Little Green Meng turned around and remembered that he had been tied up with the rag in his mouth, but he had not been able to take it away. This would make the whole person look anxious and helpful in the depths of the grass, with ragged hair and wet hair.

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Little green looked at him in situ as if he had hesitated for a moment, and then it took a while to squat down with one hand and slowly pull the rag out of the puppet’s mouth.
-just a Xie Hengyan "wow" and a sudden breath of relief. I should hide my fangs and eke them out intact. The sharp tips of my teeth are several inches away from Little Green.
At that time, Xiaolv was also shocked. When he stumbled back several times for his red pupil, he finally planted a fart/stock in the grass pile behind him and quickly raised his hand. Half a stone was pointed at Xie Hengyan’s forehead and threatened, "You … Don’t come here again. I’ll call someone!"
Xie Hengyan was lying in the stone ditch, panting and saying nothing. He didn’t even lift his head once for a long time, so he got up and slowly walked over to Xie Hengyan and squatted down half hesitate.
"Are you … really Xiao Xie?" She repeated and asked
Chapter 19 Puppet wake up
Xiaolv took Yanshan Mountain in Xie Heng overnight.
When he arrived at the foot of the mountain the next day, Xie Hengyan was in a coma. Little Green drove the carriage alone. When he drove into Maple Town, he hid Xie Hengyan in the glove box and quietly transported him all the way to his house before dawn.
There are only two people in Xiaolv’s family, one is her and the other is a handyman. Originally, there was a sister in her hometown, but she was drowned by the flood. I am afraid that even a cenotaph has never been left.
Grandparents left a little savings barely enough for her to live in Laifeng. Later, she felt lonely and started a pub by herself. Generally speaking, business contacts were all previous customers.
At first, she was busy, but at the beginning of the year, it snowed heavily, and suddenly there was a half-dead beggar in front of her house. Xiaolv, who was always kind, simply picked him up and worked as a buddy in her pub.
It’s enough to have two people who live together. It’s not crowded, but some people talk together. After half a year, Little Green is soft-hearted and soft-hearted, and he picked up the puppet at the top of the hill to go home. Although this puppet has a virtuous face and fine eyes … it’s a heinous monster. Once it’s seen by others, I’m afraid it’s more than just a few words of gossip.
Xie Heng Yan, a little green belt, came back and wanted to keep him for a few days. When he almost recovered, he opened the door and released the monster to nature.
But she never expected … Xie Hengyan never got up after such a faint.
He slept like a dead man. At the same time, accompanied by appalling temperature and high fever, Xiaolv tried his best but failed to make the high fever go away. In the final analysis, he didn’t have the courage to go to the doctor, so he could be worried all day long. The puppet lay in his backyard for several days.
Little green said, "If you don’t wake up like this, we’ll be afraid that we’ll all be caught by our accomplices when the jade palace comes for questioning."
Little green boy doesn’t understand her doing this. There is no reason why there is one more person at home. This fellow is a demon and not a person. At ordinary times, they hide Xie Hengyan in the backyard. When visitors come to the pub during the day, they are always worried that they will be found. On the one hand, they have to fill his stomach. In the evening, the food left is specially mashed into rice paste and fed to him.
The man said, "I think you’d better send him to Biyu Mansion. A demon seal is a bounty that may be exchanged for a year’s expenses in the pub."
At first, Xiaolv didn’t have such an idea, but she and her buddy looked around Xie Hengyan’s scalp for a circle, but she couldn’t find where the industrial seal was, but she saw the seal at hand and kept giving a response. In the end, the buddy stripped Xie Hengyan’s clothes, only to find that his left heart had an extremely weak light seal surrounded by several spicules, but in the middle of it was another flashing word "pour"
"He seems to have words in his career." Little Green is not very literate and can barely recognize it. "What is that? ….. As if where I met "
The man said, "… that’s pouring words and wine."
Little green immediately recalled-that was when the jade palace was printed and poured! She remembered that the night he came back from saving Xie Heng Yan, he mumbled that most of the people should be printed and poured right.
Can you print the words on the puppet demon?
Little green was puzzled. She remembered that they had always been friends, but last night they didn’t see Yin Zhu following them … Maybe they were separated for what? Or a break?
She couldn’t think clearly. She could wait for Xie Hengyan to wake up that day and then arrest him for questioning.
-However, Xie Hengyan has never shown signs of awakening since the day of coma.
In a blink of an eye, it took more than half a month to spend the summer, that is, the guests in the Mid-Autumn Festival tavern came and went and came to Xiaolv. The idea of selling Xie Hengyan to Biyufu seemed to fade away at any time.
