"It’s all right. Thank you, sir."

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Seeks to listen to can’t help but frowned "what? Do you care about our dowry? Mr. Sir, it sounds too different! "
"Dowry?" Ni Haodong laughed. "I’m afraid Mr. Wang has mistaken someone. Besides, although I am ed or sexually apathy, these rumors may have misunderstood you. In fact, my sexual orientation is healthy and I am normal in that respect. I don’t like men. If I like men, your husband won’t like me."
"What a mess!" Mou gave a hand and interrupted NiHaoDong. He turned to look for something from the black leather pocket behind him. Soon he took out a brown paper bag and put it in front of NiHaoDong and said with a smile, "Here, let’s have a look."
NiHaoDong a face of suspicious looked for a vision for a face of excitement towards the paper bag make signal with the lips, he reached for the paper bag and took out a piece of paper inside and looked carefully.
When I saw the paper, NiHaoDong was shocked by Faxing’s own mood at this moment.
"This, what’s the matter?" After reading the dna identification report in his hand, he couldn’t help but look up and ask, "What did you do to Luoluo’s mother?"
Seeks a have no reaction to come over, he leng for a while instantly know NiHaoDong this little thought where go to! He frowned with a serious face and asked, "What are you thinking, smelly boy? I want Tianlin to be a woman in this life! "
"Luo Luo and He Yan are twins! At the beginning, the doctor told me that our daughter’s lung infection died after being rescued, but not long ago, when Lin returned to Sioux City, she was shocked to see Luoluo. She felt that Luoluo was very similar to He Yan when she was young, and told us that he and Luoluo had always been deskmates when they were young. They were not only the same Amanome, but also the blood of pandas. Tianlin’s doubts were even greater. This did not secretly do dna, and it turned out that Luoluo was our daughter! "
Speaking of this, I was a little scared. He stopped Duan Tianlin at that time. He thought everything was just a coincidence. Doctors can’t make mistakes. Maybe they wouldn’t know that their daughter had been alive the day she died!
Ni Haodong was silent. He leaned back on the sofa with his legs folded together and carefully digested the matter. He remembered that Luo Luo had told him that she and He Yan were very good, but they would never develop into a couple. The doctor said that she was panda blood. At that time, He Yan was lucky that he said that he was panda blood, but he lost his blood that time.
So want to add in front of the appraisal report for words must be true but
"Does Luoluo know about this?" NiHaoDong suddenly ask
"I don’t know yet." I shook my head and my eyes were a little dim. "Lin came to Tianlin to come directly to Luoluo and tell her the truth, but I think that would be too sudden. What happened more than 20 years ago? What did the doctor say that our daughter didn’t come to the rescue? I’m afraid there’s something else in it. I think we should not startle the snake first, and we must get to the bottom of this matter! Your side slowly permeates the ups and downs until the truth comes out that day, and then make it clear to the ups and downs. "
"Well," NiHaoDong sit up straight body at the moment in the face of seeks the time more sincere and humble attitude than just now, after all, this is a real father-in-law!
Hao Dong reached out and patted Ni Haodong on the shoulder, and his face became serious. He said, "I was shocked when I found out that Luoluo had been married with your secret license, and I’m sorry that I was such a daughter. I didn’t participate in her growing up, and Tianlin and I both wanted to make up for this child. We were surprised to find that she had been married, but fortunately, I reviewed you many times and found that you were excellent and Luoluo still had a good eye."
"So Tianlin and I immediately decided to come to you first. You can take this money. This is a good project for Luoluo dowry. Let Luoluo learn to run the Du family industry in the future, and she will take over with He Yan."
NiHaoDong hook up lips smiled. He stretched out his hand and put the check in his wallet, raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Then thank your father-in-law, but don’t take this money as a dowry because I haven’t given the bride price yet. How dare you give a dowry? Is this money a gift for grandparents to meet their future grandchildren? "
"Grandson? Have you fallen? " Seeks to stare eyes revealed a face of surprise.
"My father-in-law can tell my mother-in-law the good news when he goes back."
"Well, I’ll go back and tell Tianlin now! Haodong, you should hurry home to accompany Luoluo. Women are prone to mood swings during pregnancy. You must take good care of her! "
Ni Haodong was just about to leave, and by the way, he sent Mou all the way to the building. He followed Mou out of the car at the gate of the company and didn’t turn to his car until he disappeared in front of him by car.
Ni Haodong smelled the delicious food as soon as he entered the house. When he changed his slippers at the door, he saw that he was wearing an apron and was bringing food out of the kitchen. When she came out, she saw Ni Haodong at the door and bent her eyes and smiled. "Wash your hands and eat quickly."
She turned back to get the bowl chopsticks, and he ran after her and hugged her from behind. He bowed his head and printed a kiss on her hair and asked softly, "Why do you look so happy today?"
"Little Dye transferred to the general ward!" Ann laughed a few times and then suddenly pursed her mouth and said, "But it’s the 25th, and Tianhe Xiangmei’s lawsuit will be heard in court."
Text 213 My man is small-minded
When I heard Xiang media Ni Haodong, I thought of Cheng Han, Cheng Han’s fierce pursuit of Luoluo, and then I thought of the matter of seeking him today. Ni Haodong suddenly felt that things were unpredictable.
Luoluo is actually a daughter! However, the family and the Cheng family are always at odds with each other, but they are obsessed with He Yan. If one day Cheng Han knows that his beloved daughter is actually family, how big will his psychological shadow area be?
