"bastard! Labor treats you well, and you fucking finally stole the labor number. Come out if you dare. "Another speaker shouted.

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If we can make the message bar lively, it is the most direct way to order grass in groups, such as ordering guilds and regions. This is the eternal truth of dnf.
Suddenly it was forbidden to imitate "friends and relatives" and began to brush the horn.
The’ Flower’ sword is laid out in the game as usual, and the ink bamboo holy spirit warrior pendant, ghost warrior pendant and so on are all equipment with high price or low price.
Look at the left horn message, quietly click on the qq friends list, open the "colleagues" column and find Xie Junhao. Double-click the avatar chat window to pop up and type, "How much is this vote []"
"…" Xie Junhao immediately replied to a string of ellipsis.
"Don’t worry, I said I wouldn’t ask you to pay dividends. It’s all you."
"Flower sword, if I say I haven’t done it yet, do you believe it?"
Looking at Xie Junhao so reply’ flower’ sword-shaped eyebrows slightly tucked corners of the mouth responded with a cool smile "letter".
"…" Xie Junhao really doesn’t know whether his new "boss" is too pure or too stupid. Although he gives people a feeling of strategizing from time to time, he can always be so confused about what kind of Xie Junhao he belongs to.
"What is believed directly without doubt?" Xie Junhao impetuously curious typing asked
"If you even take this step, how can you be one of your own?"
A simple rhetorical question said that Xie Junhao was speechless.
"But I still can’t figure out if anyone else has a Trojan horse in Dege’s head?"
"If you want to steal the number, you don’t have to have a more direct way through the Trojan horse, so I don’t know which one. Anyway, his number should be stolen."
Hua Jian and Jun Hao are talking about prohibition and imitation on qq, and they are still hot in the message bar.
"It’s not good for you to rest early at night. It’s not good for you to shoot for a long time." Hua Jian suddenly said to Xie Junhao, "Since we are a work room, it’s good for everyone to work on time every day when we have a break. If there is an emergency, we need to work overtime, so let the guys spend some effort on snacks."
"…" Jun Hao said that it was the first time he saw such a construction room bss.
As early as before, Junhao worked in the workshop, and he also worked for people. However, the workshop was mainly hacking, that is, at that time, Junhao learned how to use his brain.
Looking back on those dark days, there is a feeling that "the past is unbearable and the years are not worth the eventful"
At that time, the boss simply didn’t treat "employees" as people. The processing capacity kept washing the number for one hour every day. Many of them were sealed by several letters, and some of them had low grades and little profit. It was a chance to find a Shenhao even if it was stolen.
Junhao sighed silently and finally came to a conclusion that Master Hua Jian is a wonderful flower, and it is a wonderful flower that overwhelms Haitang …
Xie Junhao thought like this in his heart and then looked at himself. He just arrived at the trumpet and some nai.
That’s right, my own number was really’ made’ by myself. The permanent purpose is of course to get rid of the golden cicada’s shell, but if my hand is actually slow, someone can take a picture of who this person is in the dark. Junhao can’t guess who Indergo is, although he has the status of a businessman, his identity is becoming more and more obvious, so he can’t make enemies on all sides in the game.
Just as Xie Junhao guessed who might have stolen the Dege, the left horn turned around again, which surprised Xie Junhao by a hundred thousand surprises.
"The name is’ Prohibition, Imitation’. Your name is my da. That’s it. Go and scold as you like." Master Hua Jian brushed a horn.
Although there is only one horn, how can Dege miss it when he keeps staring at it?
"Damn it! You say it’s you, da, you, da, Nima, and you think you’re a’ black mask’ than a’ hacker’. It’s funny to ban and imitate.
Because this young master named’ Hua’ Jian just came into contact last night, how could he steal it after going out for dinner this afternoon? If you are so powerful, you can steal whoever you want in the game, then can you still play this game?
"What’s so hard about having the number Ma da in your head? Less island sports teaching videos contain not only mosaics but also trojans." Hua Jian joked.
"Your mother B acutely! You have seed to be careful not to let old reality catch you! " Dege saw the other side explain this and said that he was heartbroken.
Knowing that there was a disguise in his brain to kill the Trojan horse, he went to Soldnows Emperor for remote control and found out that the guy was a brain expert and a self-deception career partner. He found out and told himself that the Trojan horse had been lurking in his brain for many days.
Except Xie Junhao, no one can do such a thing. Jia Junhao just left his side. His motivation is too obvious. Imitating his ass, everyone knows that that guy stole his own number, so he keeps brushing his horn.
Although a corner of the account has been stolen by the other party, in reality, Dege still has some horns brushed by petty bourgeoisie, which can probably be eliminated.
"There is a strong sense of sight for primary school students … it’s almost time for me to take my son to eat supper. Just come at me and don’t wronged the good people." Hua Jian got up and planned to leave his seat after this sentence.