She will go to her backyard every day to see if Xie Hengyan has woken up after her busy routine with the guys.
If you wake up, you plan to ask him questions. If you don’t wake up, you will continue to feed him for such a long time, which makes you curious. Little Green can’t help but wonder where he came from. What is he a demon? What happened between him and Inkyu?
However, the man is obviously dissatisfied with this. When he lives in a monster’s house and faces Bi Yu’s house in the future, there will always be a lot of risks. Once the neighbors know about it, I’m afraid all three of them will have no good chance.
Little green said, "Let him live first. No one will come to the backyard to see me. I still have a lot to ask."
The man said, "What if he dies?"
Little green also said sadly, "Yes, what should we do with him if he dies?"
Having said that, she actually didn’t want to see Xie Hengyan die. After all, it turned out that the friendship was still in Xie Hengyan and full of mysteries. When Xiao Lv first saw him, she always thought that Xie Hengyan was fragile and helpful in the small stone ditch on the hill that day, and it was difficult for people to involve him in an evil monster.
-but fortunately, Xie Hengyan, the puppet of the second leng, was born stupid and blessed with stupidity.
Chapter Your Child
What happened in a year, Xie Hengyan doesn’t know what happened in a year. It seems that those experiences are very close, but in fact, they are far apart. The previous scenes on the island are already a little bit in the fog.
Xie Hengyan can tell Xiaolv that they went out to sea later, and when they came back, they were chased by people in the government. The seal fell into the water and disappeared, while he was lucky enough to be washed back to shore by the waves in the wooden box.
He asked Xiaolv where this is, and Xiaolv said with a wry smile, "Unfortunately, I just came to Maple Town to go out and turn a few corners just to get to Biyu Mansion."
"…" Xie Hengyan’s expression doesn’t look like fear. He just said an old saying, "So … is Yin Yan in Biyu Mansion?"
"What, don’t you know?" Little green asked in surprise, "Yinzhu has been hung on the wanted order for a long time. It has been a whole year, and no one can catch him, and the reward has been high."
Xie Hengyan leng way "wanted? What wanted order? "
Small Greenway "Of course, it’s a warrant for killing someone. You really don’t know anything?"
Who did Indy kill? Xie Hengyan couldn’t believe it. "I’ve never heard of it?"
Who else can there be in the small greenway? A year ago, Fuze Mountain, didn’t he kill Pingchao City? "
Xie Heng Yan Jiao cut "What?"
Little green thought for a long time before stumbling out a person’s name "probably called … drink"
"How is that possible?" Xie Hengyan suddenly changed his face. "How can it be that printing is killing drinking-they say so?"
"Can you say? At that time, the drinking corpse came from the mountain, and it happened to be Xiaobai next to it … Yin Yi Chang’s stone sword. "Little Green frowned." Everyone remembers clearly that the stone sword was stained with blood. Everyone thought that Yin Yi killed the drinking, including the wanted order. Master Cheng personally-how can this be fake? "
"They … they must be crazy! It’s impossible for Indy to kill and drink and think about it! "
Xie Hengyan suddenly sat up from the head of a bed for a while without wearing shoes and struggled hurriedly to drill outside the door.
Xiaolv said that she remembered it clearly, but who can remember it more clearly than Xie Hengyan? In those days, Yan Tongyin of Xie Heng was besieged by puppet birds after drinking the stone sword, and the root of the drink was still alive when he left, no matter how he died in the end, all these were printed and poured without a trace!
"hey!" Little Green shouted, "Where are you going?"
"I’ll save Indy!" Before Xie Hengyan finished his sentence, he stumbled and fell to the threshold-he couldn’t walk, his legs were broken and he didn’t move for half a month, and now he is not as flexible as before.
He half arrived at the door frame and tried to straighten up several times, but after all, he collapsed and went to Little Green to help him firmly in the previous step. "Who’s crazy?" I think you are crazy! There are two spies everywhere outside, and even the living can suffer together if they are not careful-where can you save Indy? "
Xie Hengyan said, "He must be in Biyufu!"
Little green shouted, "He’s not here!"
Xie Hengyan stubbornly said, "He is here!"
"Printing is impossible! The town didn’t receive the news today. "Little Green is anxious and angry." Others are looking for him, too. There is a wanted order outside the town. Everyone wants his life! "
Xie Hengyan steep zheng immediately drooping eyes to the whole portrait suddenly frustrated like slowly retract next to the door frame never say a word.
Little green was silent for a moment but took the initiative to hold the puppet’s thin and thin arm.
"What the hell happened to you two?" Little green could not help but ask, "India pours him …"