"Su Ling damn it! And why didn’t you just say that you were happy to see the young lady being bullied? " Sun Qiner scolded Su Ling’s back, then looked at the handmaids around him and gave them a hard twist on their arms.

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Zhang Erqi, let’s fight!
You Shi yi ke feng Chen gong
The magnificent palace building with flying eaves and golden wings spread its wings, and the palace gradually covered the whole palace with faint white mist and hazy gauze from the ethereal sky.
After midnight, the hustle and bustle of the day was gone, and the vast night Phoenix Palace gradually became lively and pleasant.
At that time, Su Ling was sitting in the front row on the left side of Fengchen Palace, and the ebony table was sweet and fragrant, while the rows of neatly arranged tables opposite her had already taken a seat, and many ministers were dressed in court.
"It’s too late to drive to the fourth prince!"
At the temple gate of Fengchen Palace, with the young eunuch singing loudly, two men with outstanding appearance came slowly from outside the temple gate.
A golden python with a golden crown on the top of the robe looks like a well-proportioned figure and walks with one hand. There is a faint cold light in the eyes and a little deep knife-shaped eyebrows on the cheeks.
And with the man beside him wearing an icy blue quicksand dark brocade robe, his eyes are full of enthusiasm, and there is a smile everywhere, implying a little immature cheeks and lips. The pear vortex is looming, and the whole person is very lively. Compared with the people beside him, it is like an ice and a fire.
"Miss is so handsome!"
Bi Rao looked at him with a red heart when he saw Tai Huang Yin Li. Su Ling smelled the words and her lips twitched slightly. Bi Rao’s girl feelings were always poetic. Should she marry her as soon as possible? !
"Huang Sao!"
Just as Su Ling was thinking about Bi Rao, a brisk call came to her ear, raising her eyebrows and staring at her eyes, and she saw the fourth report, Huang Yin Ji, grinning with her little tiger teeth, sitting beside her and laughing very heartily.
Su Ling eyed burn assumed her smiled "don’t be so polite! Just call me Su Ling! "
"Huang Sao, you are so beautiful!" Burn Yin Ji stared at Su Ling with dribbling eyes, and immediately began to praise the emperor’s sister-in-law. She felt good. I heard that her brother was emotionally unstable recently, and maybe he could reconcile one of them!
Su Ling’s sly eyes suddenly flashed with surprise but fleeting, and then she raised an evil smile. "Brother Huang, you have a good eye!"
"Small four!"
Su Ling and Huang Yin Ji suddenly felt like each other. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. When they looked at each other with a smile like appreciate each other, suddenly a threatening, thought-provoking and cold feeling came from one side.
Huang Yinji smiled brilliantly and turned her eyes in a stiff face. She immediately smiled and said, "Brother Huang, you are here!"
"Go back to your position!"
Huang Yin’s eyes were staring straight at Su Ling’s smiling face with cold light. When Huang Yin-ji saw this, she suddenly lost her temper and quietly glanced at Su Ling and said, "I’ll come to play with you later, Huang Sister-in-law!"
"Well said!"
Su Ling looked at Huang Yinji and went back to Tai Huangyinli’s side. She sat down with a playful smile on her lips. This fourth report is quite interesting!
The cold tone of Huang Yin’s dust cup woke up in Su Ling’s ear with an uncanny workmanship, and the outline was filled with alienation and indifference. When Su Ling just withdrew her sight from Huang Yin’s body, she suddenly said, "Remember your points!"
Su Ling sighed and looked at the tail streamer, glancing at the burnt dust. "Can you die if you don’t pack calves with me?" Why don’t we fight? If I win, I’ll divorce you. If you win, I’ll go by myself! "
Chapter two Hector even love songs!
Huang Yin’s dusty peach blossom eyes suddenly burst out with a sense of coolness, glaring around her and sneering at Su Ling’s thin lips, "You have a glib tongue for the king!"
Su Ling grinned brightly when she heard this. "Since it’s no trouble, would you please be a beautiful man and stop staring at me?"
Burn three-dimensional dust su cold throw a word, the surrounding temperature suddenly decreased due to his words.
"Thank you for your compliment! You are willing to marry shameless people. How can you be better than me? !” Su Ling’s teeth are sharp and sharp, especially when she doesn’t like people.
If other people were afraid of vomiting blood by anger, it’s a pity that she is always facing the title of Yamaraja, the king of dust and dust.
Burn three-dimensional dust eyes cold wind Su Ling lips gherardini means more and more rich.
