"Hoo-!" Lu Bu, the unparalleled one, breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That was close!"

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"Hoo-!" The demon king also breathed a sigh of relief when he was mad, spitting out a puff of black smoke. Affected by the skill effect of the unparalleled Lu Bu, he was paralyzed, temporarily lost his ability to act, and fell flat on his back!
"I depend, want to hit me? ! Afraid of you! !” Jiuzhong was just behind the demon king’s guilty madness. He saw the demon king’s guilty madness crashing down on himself, and instead of retreating, he rushed to the back of the demon king’s guilty madness. The big move broke out: "Ascend the dragon 18 companies! !” Before you fall, you will blast the demon king into the air!
Seeing that Jiuzhong forcibly blew the mountain-like demon king into the air, the unparalleled Lu Bu could not help secretly staggering and said, "… this pervert!"
Nine heavy strokes in mid-air, the big move combo ended, and several flashes came to the demon king’s guilty madness, and their feet slammed up into the void, gaining the maximum downward momentum, turning into a shock and rushing to the front of the demon king’s guilty madness, giving full play to the maximum speed in the state of combining with Xiaohei, and taking turns in various skills, dancing out a boxing curtain, furiously bombarding the demon king’s guilty madness and rushing down from mid-air!
In a few seconds, he hit hundreds of punches in a row, blasting the demon king’s madness all the way to the ground, and finally hitting the trick, "Qinglong is broken! !”
"Boom! ! !” A wave of deafening noise, the demon king’s anger and madness were bombarded on the ground by the "Dragon Break", which aroused a strong air billow and blew the surrounding trees down in a radial way!
"Ahem …! !” Nine heavy blow strength, boom demon king effect crazy waist and abdomen subsidence, hands and feet up, after a mouthful of blood, weapons to sell, self-effacing collapsed on the ground!
"I depend, not dead? !” If the demon king hung up now, Jiuzhong would certainly hear the system prompt, but he didn’t hear it now, which only shows that the demon king is still alive with guilt! However, although it is still alive, it must be abolished, and then it will only be slaughtered!
At this time, the group of ten thousand people who were with the unparalleled Lyu3 bu4 finally arrived. Nine times it was just right. They said to the unparalleled Lyu3 bu4 and ten thousand people, "I’ll send you a gift. The execution right of this BOSS and the proceeds from the explosion are all yours!"
Unknown so, ten thousand people, have looked at one like Lu Bu!
One like Lyu3 bu4 looked at nine heavy, a round of the mind, I have helped him down with the BOSS, a condition has been reached, I naturally have to get the god horse in his hand, so I have to promise his second condition again, join the hell, to be honest, I feel a little lost … Let it be, don’t be white!
Thinking of this, Lu Bu waved to all the people under his command and said, "Kill! !”
Ten thousand people are naturally the only one like Lyu3 bu4. Although they are curious, they still do not hesitate to carry out the orders of Lyu3 bu4, and set them on, laying siege to the demon king who collapsed on the ground!
Devil’s anger and madness have just been abused by Jiuzhong and unparalleled Lu Bu, and there is not much blood left. Now, with the concerted efforts of ten thousand people, in less than ten minutes, there are only three figures left in blood!
Jiuzhong has been paying attention to the mad blood volume of the demon king with "critical eyes". Seeing that its blood volume is about to run out, he waved his hand and said, "Stop, don’t kill!"
Ten thousand people stopped when they heard this, looked at Jiuchong, looked at the one like Lu Bu again, and asked the meaning of one like Lu Bu, "Eldest brother …? !”
The peerless Lu Bu looked at Jiuzhong and said, "What do you mean? Want to go back on your word? !”
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Devil slaughter technique
Nine heavy shook his head, "of course not, I just want to say, this final blow, up to you! As their leader, your promotion is more meaningful to them, right? !” Jiuchong looked at ten thousand people.
Ten thousand people nodded and said, "Brother, you’d better come!"
