"Are you really a little monk from the human world?"

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He didn’t know why he suddenly asked Bu Pingfan like this.
"If you want Lingshan, come and get it. If you want me to hand it over, it’s a delusion."
Cloth ordinary also poured out before the strength, he may not be the opponent in front of him, but he has the help of the immortal system, and some of them have not been used to kill each other casually
Louying, as soon as you listen to the cloth, ordinary people come from the human world. If you want to settle this business, you must kill the people in front of you, even if these small monsters who have never met before have something to do with them.
"I cann’t believe you want to die. The fairy will never leave you."
Louying’s eyes have been exposed to new murder after saying this sentence, and his eyes swept across the corners of a mountain and splashed with a cruel smile.
His high school shuttle instantly appeared at the bottom of the mountain, and both hands directly pulled the mountain up and leaped to Bufan’s side.
Louying dragged the mountain up and instilled strength into it, which instantly made it move like flowing water.
After he instilled the spiritual power, the mountain rang loudly. With the spiritual power instilling, the whole mountain was moistened into a huge cone by the spiritual power.
Louying’s ethereal body, the reflection of this mountain, has become very small, which can be said to be an ant walking around.
However, it was this worm that pulled up this mountain and instilled spiritual power as an ordinary weapon to attack the cloth.
The members of the Nangong family and the melancholy old man in Nangong are all surprised and scared. It may be nothing to be afraid of to pull up a mountain like this, but it is not so easy to pull up the mountain and instill spiritual power on the mountain surface to create a weapon that can be used when it is ready.
Once again, the monsters are retreating behind them. They want to make sure that this battle will not wave itself, and they will always watch the battle.
"This man has a fight with those true fairies, but he hasn’t set foot in the true fairyland yet?"
Magic Man Magic Ouba is suspicious.
"Is it true fairy world or true fairy world?"
The old explanation of the giant demon method aside is a bit spiteful.
Cloth ordinary before he is zheng, but he is more inclined to like the battle thoughts, his mind thought of thousands of ways to deal with, and finally choose to navigate and escape to the building camp behind him and then start work from behind him.
"I can definitely kill him if he is fast enough. He knows Lingshan. Maybe he has a secret in Lingshan."
After he thought of this, he didn’t hesitate to jump in his mind and quietly run the dragon-shaped Gangfeng fusion to hide the red flame [Dragon Tactics] to pave the way for such a double achievement method. The converging power can’t be imagined.
Cloth ordinary thought of here all feel a terror.
But he still went to practice flashing several times and finally his eyes disappeared.
"Where did he go?"
There was a shock in the building camp, and I couldn’t sense the ordinary smell of cloth at all times, which made his forehead sweat.
"The third layer of" the red flame of the earth-hidden treasure "means that the blood inflammation eats the magic, and the tenth layer of" the dragon tactic "scorches the sky."
Cloth ordinary body moments behind LouYing growl hands have already fought to cast these two methods.
Louying suddenly felt a chill behind him and finally chose to look back and witness the details.
"Are you? When did you run here? Ah! Don’t … "
His body suddenly froze and two strands of vast energy swept past.
Louying’s eyes were annihilated by raging flames, and eventually it will be directly bedded up.
Chapter five hundred and four LouYing shock!
Cloth ordinary body instantaneous behind LouYing double achievement method attack is also displayed at this time.
His amaze eyes directly display these two achievement methods.
In an instant, the sky was covered with dense fire dragons, roaring dragons, cutting the sky, and a crimson flame evolved, and the red blood dragons were squirming, while the moving parts were all aimed at the building camp, and the offensive was strong
"Don’t be too late. Remember to give me your name when you go to the dark side to report."
Cloth ordinary voice just fell suddenly blurred the fire dragon like thousands of horses galloping towards the building camp body trample in the past, and finally let out a loud cut the sky blasting sound.
Booming …
He managed to navigate to Louying, and now he still managed to navigate and hide behind him.
The fire dragon first pulled up the building camp, and the mountain surface was covered with cloth. In an instant, the building camp was sealed up and the whole mountain was finally exploded.