If Tartars really do this, they will have to decide whether to shoot or not.

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Tens of thousands of people will die at their guns. They dare not imagine whether those soldiers will have enough courage to pull the trigger of muskets and shoot deadly lead bullets at them when they face unarmed people.
But if you don’t shoot, tens of thousands of people will cover and rush to everyone, and then the advantage of muskets will become overwhelming.
Although everyone is very confident in their melee ability, it is undeniable that the melee killing ability of the Tatars, especially the Tatar fighters, still far exceeds that of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
In this case, once the two forces are killed together, the tiger and leopard army will suffer heavy losses in close combat even if they are not defeated.
And this is definitely not what you want to see.
Chapter five hundred and fifty-nine Strange retreat
When everyone secretly felt that Huang Taiji was too mean, the array was three miles away, and then 8 Jin J unexpectedly changed into a passive, active and direct attack formation to advance to everyone’s position.
Of course, the idea that tens of thousands of people in Dalai acted as cannon fodder was directly displayed at this time.
Ten thousand people make up ten thousand troops, and hundreds of them drive away, just like walking dead, very mechanically, step by step, approaching everyone.
At the same time, the real offensive force consisting of ten thousand musketeers and ten thousand Tatar fighters in the Han flag followed ten thousand people and launched deadly attacks on themselves at any time.
In the face of the picture beyond everyone’s imagination, I haven’t thought of cracking the Tatar tactical tactics. More than a dozen butch army officers seem to have discussed it, and at the same time, they will remit their worried eyes to the Wei Zheng body.
Although there are hundreds of years of tactics and tactics hidden in Wei Zheng’s mind, weapons are very limited. Here, Wei Zheng’s mind is also blank and there is no solution.
When you look at yourself, you can respond to everyone with silence and concentration.
However, there is no way to crack it. It doesn’t mean that Wei Zheng will be indifferent to the attack and watch the Tatars fill his own army and stir up the soldiers.
Just a cup of tea is not enough to defend the silence and a gloomy face is covered by murderous look, and it is still very strong murderous look
After taking a deep breath, he directly ordered, "Let the artillery units directly cross the front of the Tatar and the ordinary people fire bullets at the Tatar army array."
"The ordinary people in front of the Tatars can block the lead bullets directly from the muskets, but there is no way to stop the bullets falling from the sky … so that the artillery can fire at the Tatars to attack the troops as quickly as possible."
With the roar of guns, hundreds of shells were fired on the battlefield, just like meteor showers, and they were thrown behind the people. Soon, a lot of black smoke fireballs were mixed with clouds, and they rose up in the Tatar Pang army.
However, there are too many people attacking the Tatars. Although the battlefield keeps ringing, the casualties caused by these flower bombs are simply not worth comparing with their huge forces
The 20,000 Tatar attack troops directly expressed their concern about these losses, and continued to attack against the falling bullets overhead, and it was getting faster and faster without stopping at all.
When the vast army of the Tatars successfully advanced to a position one mile away from the Tiger and Leopard Army, the 20,000-strong attack troops actually put down the artillery fire of the Tiger and Leopard Army, which was less than 4,000 people.
More importantly, Huang taiji seems to have seen victory from this attack, hoping to send 10 thousand fighters to join the battlefield again.
At this time, all the generals around the guards knew that Tatar Huang Taiji was going to fight hard with himself.
Bandits came from the beginning and followed the commander of the third division of the Weizheng Infantry to face the increasingly depressing atmosphere around them. He said, "I am a rough man, but I will settle accounts. It seems to me that the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers around us are more valuable than those of 10 thousand ordinary people in front of Tatars."
"At the end of the day, I will ask the guard to give orders to each regiment to let the other side enter the range of muskets. No matter who they are, they should shoot as soon as possible to avoid close combat with the Tatars …"
With the lead, several teachers will no longer care about the name and directly encourage Wei Zheng to say, "A guard, you can make a gun … The enemy can’t have any mercy at present, or tens of thousands of soldiers behind us will die here."
Facing the Ministry, I looked at myself anxiously, and I was getting closer and closer to my eyes. In the heart of Tatar Weizheng, I really had the idea that Janjaweed would shoot anyone.
But every time the command is about to be spoken, it is pressed by the last reason in my heart.
