This time, for a whole month and a half, Changsheng intends to tamp the foundation more firmly.

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Because he wants to make a great career in Valencia by this tactic!
The tall building has risen from the ground, and now the building has finally turned from the foundation stage to the above-ground construction stage.
The scaffolding was woven and the crane was erected.
Let those foreigners see what is called … China speed!
Chapter 29 The chain reaction of kily gonzalez’s departure
During the tactical training, Valencia played another warm-up match, this time against Washington United from the United States.
In this game, Valencia used their new tactics. The players ran wildly on the court, which not only made their opponents feel dizzy, but also made the fans and journalists who watched the game feel confused. Why did Valencia play this ball like an amateur team? Eleven headless flies were bumping around.
People often look at the coach of Valencia, Chang Sheng. He is still squatting on the sidelines, just like he did in getafe. Because his back is to the audience, people can’t see his expression at all, and they don’t know how he feels about this scene.
Journalists in the media stand have different opinions on this. Because everyone can see that Valencia is not playing their handy defensive counterattack before, but can’t say what tactics it is.
Reporters are thinking, is this a protest of Valencia players against the constant victory? Deliberately use this poor performance to protest the high-pressure management of Changsheng in training?
The constant high-intensity training makes the players complain, and they know it.
However, it is obvious that their news has been delayed seriously … because there is no such problem in Valencia now.
They don’t know that Valencia is actually practicing new tactics.
It’s normal that they don’t know, and Changsheng didn’t open tactical drills to the outside world. What the media and fans can see every day is Valencia’s physical training, warm-up and simple shooting practice. Once it comes to tactical training, these people will not be able to enter the training base to watch the training.
Valencia’s new tactics are always the biggest weapon. Although this weapon is doomed to be kept secret for too long, it is good for Valencia as long as one more game can be kept secret.
That’s why Chang Sheng did it.
If someone watches carefully, they will actually find that Valencia’s players seem to be running in disorder on the court, but in fact there are traces to follow. Because no matter where the football is, taking football as the center will form a circle composed of many Valencia players. The Valencia player who holds the ball, no matter which direction he passes the ball, has at least two targets to choose from, and all of them form a triangle relationship with him.
Triangle represents not only stability, but also angle. You can pass the ball more easily if you have an angle.
The requirement of constant victory is to make it easier to pass the ball by running, and try not to create a situation in which it is difficult for the player with the ball to pass the football out. A player’s frequent passing of wonderful and dangerous balls can show that his passing level is very high, but it can never show that the tactical level of the whole team is high.
Changsheng doesn’t intend to pin all the team’s offensive hopes on one person, so he should use the overall tactical position to revitalize the offense.
Guardiola felt this very deeply when he was on the court. Because it is a bit like the kind of football he played in Barcelona, but it is more active, aggressive and faster than playing football in Barcelona.
Although he only practiced for a short time, Guardiola accepted it quickly, which was related to his playing in Barcelona.
Other players also accept quickly, which is related to the skill of winning constantly.
Valencia, who is still half-baked with the new tactics so far, finally defeated the opponent 4-1 at home.
Won their second warm-up match.
After Villa came to the team to report, Chang Sheng thought that his transfer work was basically over, and the budget of 25 million yuan was not spent, but also earned some money for the club. He felt that his head coach had done impeccably from any angle.
As for the turmoil in the transfer market this summer, it has nothing to do with him. He knows Zidane will come to Real Madrid, and he also knows that Juventus will take Nedved from Lazio to make up for Zidane’s departure. But none of this has anything to do with him.
He is just a spectator.
Pitarch’s experiment is almost complete.
Lazio let Nedved go because they believed they could buy mendieta to replace Nedved.
So after their second offer, Valencia agreed to their offer, which made them see the hope of winning mendieta successfully.
Then they made a request to Valencia for installment payment.
Pitarch’s heart thumped when he heard the news.
That China man was right …
He thought about it and refused the request.
I didn’t expect Lazio president cragnotti to fly to Valencia in person to have a face-to-face interview with Valencia president Oti.
And patting his chest to ensure that he will not default on the final payment, he promised with his own personality that he would not do such a thing.
His resolute attitude has shaken both Oti and pitarch.
Fortunately, pitarch didn’t forget to call Changsheng at this time and tell him about the progress of the situation.
"You’re right, often. They really asked for installment payment … We refused them, and then their chairman cragnotti came in person … He patted his chest and assured us that there would be no arrears in the payment of the final payment … Jaime asked me to ask your opinion. "
Changsheng is not surprised at their installment payment, which is a fact.
He was surprised that cragnotti actually came. It was remarkable that he was so sincere for a mendieta.
If Chang Sheng doesn’t know what happened behind him, he may really be moved by cragnotti’s sincerity and agree to the other party’s request.
But now that he knows, it must not happen. It’s not that mendieta can’t sell, but it can’t be sold like this.
Lazio bought mendieta, and did not enjoy the benefits of this transfer transaction. Instead, they plunged themselves into economic crisis.