"Are you secretly happy in your heart?"

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His words were sarcastic and cold, just like his eyes.
Jiang Xue Bud shook her head and quickly said "No"
Silent moon with a light smile, a long sleeve and a wave of force brought her into his arms.
He hugged her tightly, his head drooping and his hair falling from his shoulder and tangled with her hair on his chest.
Single-handedly provoke her jaw strength is not big but also absolutely not gentle "lie …"
These two words came out coldly from his thin and beautiful lips.
His fingers turned from his jaw to his face. "I just saw you as if you were relieved."
His sneer eyes and her tightly intertwined [
There seems to be a strong irony in his eyes. "You have been worried about the streaming sound, but now you are happy."
Because he is not only fine, but also let me suffer in his hands. "
He actually … really saw through her section 1458: Are you worried about me?
"Because he is not only fine, but also let me suffer in his hands."
He actually … really see through her heart.
Jiang Xue Bud’s eyes flashed a surprise and forced himself to squeeze out a smile. "Don’t guess blindly. I don’t remember him now. What does he do with me?"
Silent moon, cold hum, a face of expression, just don’t believe her.
The fingers moved slowly in her face and held her jaw again [
Look at her with dark eyes. "Lying little Wan’er, I know you’re happy."
"Would you be happier if I died at his hands?"
Jiang Xue Bud knows that he is in a bad mood now and can’t make him angry any more.
I don’t know what he will do to hurt her if he is too angry.
He stumbled in the hands of the streaming sound, and now he might want to vent it on himself.
She lowered her eyes and tried to keep calm. "What am I happy about?"
"You think too much …"
"Am I thinking too much?"
He chuckled and hugged her tighter.
"Little Wan’er, are you worried about me?"
He put his lips to her ear and whispered, "will you worry about me?" Worried that I will die in the hands of the sound? "
She took a deep breath and said softly, "Of course I’m worried about you."
"Do you think I’ll believe you?" sneered the silent moon.
"You wish I were dead, so you can leave here and be with the sound …"
He pushed her away with a tired face but a look of awe.
"Hum, it’s not that easy for him to win this time."
He is still the same, and nothing has changed.
However, the forehead tolerance has completely changed, and it will never be seen again.
This time, I am afraid that he will be hit hard.
Cold eyes moved a little from her face and finally fell to her waist, Yu Pei.
His eyes are cold and his face is even more gloomy. Section 1459: This spoils my mind.
As soon as his eyes were cold, his face became more gloomy
The corners of the mouth hung with a faint smile and sarcasm.
"Is this a streaming sound for you?"
Not a question, but a positive tone
Say that finish this sentence after eyes slowly moved from her face to her head [
"I gave you the Hosta. Why didn’t you wear it?"
Jiang Xue Bud gave him a guilty look and said, "Well, I think that Hosta is too expensive to wear for fear of accidentally losing it."
Silent Moon’s eyes narrowed slightly and sneered, "Since it’s so expensive, tell W where you put it?"
Actually, the Hosta was put in a place by her, and she doesn’t know where it is now.
She swallowed saliva and laughed quickly. "Well, I put it in a box."