As time went by, there were more and more people in Fengchen Palace, and all the ministers in the hall were already sitting tight. In a short time, several people came in from the temple door again and made Su Ling smile gradually.
Su Baosheng stepped into Fengchen Palace with vital energy behind him, accompanied by Su Yu and Su Ao Su Yu. At this time, a colorful brocade robe faded away, adding a touch of charm to him. Su Ao, the eldest brother of Su Ling, is one of the best figures in Beijing. His usual personality is slightly calm and calm, and the hazel brocade robe is more and more meticulous. Su Yu’s eyes are as long and narrow as those of a mountain snow lotus.
Su Ling’s eyes slipped quietly to Su Yu’s brother and sister, and you came and I joked with each other’s eyes.
"Old minister, see Taisi report!"
Su Baosheng’s position was arranged in the first fuels of Huangyin Glass and he bowed to the two princes.
"Master Xiang doesn’t have to be polite!" Burn three-dimensional glass virtual drag a Su Baosheng arm immediately after he takes a seat to Su Yu and Su Ao smiled at everything when you say nothing.
Su Ling has been observing the opposite situation. When she saw her brother and Taitai, they were only slightly pie-pie.
So it’s all birds of a feather!
"Even the world is here!"
One after another, the atmosphere in Fengchen Palace became hotter and hotter. Until now, Su Ling was still muttering about what was going on at a palace banquet, so many people would appear. !
Even the world?
As far as she knows, this Hector even the world should be the Hector even the love song sent to Qi and Chu ten years ago. I heard that after the disintegration of the mainland, the Hector even the tribe refused to let Qi and Chu delimit them into the map, and deliberately sent II as a pledge, and the Hector even the love song stayed here for ten years.
Hector even love songs dressed in gray elegant Qing Su ink painting brocade robe, elegant hair and white hair, fixed on the back of the head, scattered on the shoulders, with steady steps, deep concave arc, slender and elegant eyelashes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes
This is the first time that Su Ling saw the love song of Hector even. His whole body exudes melancholy and indifference, which makes her feel a little distressed by the flood of maternal love!
Zhang Erjiu is doomed to be lonely all his life!
"Hector even sit here!"
Su Ling’s eyes haven’t been removed from the love song of Hector even when she opens her mouth to greet him.
So Su Ling gathered to the bottom of my heart to feel emotional about Hector’s love song. The glazed eyes looked at Feng Chen Palace briefly.
The palace lady and the prince were all present, and an official was present. The scale was grand and obvious
"Cousin ~ ~"
This compartment Su Ling is secretly thinking about the reason why the palace banquet was held. On the other side, Sun Qiner has come with the help of her handmaid, and her face is pretty red. It is impossible to cover up her love when she walks beside Huang Yin’s dust.
Sun Qiner’s eyes flashed lightly and proudly at Su Ling’s eyes.
Su Ling "turned away his eyes and immediately fell on Sun Qiner’s sweet greasy call, which did not cause his expression to fluctuate. The dark red fire brocade robe set off his outline, and Toshiko’s perfect defect side face outlined a sharp arc. Just the eyes moved slowly, which seemed to be lazy. Her thin lips gently tugged at Yang radian, which was a response to Sun Qiner.
Su Ling has always known that Huang Yin-chen looks really good, especially at the moment, his thin lips and deep eyes are as sharp and aggressive as eagles, and he sits casually in a plush chair and is unruly and weak.
When Su Ling saw this secretly, she said that her cousin and cousin were close, but now seeing that Huang Yinchen and Sun Qiner are finished, it is Lang Qing who intends to throw herself at Huang Yinchen. Don’t be doomed to be lonely all your life!
At this time, Su Ling took care of secretly taunting Huang Yinchen in her heart, but never thought that one day soon, when he saw the so-called’ cousin’ appearing one after another around Huang Yinchen, it made her crazy and almost killed people!
Su Ling holds the table, the white jade porcelain cup heats up by tentacles, and it contains light sake, which smells fragrant and overflows with the nose. Su Ling tasted it.
"This is my wife!"
Forgive her. Su Ling never thought that Sun Qiner would fall and burn the dust, but she also thought of coming here to cut her own throat! The wife directly asked her to spray out all the sake in her mouth.
Even behind her, Bi Rao took out a silk scarf and handed it to Su Ling.
See Su Ling so indecent behavior gush water wine Sun Qiner face contempt more concentrated corner see burn assumed dust milli expression can’t help but step towards Su Ling side also serious patting her shoulder "wife, are you ok! How can you be so careless! "