Every step is difficult.

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"Handy" is not all wizards learn to practice. Some wizards may not be able to open their hands when they practice, just as some people have the potential to be refined pharmacists, but the principle is the same.
Coloured glaze dugu to the tenth step will continue not to go.
At this moment, she is sweating and panting.
It’s so hard to practice conveniently. It’s much harder than refining medicine.
It seems that she doesn’t have much talent in this direction
But glass dugu is not an easy person to give up, and she continues to practice from the first step.
Only by constantly repeating and repeating can we lay a good foundation and enter a higher level of cultivation.
Genius is not born, even if it has potential, it needs to work harder than others!
Everyone heard of her brilliance. Where did anyone notice her hard work?
Coloured glaze dugu repeated the first step to the ninth step until dawn and finally took the tenth step!
This makes her very happy!
Sure enough, kung fu pays off!
If she gives up, then she can’t enter the threshold of this tenth step.
"Daughter-in-law daughter-in-law’s out." MuZhongQing came to take a picture of the glazed door of the dugu. Think about it. She couldn’t hear the notes and joined her.
Dugu coloured glaze opens the door.
Dugu Qingnuo several people are waiting for her.
Today, the injury is more difficult because it is the most difficult for them to pick up all of them. Of course, the reward is up to 30 people to form a team to find and kill the cyclops. Of course, it is difficult for cyclops to find and deal with these junior students, because sometimes if they can’t find it for a month, they will have to double their money.
But now there are glazed dugu in the lower grades. Although she has only been here for more than a month, she has already signed up for the lower grades. As soon as she proposed to form a team to slay the cyclops, a lot of people signed up.
Because the number of teams is limited and cyclops is not so good at killing glazed dugu, they chose 30 elites from the applicants. They also chose the most suitable trick for them because they could not let them out of glazed dugu after registration. Everyone admired glazed dugu!
She is a woman with great strength in the primary school. The most important thing is that she doesn’t want to lead the way to bully the weak.
Coloured glaze dugu personally set the number and then took the lead in answering it.
Hall people admire this junior big sister.
Today, I saw that she was going to pick up the cyclops and smiled from ear to ear. "I haven’t picked up the cyclops for a hundred years at a young age, which is great and broke the record."
In the dugu coloured glaze led the people towards the cyclops infested area.
Each of them is full of confidence that they will be able to return home full this time!
Of course, Shen Jiaping, Ye Meining and Ma Tianshou are disdainful to share with Dugu Glass. They are also very jealous of Dugu Glass’s talent. After they left, the three of them got together to discuss how to deal with Dugu Ryukyu and 77 Chapter 77 impeded people.
Shen Jiaping said, "Dugu Liuli has repeatedly broken the rules since she entered the gang, and she didn’t give us a face, so we are now bullied by the former bully. This tone is like I can’t swallow it."
Ye Meining said, "That’s right. We have to secretly make this lonely glass. She will crush us even more in the future."
Ma Tianshou: "The area where Cyclops is located is vast and dangerous, so we can kill the glazed dugu with interest if we want to benefit the terrain."
The three men nodded and then went to the lower grades to woo some disciples who didn’t like dugu coloured glaze. Of course, they threatened them, and if they didn’t help them, their lives would be worrying.
Because of the glass in the dugu, people can save them, and they are willing to compromise.
Shen Jiaping three people gathered a total of one hundred people together to deal with glass dugu.
He reported it to Ding Yunyun.
Ding Yunyun was overjoyed when she heard this. She didn’t expect Shen Jiaping to do such a good job before she got out. It’s really worthy that she took a fancy to men!
Ding Yunyun immediately told the wind about it.
The wind passed carefully last night, and the goal was far away. She felt that she had to take the gang Excalibur first and then fight with Dugu Glass to regain the limelight. At the moment, she was in no hurry to kill Dugu Glass, but if she was short-lived, she would not be able to PK with her.
"Fine elder sister, we can send a few senior people to sneak into the cyclops area to help Shen Jiaping kill glazed dugu. If it comes unnoticed, there must be no problem." Ding Yunyun said that she felt that fine elder sister would agree with her, and maybe she would reward herself for her good mood.
Who knows that the wind whispered, "I don’t want her to die now, but it’s also called if you can kill her."
The wind said it carefully and left.
Ding Yunyun is silly. What does this little sister mean? Didn’t she always want to drive out the glazed dugu before? Is it because she promised Elder Feng that it would be three months before she could move the glazed dugu?
Yeah, she’s so stupid. Why don’t she just inform her people to help her?
So Ding Yunyun invited some senior guys to sneak into the cyclops area together.
Senior student Ding Yunyun didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Isn’t she a junior school sister? Is it necessary to send so many horses?
They were even more shocked when they saw Shen Jiaping calling for 100 people to start together.
Ding Yunyun explained that "Gu Liuli is too cunning and she brought so many people to the team this time. It is necessary for us to bring more people. Besides, we can’t kill her with our eyes open. We have to help her attract the cyclops and let the cyclops kill her. If we come, we can’t find any clues."
Ding Yunyun’s move of impeded people is very good, and it is supported by everyone.
"Of course, it is necessary to set some traps in the area," Shen Jiaping added
Ding Yunyun looked at his eyes and smiled.
Shen Jiaping is also looking at her eyes.
Senior few people look down on junior teachers and younger brothers and sisters. If they don’t look at the wind carefully, they won’t bother to make moves. They just think Ding Yunyun is stupid and should look at Shen Jiaping as such a gigolo!
"Go" senior several people say that finish first from chapter 78 78 glass dugu.
Tianxirui is very depressed.
After yesterday’s noisy little glass, he will definitely wait for him in the elite garden and apologize to him. But when he came to the elite garden, she was not there.
He checked casually and knew that he took it, and it was the most difficult to take it, and he might not come back for months.
Isn’t this deliberately avoiding him?
I have to say that Tianxi Rui came at a bad time. The day before yesterday, Glass Dugu planned to pick up Cyclops.
It’s already Yi Tianxirui’s sly smile. Since the small glass is out, he will secretly help the small glass. It’s not bad to love in the area.
Xirui is in a good mood on this day.
"less help"
"less help"
Guo Feilong rarely stays in the gang, even if he stays in the gang, he stays in his unique Xiufeng, where he is protected by the gang. Few people thought that he was lucky enough to meet the young Wang today.
Guo Feilong nodded and smiled at them and then walked towards Tianxirui.
Tianxirui became an ordinary junior brother, but he was recognized by Guo Feilong at a glance.
"Brother Rui, this is a chat. Do you want to visit the lower grades?"
Tian Xirui didn’t expect Guo Feilong’s eyesight to be so good. He smiled. "To tell you the truth, I love my princess in the lower grades. Isn’t this to secretly peek at her?"
Guo Feilong was stuck.
He knew Tianxirui, but he was not close to women. He had seen several stunning beauties chasing him with his own eyes, and he beat him back.
If it weren’t for his deep friendship, he wouldn’t be Tianxirui in front of him.