This sword set off a spark on its back. It is worthy of being close to the level of Lord Skull King. The body of Dogura, the Lord of Skeleton, is really too hard, just like a mass of pure iron chopped in the face. It may have been abruptly bounced off Leo’s hand. It was a little painful by the earthquake, but he somehow relieved the crisis of the old lion Allen. The two of them quickly got together and looked dignified.

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"Just now, someone brought us news. It will take at least half an hour for the magic crystal gun to open." Leo whispered.
"What? Half an hour "Allen, the old lion, changed his whole face. Just now, when he was a child, he was almost killed by Dogura, the skeleton Lord. How is it possible to keep him alive for half an hour?
"I’ll show you what suffocating death is!" However, before he could correct his ear again, there was a cold and judgmental sound from the skeleton Lord Dogura.
"rumble! Rumble! Longlong … "
A strong gray death grudge spread out from the bone spur behind the skeleton Lord Dogura and condensed into a strong black impact, which wrapped around his hand and shone with silver light. The staff smashed the black shock wave forward like a god of death, and everything made Leo and Leo instantly change color.
"Get out of the way!" Leo wants to escape.
"No, I can’t escape. It’s locked." But Allen, the old lion, roared because he found the root and couldn’t escape. The terrible black shock wave had locked them in the root and there was no hope to escape.
"Can’t escape?"
Leo’s eyes flashed with anxiety, but then there was a little bit of madness flashing. Now that there is no chance to avoid procrastination, the attack is naturally the best way.
He couldn’t help but let out a growl. A strong light suddenly emerged in his body, which contained amazing fighting power. The glittering light ignited many dark shadows in the gray battlefield in an instant. Vampires and zombies screamed and stepped back. It seemed that they had met some enemies that could not be hostile. Only skeleton soldiers could barely see that they were a pile of skeleton racks at the root, and there was nothing to be afraid of.
The staff of Dogura, the Bones Lord, has been severely dropped.
Leo, however, was not afraid, but his foot leaped to his waist, and the sword in his hand went straight to meet him. The impact of the golden quarrelling silver staff made a shocking and violent ripple, and those skeleton warriors directly dispersed and melted into a pile, which was shocking without flying dust.
"This ….." FanNaLinLin eyes filled with amazing brilliance looks very vibration.
"Hey, this is so small?" Klado, the old dwarf, also took a gasp. I didn’t expect Leo to be able to confront Dogura, the Lord of the bones. What a surprise!
"Ow ~" Allen, the old lion, is also very excited. If Leo really has the strength to fight the skeleton Lord, there will be great hope that they can persist.
"You can actually stop my staff." Dogura, the skeleton Lord, looked down at Leo’s voice, which was a little unexpected, but it was still cold, and his body was really too big, with two or three Leo’s high pressure. The two sides couldn’t finish it directly!
"What can you do if you are blocked?" Leo responded to the arrogance of the skeleton Lord Dogura while still playing drums in his heart.
Although he just showed his bravery, even he himself didn’t know what was going on. It is reasonable to say that he can reach the same level as the old tauren Hawke with the most strength now, but in fact, a mysterious force poured out of his body, which was very powerful and helped him stop the attack of the skeleton Lord Dogura and help him quickly heal his injuries. He is moving towards the peak.
"Is it the mysterious force hidden in my body?" Leo couldn’t help whispering that he was not an idiot, and he had long understood that he was different from others, and there must be a great secret hidden in his body, otherwise it would not be so fate.
"It seems that you are doubting the strength of the great skeleton Lord Dogura", but at this time, the cold sound of the skeleton Lord Dogura struck again with a terrible force.
"Look out!"
One side of the old lion Allen issued a roar loud unexpectedly to list Leo blocked the blow.
The latter immediately reacted with a striding sword and severely chopped it down in the chest of the skeleton Lord, and the mysterious force blessing was still shining in the golden light, which made Leo’s heart suddenly full of confidence.
"Give me death!"
