At the beginning, if he sold it before the change, he could still make a little money, but once it was sold after the change, the price was like a waterfall that could not be stopped.

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I can sell my cards in the hands of Xiaoyue before changing them, but what about those cards? And that’s the result of everyone’s efforts. We can’t let everyone lose money with it, can we?
This time, the identity of the set of personnel is not possible, because the manpower of the department has been reduced by itself. If it is allowed to rebound again, it will be somewhat confusing and make everyone’s sensitive nerves collapse and question.
Want to go or borrow the abortion side to draw out the main points so that everyone can let nature take its course and think about it in this respect.
But in this way, there is the trouble of eyes.
"I know you won’t harm them, but they won’t harm you! What on earth can’t you say in front of them? !” Abortion some angry typing way
Whatever that purpose, Tianyu is really cheat his brothers.
Abortion is the kind of "female" who dares to "stab" the knife between two brothers. What’s more, Xiao Ye is one of them. Naturally, we should take this issue seriously.
Cheating money is a trivial matter, and cheating is fatal to people who value feelings.
"I’m sorry I really can’t explain this …"
Tianyu actually wanted to make a conversation to see if he could explain a fruit hand on the keyboard, but he couldn’t press it, and the palm of his left hand became more and more painful, so he stopped trying to explain. Then he spread out his palm and the red line showing his life length suddenly appeared in several palm prints. Red Dandan looked like a bloodsucker.
Seeing that Tianyu sent this sentence, the abortion arch eyebrows got tighter and answered, "Li Tianyu, I can’t guess your heart more and more!"
"…" Tianyu sent a string of ellipsis in the past.
"But anyway, you haven’t let me down yet. Besides, I’m a little skeptical that the person in that department you said is … yourself?" Abortion as if the tie asked such a question.
This question directly hit Tianyu’s heart like a million tons of boxing.
I can’t explain abortion myself, but I guess the secret. If she tells this to other people in the group, what will she become in their eyes?
Fall apart, brotherhood is good, brotherhood is good, or team traitors are "deported"?
This kind of fruit is that Tianyu doesn’t want it, even if the best situation is that everyone can continue to follow themselves without saying a word, but there is always a letter crack that is faintly loose, like waking them up. This guy Li Tianyu is still guarding against them, and maybe one day he will really escape with money like Xiaobai.
"Ah …" No matter how Tianyu thinks about it, he thinks it can’t let Erxiu know about it, but it’s not up to him to decide whether it will end or not.
"You don’t answer? Then I will take it as your default! " Abortion again sent a’ forced’ asked
"yes! That man is really me! So I hope you can help me keep this secret and we have a contract. "
Abortion looking at Tianyu must reply with a face of shock.
If all the previous business opportunities are unpredictable, is he really a member of that department? But even in the Ministry, it is impossible to cover everything, and what kind of merchant team is there in the game? Besides, has he been to work?
A list of "doubts" is like a "wool" thread, but there is no clue. Even Cong Xiaoyue can’t really guess the mystery inside.
"You are definitely not as simple as it seems! I won’t betray you if you don’t harm everyone! " Abortion scratched his elegant long hair, and the neat hair scratched some ling’ chaos’ and finally the expression was depressed and typed back.
Tianyu looked at this passage from abortion and breathed a sigh of relief.
This move is risky. It seems that Abortion has become the person who knows her best than Mu Xue.
Chapter 66 to hit a field
Today is April 7th, and the game will be updated, started and released on Thursday.
There are not many updates this time, but many players have been waiting for it for a long time
Remy’s’ Kiss’, a medicine for restoring 3 blood volume, was born after today. Compared with other medicines, it is a little more difficult to support the second independent D to die in the vice.
However, this is not the update that most players are looking forward to, but the "skill type expansion volume" that everyone has been waiting for for for a long time.
What is a skill type extended volume?
Literally, is it something that people said in the early days that a certain profession wanted to learn other similar professional skills, such as letting the Red God learn to "master the lightsaber" and then hold the lightsaber every second?
Of course not. The so-called "skill type expansion volume" is actually an extra set of points, which is what everyone calls "double talents"
The skill type expansion volume is priced at 58 points. It seems that this price is slightly expensive, but from another angle, the price is actually relatively close to the people.
For example, players who just need to wash some water can directly buy a skill type expansion volume at this time, and they can directly add a second set of points, which saves 38 water washing volumes.
In this way, it is only necessary to click on the expansion volume, and many players are both drawing and pk. It is self-evident that this thing is important to such players.
Everyone in the group directly’ got’ a skill expansion volume.
Tianyu, it’s really hard to wait for this. Of course, he knows that dnf has skill types to expand, but he can’t remember which period and which product it was.
His first set of highlights is partial pk, and it’s really not very powerful to brush up the picture.
In addition, Tianyu and Erxiu have been "mixing" for a long time, and they have also "got" a lot of ancient equipment. Of course, there is still a considerable gap from the perfect plane.
Now Tianyu has the ultimate reckless three-piece suit. In fact, there are four pieces. The necklace position is occupied by the worm chain, and then the shoes are used to protect the’ legs’ and the rings are 5 special grades, and 17 special-grade crystals are exchanged for other parts. Tianyu is to reduce the explosion of angry blows. Two of them are brushed to hit another’ chest’ and 16 intermediate crystals are exchanged.
The bracelet is a bug bracelet, the title is still a tiger, and the necklace is a bug chain.
Everyone should be able to guess about weapons, right
After months of struggle, I went to the plane first and then to the abyss of Kanan. Of course, the weapon was exchanged from Grandis for the shadow sword Eleanor.
"Brush equipment finally" get "almost weapons have been strengthened to 1 red eye and don’t need to be particularly high-strength. Although there is no E skill at present, fortunately, my ancient spare parts are to reduce anger and cooperate with the ultimate reckless three-piece set to reduce anger for 4 seconds. D is not a long skill or a good connection." Tianyu looked at himself with some regrets.
Our own equipment is the kind that we can buy directly with money, but we save it by our own efforts. Of course, the latter is more fun and more fulfilling than the latter.
The second set is naturally added with Tianyu, and it is a brush point.
If you add some points to the sky, the selection is the point where the shadow awakens
It is said that this set of plus points is exactly what the famous red god Xuxu baby adds.