"Didi Didi" is the qq message.
"Boss Hua Jian, you …?" The’ flower’ sword opens, so it shows inside.
"Anyway, I’m going out. Out of sight, out of mind, out of mind, that guy has more money, so let him brush it off. I won’t lose a hair." After Hua Jian finished this sentence, he added immediately, "I’m going to take my son to a well-off family for supper. If there are special circumstances, you can call me on my mobile phone and chat when I come back."
With that, Hua Jian didn’t go back, and his child Fang Haofan was practicing the word "Mao" in the house.
Liu Junhao became speechless at the chat window.
"Maybe this time it’s with the right person!" Jun Hao leng for a long time suddenly smiled and said to himself
Chapter 47 Fire
Official website hasn’t posted the announcement of the auction house opening yet. They are still in the stage of "mixing" and "chaos" without the auction house, and they are collecting the title of tiger.
The title of "Little Tiger" in the four districts of Zhejiang Province has received more than eight titles of "Big Tiger", and another one cost almost 100 million yuan.
It’s not that Tianyu has run out of game coins. On the contrary, they have more than one billion game coins in hand in the four districts of Zhejiang, which are installed in several personal accounts.
Tianyu has more than 20,000 yuan in his hand (excluding "private" people’s "small coffers"), and 20,000 yuan is given to you to collect the title in the district.
Erxiu, there are also more than 10,000 yuan on hand here. Except for a trip home during the Chinese New Year, I wrapped some red envelopes for my sister and other children, and I have been saving money.
Taking advantage of this tiger title, Erxiu finally threw in 10 thousand.
For their living expenses, on the one hand, there is little consumption in living in bones. On the other hand, although there is no daily delivery in the game, it is enough for them to sell the game coins once in a while.
It’s still the same thing to throw two thousand dollars at the bones and then get busy with your own shop. How much can you earn from this money? When can you get the bones back? It’s better to haggle than because the money is not too much and you can trust Tianyu to get dividends directly.
This time, the bonus system is still a "long-term battle" because of the lack of balls. The details have yet to be decided, depending on the income and everyone’s contribution, but it must be Tianyu who remembers what he said, that is, this time, they will subtract 5% of the profits and get one-fifth of the profits from you (
But this time, the situation is special, because Tianyu has invested a lot of money and invested more than 30 thousand yuan. How to divide the profits then? It is impossible for Tianyu to share one-fifth of the profits, right? This kind of sharing situation can be that you give your business opportunities by yourself, which belongs to the glove white wolf sharing system.
Therefore, Tianyu replaced this time to make your own investment, and they contributed to make a profit and divided them into one fifth.
"Brother Xiong didn’t know it was 5% so that our side could get a quarter of it." Your qq expression with a bad smile was followed by this sentence.
"If you want to be beautiful, you can get as much as 15% if you don’t have that 5%," Tianyu replied with a sweat-wiping expression first.
You sent another yi tooth expression.
The group is full of fighting spirit.
What titles belong to the Tianyu team? Tianyu has divided itself into 20,000 plus 20,000 and bones in the letter area. The titles belong to the Tianyu team. After all, it is expensive for their own people to collect titles from Netcom, and it is expensive for them to collect titles from Netcom. Tianyu won’t take any money in the future. It’s not like Tianyu told them that this business opportunity is a patent.
Every day, you need to report the titles in the group on time, which is convenient for Tianyu to count the funds and the number of titles.
Of the 60 districts, six Zhejiang districts were arranged by Tianyu’s team, and there were more than one "Stone Statue Project" in all major Zhejiang districts, all of which were cashed in the game coins of the four districts in Zhejiang (see Chapter 46 for details).
So this time, I have to bother Tianyu and Erxiu personally, and everyone is in two districts.
Isn’t Zhejiang six districts? Where are the other two?
Xiaoye has gone to the university now, and when he comes back later, he can help Tianyu and them plan two districts, so he also undertakes the important mission of receiving the title.
"… I still have more than 30,000′ black gold’ in my hand. The appearance of this auction house further proves that the world game has not changed. After half a year, the title of tiger will definitely have a’ color’ profit. If I want to maximize this profit, I will definitely benefit from more than 30,000 yuan in my hand. But … where can I find a hand? So much money, so many areas, I can’t be busy alone. "Tianyu Fan is worried."
Seven lords? The tiger didn’t even think about it. If he really gave him the money, he probably just turned around and left.
Expensive? Although he has a team in his hand, he is now helping his team to collect the title. If you give him more than 30,000 yuan from a’ private’ person … it is definitely going to be a’ mess’. This money must not be known to the team … at least not yet.
The village chief hammered them with his balls? Although it used to be my own line, there is no need to work hard for myself now that’ mixing’ is popular.