Hearing a loud roar, Leo actually chose to pursue a 56-point attack. He went crazy and cut forward, and the golden light was extremely amazing.
"Look out!"
But an old lion, Allen, went to send out a warning and roared
Because they are not in such a strong state at the moment to oppress the skeleton Lord Dogura, the best way is for them to wait for half an hour until the magic crystal gun in the hands of the old dwarf Klado cools down, and that is the real decisive moment.
Now, it’s most appropriate to drag on like this, and it’s foolish to oppress strongly, and it’s unnecessary to do that.
This sword was severely chopped down in the skeleton Lord’s body, which repelled it a little bit back and left a golden burning mark on the chest bones, which was very hot.
It seems that if it is another battle, it may not be necessary to think much about continuing the attack. However, after hearing the warning from the old lion Allen, Leo still woke up and understood the meaning of the other side. He began to consciously retreat to prepare for delaying the battle until half an hour later.
"Humble human, are you afraid of the power of the great skeleton Lord Dogura?" Dogura, the Lord of the bones, sent out an angry roar. Speed is one of his few shortcomings, and it is extremely serious. Even Allen, the old lion, is much faster than him, not to mention more sensitive Leo.
If the latter is bent on running away, it is impossible for him to chase after him, which makes him more angry, die and rebel.
However, he is not really stupid and hopeless. After seeing that he can’t catch up with Leo, he simply abandons the Turin soldiers in other directions and kills the old lion Allen. Leo’s look is also ugly. This damn guy is really mean!
48 victory
"Humble human beings and you humble orcs, I want you to know how terrible the death shock wave of Anger Dogura is." When the skeleton Lord Dogura saw that Leo and his wife were back, he immediately issued a kind of hideous laughter, which made his bones sour.
And he hit the former terrorist shock wave and formed a terrible airflow in the gray battlefield, which contained a very amazing fighting force and slammed it at Leo and the old lion Allen.
The latter was the first one to be hit by that terrible black shock wave and screamed and flew out, and the blood dyed the earth red.
Allen, the old lion, was stung to the ground and once again spit out a few mouthfuls of blood. The golden fluff on his chest has been corrupted and blackened, leaving a ferocious wound that looks terrible and dirty. It is very corrupt and dark.
The wall of Luwencheng is coming, and the old Hawke roared. Up to now, there are only three of them left in Turin, the leader of the Snake People, the old tauren Hawke and the old lion Allen.
Of course, he didn’t want only a few old friends to die, yelling anxiously.
"Let’s go, Uncle Allen, you get out of here first." Leo quickly repelled Dogura, the Lord who wanted to kill all the bones, and rushed toward Allen, the old lion behind him.
"Ahem, ahem, but …" Allen, the old lion, struggled to refuse, but his injury was really too heavy, and the dirt was corrupted. If he was not treated, there would be great trouble and he would probably die. He could not be delayed here any longer.
"Somebody send Uncle Allen back to Louvain." Leo once again killed Dogura, the skeleton Lord, and shouted at the soldiers in Turin.
"It’s old Allen, come with us …" A gray-haired human soldier led a small team of soldiers to come here, and twenty people fully escorted the old lion Allen to treat his serious injuries.
Although this gray-haired human warrior is not a leader, he also has a star-level senior warrior strength, and the Lord of the bones confronts him head-on, but it is no problem to clean up a small soldier
Actually, after the previous war, most of the top leaders of the Skeleton Legion have been killed, such as vampire leader Ding Ya, zombie leader Camus, shadow leader Scarando and Dark Knight leader Jay … Even most members of the Dark Knight have been killed in the gray battlefield at the moment, and one or two people are still clinging to wait for the Skeleton Lord to save them.
As a matter of fact, the combat effectiveness of the Skeleton Legion is now completely supported by the Skeleton Lord alone. To defeat it, all difficulties will be solved!
However, despite this, Turin still suffered heavy casualties in this respect. The leaders of the original major races are strong, and there are only three people left at the moment, and the three people are seriously injured in an accident and even their lives are in danger. This shows that it can be said that it is a remnant.