These two Panax notoginseng Qing Liu also don’t know how many heads to weigh-according to the standard of Panax notoginseng, it reaches 500 grams, which is a kilo of weight.

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If ten Panax notoginseng put together weigh a catty, it is ten Panax notoginseng, and the best quality is ten Panax notoginseng. Qing Liu sold it to Su Qianmo, and it was cultivated by his divine power, which Su Qianmo recognized as wild Panax notoginseng.
And one of these two Tianqi eyes weighs a catty!
It’s definitely a polar pole.
Xifeng Mountain Yard is still planted with that piece of Panax notoginseng, but Qing Liu has long made money without it. This trip to Beijing City Qing Liu thought of visiting Su Qianmo’s home. Since it is a visit, it is definitely impossible to come by hand.
Qing Liu took two bottles of dragon wine from the wine cellar, but two bottles of wine alone seemed a little less. He found that the courtyard was deserted for a long time and didn’t take care of Tianqi. He cried and his eyes brightened.
Then Qing Liu rummaged through everything to find out some kinds and threw them into the ground, and the divine power of the earth gave birth to these two polar Tianqi in one day.
This is a ready gift.
After taking a taxi, Qing Liu told the driver his destination. He found that the driver frequently looked at himself in the rearview mirror, which made Qing Liu suspicious and strange. He bowed his head and checked that there was nothing wrong with it.
The taxi pulled Qing Liu for more than an hour, turned east and went west, and went directly out of Kyoto to an unknown place outside the city. The driver stopped and said, "Yixin Garden is here!"
"This is Yixin Garden?"
Liu Qing’s car looked around and it was very quiet. Even the cars rarely passed by. Looking up, I looked at this unknown hill, which was full of bare branches and trees, but it should be very good here in summer.
Walking along the highway to the mountain, I took a few steps and turned a corner. After Qing Liu, I saw a sentry box with railings on the roadside.
Inside the sentry box, two soldiers saw Qing Liu appear and looked at him in unison.
"Please stay"
A soldier came out quickly to block Qing Liu’s eyes. He glanced at his hand box and said, "Who are you looking for?"
"Looking for Sue …"
Qing Liu remembered that he forgot to ask Su Qianmo’s parents’ names. He wanted to think and said, "Looking for Su Qianmo."
The soldier frowned and said coldly, "You can call her and ask her to pick you up." And he pointed to the back of Qing Liu.
Qing Liu looked back down his eyes, only to find that he drew a bright yellow line.
"Go outside that yellow line."
The soldier said with an expression on his face
Qing Liu pushed back a few steps. The soldiers outside the yellow line saw his one eye with satisfaction. They turned around and walked back to the sentry box with standard quick march.
Qing Liu guessed that the soldier would come out just now because he crossed the yellow line, but then again, it’s really strict here!
Soldiers’ post guards are not allowed to cross the yellow line yet!
Touched out the words and dialed Su Qianmo’s number. After the words were answered, Qing Liu said, "Su Zong, I am coming to the foot of the mountain."
"Well, wait a few minutes and I’ll go out and pick you up."
Su Qianmo said this sentence and then hung up. A few minutes later, a red Ferrari sports car drove out along the highway.
The soldier glanced at the license plate and hit the railing. Su Qianmo stopped the car by the road and walked from the car to the outside of the post. He smiled and said a few words to the soldier and then pointed to Qing Liu outside.
A soldier came out from the sentry box, and Su Qianmo followed him to Qing Liu.
"how about it? Can you enter? "
Qing Liu shrugged his shoulders.
"Check these two boxes."
The soldier said stiffly and pointed to something in Qing Liu’s hand.
Qing Liu dazed this inspection is really strict enough. Su Qian ink actually needs to be inspected here.
As if to see Qing Liu wondering Su Qian ink laughed, "just let him see it. It’s a rule."
"all right"
Qing Liu put the box on the ground and exposed it. The packaging was simple and generous. The dragon wine statue soldier glanced at it and nodded and pointed to another box. "And this …"
Chapter six hundred and fifty-one Su Guoqiang
"It’s strict enough …"
Qing Liu thought that he had hit another box and revealed two "Wild Panax notoginseng" inside.
The soldier stared a few times to show that he didn’t know this thing.
"Oh, my God!"
Su Qianmo looked at these two wild Tianqi things dumbfounded, and she recognized them at a glance. It was because she knew the goods that she saw her stunned face full of shock and blurted out, "Qing Liu, how did you get this thing?"
"Hehe, keep it a secret"
Qing Liu load a stopped want to pick up this "wild Panax notoginseng" look Su Qian ink smilingly said "this is my gift to my uncle and aunt, just don’t touch and have a look".
Su Qian was so angry that he bared his teeth and said to Qing Liu, "Do you believe that even if you give it to my parents, it will eventually fall into my hands?"
"Hehe, then it’s over with me."
Qing Liu shrugged his shoulders and smiled. "Anyway, I gave them who they wanted to give them, and they were free."
From the dialogue between the two men, the soldier also heard that this must be a good thing. He nodded to Su Qianmo with a straight face and turned back to the sentry box.
"Let’s go, car"
Su Qian ink to Qing Liu turned a supercilious look.
Ferrari let out a roar and turned around and headed for the mountain.
"This place is really strict enough."
Liu Qingshu leaned against the seat and smiled. "What if no one comes in hard? Did the gun kill you? "
"Of course."
Su Qian ink nodded seriously and said, "This company is stationed all the year round and is equipped with the most sophisticated weapons."
"Is it so powerful?"
Qing Liu stare big eyes, but on second thought, it is estimated that there are not many people who are qualified to live here. Most of them are like Sue’s master, and it is normal for Chinese treasures to enjoy such protection.
"This is my home when we get here."
Su Qian ink Qing Liu soon came to a yard to stop.