However, the female singer immediately fell into an inexplicable embarrassment at the scene.

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"We’ve never said u lve…… …" The female singer’s voice is very high and sharp. As she has confidence, it seems that her voice is not very strong to sing this song.
But just because the voice is high enough doesn’t mean that singing is good enough.
Her voice is too sharp, without the roundness and rhythm that an opera singer should have. When she screams, Wu Liangxian can tell that she is unprofessional and her luck is a mess.
Obviously, this is not a professional female singer
I’m afraid that the reason why she can sing this opera with confidence is also based on her talent for high notes. Maybe she seems to be able to sing this high note, so she is qualified to sing a opera.
But in fact, if opera is so simple, then there are only a few world-famous opera artists in total.
Opera has a unique tone, which combines breath and voice rhythm. It is very different from ordinary pop songs, and people who have not practiced professionally can sing this unique feeling even if they have enough vocal range.
Wu Liang thought that the girl might have misunderstood the opera.
In fact, even he dare not say that he sang that passage very well. For him, those words were just the pinnacle of his own life. Compared with a real opera performer, it was like teaching fish to swim.
But this girl seems to be more overreaching than he is. How dare she tell herself to sing the original tune "Snowy Night" with this singing style?
Wu Liang’s head popped up with a big question mark and looked at the silver mask female singer with a face of Meng force.
Taiwan director Fan Xuan is also embarrassed. Although she is not a professional singer, she has a little appreciation of music after doing music programs for so long. This female singer is simply …
He doesn’t even know what language to use to express her honey/juice confidence!
And the most embarrassing thing is probably this female singer with a silver mask.
In fact, when she hums this song at home or on other occasions, she feels quite good about herself, because even professional singers rarely have a high range like her and can raise her voice to High C without any effort.
Although she is not a professional singer, she usually feels that she is not worse than a professional singer because she is used to being touted by people around her. In KV, she has always been a real bully.
But she doesn’t know that talent doesn’t mean success. Talent needs constant practice to turn into real success.
As an amateur music lover, she usually has no special connection with pronunciation or breath singing. She is born with talent. When singing KV with a group of ordinary people, she may be called a tiger and monkey in the mountains as the overlord. However, compared with a real professional singer, she is playing broadsword in front of the public-she is inflated.
Moreover, today’s professional stage live sound microphone will amplify her shortcomings. What do you usually see when every singer sings? It is because of all kinds of echoes on the stage that singers can’t hear their own voices clearly, and it is easy to get out of tune or out of tune. Therefore, professional singers will control their voices through the echoes.
However, this female singer obviously doesn’t have such rich experience. She doesn’t know how to adjust her voice by ringing her ears. Once she makes mistakes, high-power sound effects and clear microphones will make her voice very strange, and all kinds of defects will be magnified several times.
The whole thing sounds like she’s like an amateur tenth-rate anchor, narcissistic in front of a junk microphone and howling like a pig!
It’s so embarrassing …
The singer’s mask turned red, even her ears turned red. Fortunately, there was a mask for her to cover so that others could not see it.
However, Wu Liang has held her forehead, but Nai asked her, "Du Qinyi, where did you get the confidence to sing the opera Snowy Night?"
Yes, although the female singer sounds awkward, Wu Liang finally recognized her. She is the little cousin Du Qinyi who plays in Ma Xingzhen.
Wu Liang didn’t expect the program group to invite her. You know, she is not a professional singer but an actress. I really don’t know what the program group thinks.
Du Qinyi, on the other hand, was called by his name and took a step back with a little confusion and asked, "How do you know it’s me?"
"You kill a pig as soon as I hear it," Wu Liang replied in distress situation.
Du Qinyi’s face suddenly changed, and his eyes seemed to be hiding a knife. He scraped layer after layer.
"You bastard!" She gritted her teeth and said angrily, "What do you mean by killing pigs? Although people can’t sing well, they are not so ugly, are they? "
"Indeed …" Wu Liang nodded to Du Qinyi. When he came to their senses and wanted to praise himself, he sighed and said, "The sound of killing pigs should be higher than yours."
Du Qinyi’s eyes seemed to spurt fire, and he ruthlessly stepped on Wu Liang’s instep.
"Ow ~" Wu Liang immediately showed everyone what the tenor jumped up from the stage with his feet in his arms.
The sound of the microphone in his hand almost overturned the whole studio before it was lost.
"Hum told you to talk nonsense again!" Du Qinyi’s previous depression immediately swept away after stepping on this foot, gloating at Wu Liang’s eyes and emitting a strange smile.