"Dongdong?" Ann turned around and looked at NiHaoDong. She started her own Xiang media and reminded NiHaoDong of Cheng Han, so she was a little angry. She didn’t hear him talk for a long time.
She stuffed the bowl chopsticks into his hand and pushed him out. "I’ll serve porridge and you go out first."
As he said, he reached for the pot, but before he touched the porridge pot, he was caught by a warm big hand. She turned to see him in confusion. His expression was serious but his behavior was dirty. He squeezed her hips and said, "I’ll take it out."
Ann resisted the urge to roll her eyes and came out of the kitchen sideways.
The dining table is relatively quiet. Ni Haodong has developed the habit of eating without talking, sleeping without talking, while settling down at home is different. Every time a family eats together, it is the most lively time. When eating, they will talk about their own interesting things. Ni Haodong thinks it is normal to eat without talking, and she feels a little bored when settling down. She thinks it is only fun to talk and laugh.
Ann didn’t eat much, but Ni Haodong ate a lot today. After eating a lot, he took the initiative to clear the table. Then he sat on the sofa and picked and read today’s newspaper. When he looked up, it was still early to raise his eyebrows at Ann and asked, "Go out with you?"
Ann is sitting on a yoga mat. After listening to what NiHaoDong said, her eyes immediately burst into hearts. She nodded quickly and threw herself into his arms. She quickly fell a kiss on his side face. NiHaoDong wanted to deepen this kiss, but she was quickly hid by this girl.
"Let’s go to the nearby supermarket. There are not many ingredients in our refrigerator, just to buy some!"
"Go and change!" NiHaoDong glanced at her coral velvet pink home stretched out his hand and pinched her face low awake.
"oh! Wait for me! Horse! "
Ten minutes later, she wore a big red loose fur skirt with a long ankle and a thick down coat outside. When they changed their shoes and walked to the door, NiHaoDong grabbed her and bowed her head and zipped her down coat before holding her hand to go out.
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When I went to the courtyard, Ni Haodong stopped and looked at this fantastic yard. He could already imagine how wonderful it would be for the three of us to play together in this yard when their child was born and when he stumbled! He screwed up his eyebrows in front of the fish pond. The water in the fish pond had already been put away, waiting to buy fish and put it in it. He said that he would accompany her to buy fish, but when he had something to do, he couldn’t accompany her to see the fish. He clenched her hand and looked at her with a smile. "Let’s go to the supermarket first and then go to the aquarium to choose koi fish."
"Uh-huh!" An Luo put his arm around his arm and smiled. Being with his lover is warm even if you don’t do anything.
Out of the yard, they walked towards the parking place, only to see a street lamp. A man was leaning against an off-road vehicle with a cigarette between his fingers and staring at them.
The man was dressed in a white suit, and his expression was as arrogant as ever. His eyes looked straight at Anluo and took Ni Haodong as a gas. He took a puff of smoke, narrowed his eyes and spit out long smoke. Then he looked at Anluo, which made him depressed and alienated. He asked, "Xiaoluo went back to the company to go to class. I promise to arrange the easiest activities for you. I want you to go back to the company class and I will drop the case."
He doesn’t require much to come to the company class so that he can see her every day, that’s all. He feels that he has given in to the extreme, but he still has a kind of indescribable fear. He is afraid that she will refuse to refuse his gentle request
"I’m sorry"
Section 162
"settle down! You’d better think it over for me! "
Ann’s mouth is a "sorry". Cheng Han’s hair stood on end, and he immediately interrupted her with rage.
She frowned and took a deep breath and said, "If I had known in advance that you would buy Xiang Media, I would never have signed a contract with Xiang Media. Let’s go to court."
"What? What, I can’t buy Xiang Media? " Cheng Han doesn’t understand why he is so kind to her and she just won’t give him a chance to get close.
Then she replied that Cheng Han was speechless for a long time. She stared at Cheng Han’s face and said seriously, "Because my man is jealous and he doesn’t like to let me get close to anyone, I won’t get close to anyone."
Then she took NiHaoDong arm and walked towards the car. NiHaoDong turned his head and looked at Cheng Han, a face of rage. He saw that Cheng Han’s face was gloomy and he tried to drop his cigarette butt to the ground and rolled it for a few laps before stopping the sparks.
Ni Haodong withdrew his eyes and clutched her hand. The two of them drove away from each other. He raised his eyebrows and looked in a good mood. It was also the first time that he knew that it was actually quite good to be described by his wife as petty and jealous.
"That Cheng Han told me that nothing happened with him in the hotel when I went out to shoot, even if the court turned against him, he wouldn’t come up with that thing again, would he?"
Ann is a little worried that if Cheng Han really talks about that thing, when she gives birth to a child, those adults who are not too tired of it will definitely scold her as a slut and guess who the child she was born with.
As the saying goes, the spittle kills people. Ordinary people forget it. A little trouble involving Ni Shi and Cheng Jia will make everyone know.
"Don’t worry," NiHaoDong stretched out his hand and patted her thigh and handed her a comforting look.
When they come back, they will carefully select a few koi fish and put them into the pool. The fish will enter a brand-new environment. They will immediately get excited and wander around the fish pool. They will be happy and carefree. Watching them celebrate their beautiful colors, watching them swim freely and settle down will make them feel better.