After some hesitation, he directly vetoed the side department, "No, the Tatars are animals. We are not … The ordinary people are unarmed in front of the Tatars. I believe that even if the handsome man commands the soldiers with a gun, he may not have the heart to shoot the unarmed people more than their relatives."
"Don’t forget to stop the Dalai Lama. These people are all from Liaodong, and there are at least 5,000 Liaodong soldiers among tens of thousands of soldiers around us. Don’t you let Shuai Ling let them shoot their relatives?"
As soon as Wei Zheng finished speaking, a division commander asked with a full face of anxiety, "But what else can we do to kill them with a musket besides blocking them with a gun?"
"Do we really want to give up the method of exchanging muskets for human lives and fight with Tatars at close range?"
Wei Zheng shook his head again and then vetoed, "There may not be other ways that we didn’t think of."
At this time, Wang Feng around Wei Zheng seems to have made some determination to directly say to Wei Zheng around him, "The guard has no time for us with or without it …"
"At the end of the will, like everyone else, please ask a guard to order all the blame. At the end of the day, the governor of Liaodong will bear it. It will never ruin my tiger and leopard army. Please ask a guard to make it …"
"Please make a guard …" Wang Feng took the lead and everyone shouted at the same time as if they had discussed it.
However, everyone’s different opinions did not affect the health signs.
Surrounded by everyone, Wei Zheng continued to frown as if he had not heard anything, thinking about the solution with a heavy face and no words.
Under such circumstances, Wang Feng and others around him can do their best and watch Tartars constantly lean over to themselves, but there is no way.
Just when Wang Feng couldn’t help but want to directly cross the Wei Zheng and directly reach the gun command.
Weizheng’s eyes suddenly shot out two eyes full of sharpness.
Then, surprisingly, he said, "Wang Junchang is right and there is no time."
"But I Wei Zheng is not a person who lets his brothers take the blame and enjoy themselves in the back. If you really want to get a gun order, you are also handsome and personally bear the attack and slander from all sides …"
"A guard, you decided the motor gun command …" Long breath Wang Feng consciousness mouth asked.
Weizheng nodded and affirmed that "a decision has been made, but it is not a gun order but a retreat …"
"Retreat …" Wang asked with a full face of incredible.
Wei Zheng didn’t let everyone wait too long and directly affirmed, "Yes, it’s retreat … but Shuai’s retreat is not to directly withdraw Liaodong, but to wipe out our retreat while withdrawing."
With that, Wei Zheng directly ordered, "Time is pressing, and so on. Shuai will explain to you in detail after this battle. Shuai will make the heavy artillery regiment retreat three miles and rearrange the heavy artillery positions quickly …"
"All heavy mortar companies and medium mortar companies are commanded by company commanders to retreat alternately, and they continue to shell the attack troops of Tatar. Ten thousand people are dragging down the attack speed. If we grasp the rhythm of retreat and shelling, the attack troops of Tatar will always be shelled by us."
"Musketeers, soldiers and cavalry keep the army in the same position and retreat in an orderly manner, but in the process of retreat, we must ensure that the enemy and the enemy are always at a distance of about one mile. Once the Tatar attack troops cross the block in front of them, the people attack us, and all soldiers can stop retreating for the first time and prepare for the battle."
The retreat process of Wei Zheng is not only complicated but also very complicated.
A bad one will plunge the whole army into chaos during the retreat.
Even if such a military order is given to the largest and most elite border troops, they can’t do it.
However, Wei Zheng is full of confidence in the Tiger and Leopard Army trained by himself.
Because Wei Zheng has copied the queue training to become a compulsory training subject for the three-month recruit training of Tiger and Leopard Army when the Dabie Army is still training soldiers in martial arts.
Under such circumstances, the training department will carry out its own evacuation orders very strictly and orderly after a rigorous queue.
So tens of thousands of tiger and leopard troops retreated in an orderly manner like a huge war machine.
However, no matter how the Tiger and Leopard troops retreated, they kept a mile away from the Tatar attack troops.
More importantly, during the retreat of the troops, more than 100 mortars were fired at the attacking troops of the Tatars.
Tiger and leopard troops retreated in an orderly manner without any loss.
After the cover of ordinary people, Jin Dalai lost several lives every step forward.