Wu Liang jumped for a long time with his feet in his arms until his tears came out before he glared at Du Qinyi and shouted, "Are you mistaken? You are wearing high heels with 17 inches!"
Du Qinyi looked down at his heel and proudly said, "There are only 17 inches and 13 inches."
"It’s just …" Wu Liang chewed the two bitterly in his mouth and immediately squatted aside and circled.
Du Qinyi this just came over to appease him to "okay, don’t scream first, although you sing better than me, but it’s also good, so it’s just a toss-up. I think I can save another …"
Wu Liang kept silent and squeezed out two tears in his eyes.
Du Qinyi looked shy and said, "Well, I also think I can sing if I practice again …"
Wu Liang rolled his eyes and his expression was full of despair.
Du Qinyi pouted and bit his lip and said, "Come on, what do you want?"
"Change the song," Wu Liang sighed with a sigh.
Du Qinyi was silent for a long time before he was unwilling to say, "Really, can’t you save one more?"
Wu Liang shook his head and said, "I can’t come."
At this time, it is less than two hours before the real program is recorded, and it is different from Linyuan Xianyu’s water cup to put out the fire if she wants to practice her voice.
Du Qinyi finally stopped struggling and said gloomily, "OK, but what else can we sing now?"
Wu Liang thought about it and asked Fan Xuan next to him, "Is it okay for Fan to sing new songs?"
Fan Xuan suddenly got excited when he heard this.
I’m dying for you to sing a new song. What do you mean, OK? This is simply amazing!
He immediately held his head high and replied, "No problem. If you can give the score to our musicians, you can guarantee that there will be no mistakes!"
Wu Liang crooked corners of the mouth turned to Du Qinyi and said, "Then sing a new song. I just prepared a song for you to read first."
Du Qinyi came to Taiwan with him. Wu Liang pulled out a song score from his mobile phone and put it in front of her.
This song is not difficult. It took Du Qinyi half an hour to learn it, and it is very nice, which makes Du Qinyi feel a faint sadness after listening to it.
"Why do you make people so moved every time?" Du Qinyi looked at Wu Liang’s bitterness and said, "What did people tell you first, but you ended up with Heluxue?"
Wu Liang Khan realized that he had been recognized by Du Qinyi.
He thought that this woman’s intuition is really terrible. She has tried her best to hide it so well. Pediatrics didn’t expect to escape her eye. I hope that those women in the star detective team will not be so sharp and responsible when they really perform. How can they get away easily?
In the face of Du Qinyi’s cross-examination, he inexplicably felt guilty and replied, "These songs have already been written, but I think it’s just right to take them out today. Don’t get me wrong!"
"What do I have to misunderstand?" Du Qinyi laughed at himself. "Are you and I the kind of people who pester and beat up women and know that you have a girlfriend and still have to entangle with you?"
Wu Liang said with trepidation, "If not, it would be best. I think we can still be good friends …"
Du Qinyi crooked crooked corners of the mouth without a conversation.
A few hours later, the second issue of Masked Singer was recorded.
Wu Liang drew lots for the second group, which means that he will partner Du Qinyi in the third game.
There is nothing surprising in the previous group. The two contestants partnered on the stage, and the last one left was quickly discovered by the star detective team. His identity and qualifications are like living fossils in Chinese music. It is really not easy for any singer to escape his eyes.
Wu Liang’s first phase could not have fooled him if he hadn’t exchanged powerful skills from the system.
In the third game, it was Wu Liang’s turn and Du Qinyi’s turn.
There was a cheer as soon as the two of them were on the scene, and Yu knew why the audience made such a loud noise. After the audience stopped cheering, she laughed at herself and said, "This Sun Wu is the only lucky person in the first episode. We must not let him go in this episode, otherwise everyone will doubt the strength of our star detective team. We want the facts to let everyone know that the star detective team is not a vegetarian!"
Tang Tu, Banana and others responded to him and said, "Our slogan is that detectives will go out and grow nothing!"
Wu Liang ha ha a smile for their honey/juice confidence is also full of ridicule.
I can hardly recognize my voice. Can you guess my real identity?
Yu Na Du Qinyi has been ignored by him. He knows very well that this star detective team must be aimed at himself. No matter how she sings, their attention will never let her go.
Fang Mo, the host of Taiwan, finished his lyrics, and the music sounded. Wu Liang and Du Qinyi successively walked out of the stage channel.
After all, Du Qinyi’s dress is also very pleasing. She played the snow elf, the heroine of the previous popular foreign cartoon, which was very popular with the audience as if she were dressed with fairy dust.
But just as Wu Liang thought, the attention of the star detective team was put on him. From the moment he appeared, he felt that several burning eyes had been hovering around him.