nurse Zhao said that the master had taken the photo. The fracture doctor said that he had to be hospitalized and put on a plaster, but the master didn’t want to be hospitalized. He was struggling with the doctor. Let’s hurry to the orthopedics department on the second floor.
When we got to the bone department on the second floor, we heard the old man’s voice before we reached the door. "Isn’t it just a fracture? Just go home and raise it for a few days. There is no need to be hospitalized. Is your inpatient department too busy?"
I looked at each other Zou Chen couldn’t help laughing.
"Old man, this is a fracture, not a sprained ankle. If you move around in disorder, it is likely that you will have a problem walking."
"Are you doctors so scared of tiger people?" The master’s voice was still bright.
At this time, Zou Chen and I went in to see the master sitting in a wheelchair, and his body was quite painful. After the desk, the hospital stared at each other with four eyes, and two guards stood by him.
"Grandpa, this is a hospital. When we get here, we have to listen to the doctor. Your story doesn’t work here." Zou Chen walked over and his face became very serious. Then he smiled at the kind-looking doctor. "I’m sorry about the hospital. The old man is stubborn. Just inform him to stay in the hospital and I’ll do it."
Master Zou scolded him and glanced at me again, but he was not being stubborn.
The doctor said, "Then I’ll give you the bill."
"Doctor, please," said Nurse Zhao, who was busy echoing and relieved, and made a wink at Zou Chen. "Then let’s take the old commander to get a plaster cast and you will go to the hospital for a while."
Zou Chen nodded at her, "OK, then please nurse Zhao."
"I’m thirsty," cried the master unhappily
I quickly said, "I’ll get you water." I glanced at Zou Chen and walked out.
"Tong Tong you wait" Zou Chen chased out.
I turned and stopped "why"
Zou Chen approached the low road. "The hospital is crowded. Don’t go. I’ll let the guards go."
"There is a canteen in front of this building. It’s okay." I don’t.
"Listen to me." He pulled me in again with a straight face, and then asked the guards to buy water. I was very embarrassed and followed him and was despised by the master.
When the doctor finished the order, Zou Chen and I went to the hospital. Nurse Zhao and another guard pushed the master to the plaster room to get a plaster cast.
The division of labor between the two sides soon completed the formalities.
My master’s face is a little pale after the plaster cast. It should be painful because it is the best ward in the ordinary top three hospitals and a single ward. My master has been closed his eyes since he was lifted out of bed.  Come out around the first watch
Chapter three hundred and twenty He gave me an abortion pill.
My master’s face is a little pale after the plaster cast. It should be painful because it is the best ward in the ordinary top three hospitals and a single ward. My master has been closed his eyes since he was lifted out of bed.
Nurse Zhao hinted that if we have something to do, we can go first. It’s enough to have the three of them here. Zou Chen said that he just had nothing to do today, so he sat down at the master’s bedside and met him. He kept his hand closed and patted the master’s hand. "If you feel pain, just say that I’ll let the doctor order painkillers."
"Why don’t you just leave?" My master didn’t good the spirit but the sound didn’t shine just now. He was a little weak.
"Stay here for two days, and I’ll take you back when my legs are fixed." Zou Chen’s tone is rare and soft, just like coaxing a child.
Master gave him a frowning look. "Aren’t you busy all day? Why are you so busy today?"
"You think I’m annoying me." Zou Chen asked with a light smile. "What difficult exercise did you do earlier? Why were you so careless?"
Master stared his one eye and said nothing. Nurse Zhao laughed. "It snowed two days ago, didn’t it? The ice in the courtyard was a little slippery …"
I was listening to them talking about one build what did not build, and suddenly I wanted to wash my hands, so I didn’t hum. I turned out of the hospital and looked for the sign to wash my hands. I went around the sign for a long time before I found it.
I felt a little dizzy after washing my hands, but I thought I could turn back on the same floor, so I walked back along the aisle when I came. Before I walked a few steps, I saw a woman wearing a sick man coming out of the front ward. She looked weak with her head down and her hand on the wall, but I recognized that figure even if it was burned to ashes.