"Well, then I’m welcome!" One like you, Lu Bu, came to the demon king with a halberd, and his hand fell, hitting him on the forehead, and the demon king trembled, then his legs kicked, and nothing happened!
Jiuzhong, including the ears of all players in Hell Blossom, sounded a system prompt at the same time, "Congratulations on the success of guarding the city of Hell Blossom, and the main city of the guild was established as a misty city!" Prompt three times in a row!
After three times, Jiuzhong’s ear continued to ring a prompt, "Congratulations to the player, your guild has successfully defended the city. As the president of Hell Blossom, the system will give you 20 million experience as an extra reward!"
"Ding, congratulations to the player who is sacred, and the level is upgraded by one level!"
"Ding, congratulations to the player who is sacred, and the level is upgraded by one level!"
Nine heavy side received a system prompt, unique lyu3 bu4 didn’t idle, also received an upgrade system prompt, kill the devil effect crazy, unique lyu3 bu4 breath soared four, now the level is fifty-nine!
The demon king was so mad that he couldn’t be too poor after his death. He didn’t lose anything and contributed a lot of gold coins and a skill book!
Jiuzhong didn’t pay attention to the skill book, but looked at this pile of hills of gold coins on the ground, and his mouth watered a little!
One like Lu Bu will pick up all the gold coins and skill books, and look at the nine weights!
Jiuzhong swallowed water and said, "What are you staring at? As I said, all the proceeds from the explosion are yours, all of them are yours! "
"Then I’m welcome!" The peerless Lu Bu put the gold coins in his backpack and put the skill book in front of him to watch. "Magic-King-Slaughter-Skill!"
"Isn’t that just the devil effect crazy display skills? Depend, your boy is really lucky! "
Lu Bu, one like you, raised his eyebrows and said, "What, you regret it? !”
"I regret that you are a big-headed ghost. Don’t learn quickly. Ill-gotten wealth will be blown away by a strong wind!"
Lu Bu, one like you, didn’t believe what Jiu Zhong said would happen, but he couldn’t wait to click the "Learn" button and learn the skills!
The system prompt immediately sounded in the ear of unparalleled Lu Bu, "Ding, congratulations to the player unparalleled Lu Bu, learning the devil’s slaughter skill-tearing the sky and cracking the ground!"
The Devil’s Slaughter Skill is not a single skill book, but a complete set of skills books, which can continuously learn a series of skills. After the unparalleled Lyu3 bu4 clicked and learned the skill of "tearing the sky and splitting the earth", the "Learn" button was grayed out for a few seconds and then returned to the clickable state!
Lu Bu, one like you, continued to click, and learned the second type of the devil’s killing skill-Death Storm. After that, the "Learn" button still showed clickable status. If Lu Bu, one like you, clicked again, and learned the devil’s killing skill-Ten Unique Murders!
After that, the "learn" button is completely grayed out, and you can’t continue!
After learning, Lu Bu, one like you, quickly opened the skill bar and looked at the three newly learned skills. After reading the attributes one by one, his mouth involuntarily tilted up, revealing a knowing smile!
At this time, Jiuzhong walked over and interrupted: "How, is beauty enough?" When the beauty is enough, let’s talk about business! "
Lu Bu, one like you, turned off the skill bar and said, "What is it? You say! "
"What memory are you?" Jiuchong said, "The second condition I just mentioned to you is that you should join the hell, and you said to think about it! How about it? Have you thought it over now? Is it time to give me an answer? !”
"Oh … you said it!" In fact, the unparalleled Lyu3 bu4 had already made a decision in his heart, but he still looked at the crowd behind him and said, "… what do you mean? !”
"Whatever, what big brother means is what we mean!"
"that’s good!" Lu Bu, the peerless Lu Bu, turned to Jiu Chong and said, "We promised you to join the crazy flower in hell!"
Jiuzhong simply said, "Then send me applications quickly! My name goes without saying, right? !”
"No need!" One like Lu Bu and his ten thousand brothers collectively applied to Jiuzhong for membership, and Jiuzhong naturally accepted it!