Immediately, he didn’t want to come. Immediately, he made the troops urgently prepare to dispatch troops to rescue the church in Pingxiang.

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At this time, he didn’t know that a number of Han Zheng, who were wearing short robes, were talking in a small courtyard in Guangzong County. "That Zhao Qing demon is ready to lead an army to Pingxiang. Should I give a message to Brother Jing in Xiangbian?"
"Well, before it’s too late, the surname Zhao is so pressed these days that it’s not easy to make him go to Pingxiang. Now it’s time to raise the flag, but he can’t come later!"
Just as Zhao Dongyun led an army to Pingxiang for rescue, a man sneaked out of Guangzong County in the night and went north.
Early the next morning, on April 23rd, Jing Tingbin, the general manager of the Lianzhuang League, and Sanduo Zhao, the leader of the Boxer League, gathered more than 10,000 people in Jiancun, northeast of Guangzong, shouting slogans such as "Sweep away the foreign countries" and "The officials forced the people to rebel", and raised the rebel flag Jing Tingbin named himself "Grand Marshal of the Dragon League".
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Chapter 23 Siege the church
For the time being, we will not unite Zhuang Huijian Village to gather more than 10,000 people to raise flags for rebellion. Let’s say that Zhao Dongyun was frowning when he heard that there were mobs and random troops besieging Pingxiang Church on the evening of 22nd. Of course, his frown was not worried about the life or death of those foreign priests, but worried about the huge political impact brought by those mobs who killed them.
In the late Qing Dynasty, almost every religious plan will eventually have a great political impact, ranging from apologies by local officials to diplomatic disputes, and even the intervention of foreign powers by sending troops. Whenever there is a religious plan, it will always attract great attention from local military and political officials.
This time, the rebellion between the South Zhili League and the Boxer Rebellion is to inherit part of the nature of the Year of Geng, that is, to be extremely hostile to foreigners and to harm foreigners on a large scale, and even to have peace with foreigners has attracted the attention of many foreign powers to send troops to "help suppress."
They didn’t come out of kindness to help China counter-insurgency. They came because of their own citizens. Of course, after sending troops, they had to use this excuse to claim huge compensation and various unequal treaties.
Today, Zhao Dongyun knows that he can never let those powers find an excuse, which has nothing to do with his patriotism, but because if a foreigner is killed by a mob and causes large-scale intervention by the powers, let’s not talk about subsequent reparations and treaties, but for Zhao Dongyun, his career will almost be terminated immediately.
Because the Qing court needs someone to be blamed, someone needs to take responsibility!
Although Zhao Dongyun was not interested in those foreign priests, he had to transfer troops to Pingxiang for rescue!
At this time, the setting sun is dark red on the horizon with a little dark gray. Zhao Dongyun rode his own batch of white marooned horses, dressed as usual, with a commanding knife hanging from his waist and a revolver and a six-ring pistol.
There are nearly a hundred cavalry in front of him and behind him. In time, the hundred riders are trotting towards the west. Although there are hundreds of riders, the rumbling hooves still ring all over the fields
You can feel the huge potential of cavalry when you are in it. The running potential of a large number of cavalry is definitely not comparable to that of those infantry.
"My Lord, there’s news ahead. There are at least 300 mobs besieging the church. I’m afraid the church won’t last long!" Before riding, I reported to Zhao Dongyun that Wu Changlan, the leader of this cavalry team, was the same as most of his officers in the Wu Wei Right Army. He was born in Tianjin armament school and was several years older than Zhao Dong Yun.
Strictly speaking, his cavalry doesn’t belong to Zhao Dongyun. It was Duan Qirui who temporarily assigned him to Zhao Dongyun to undertake the investigation and pursuit of Zhao Dongyun and his men in this war against bandits in the south.
However, despite the temporary deployment of Wu Changlan, the reason is quite simple. It’s not that he admires Zhao Dongyun, and it’s not that Zhao Dongyun has any Wang Qi shocked him, but that Duan Qirui gave him an order. He just obeyed Duan Qirui’s order.
Of course, there is another reason. Now Zhao Dongyun’s Beiyang Ministry is a newly rising political star. He is in charge of an infantry battalion at a young age, and he also supervises a machine gun battalion commander to directly control more than 2,000 troops. This counter-insurgency has won Yuan Shikai’s personal command of tens of thousands of Beiyang troops and won the opportunity to play in Beiyang Ministry. Now Zhao Dongyun should be no less than Beiyang’s standing military standard system, and even more than some.
In the face of this, Zhao Dongyun Wu Changlan also felt it necessary to be better. Even if he didn’t deliberately please, there was no need to offend him. For more than a month, Wu Changlan was more transparent about Zhao Dongyun’s command execution.
This evening, I suddenly heard that Zhao Dongyun had to dispatch troops urgently to rescue Pingxiang Church. He also knew that foreigners involved did not dare to delay. Immediately, he led nearly 100 cavalry to follow Zhao Dongyun westward.
Zhao Dongyun took a look at Wu Changlan. "Now it’s almost here. Let your people prepare for the battle!"
Wu Changlan said, "My Lord, rest assured that the subordinates are ready for war at any time!"
Zhao Dongyun nodded and didn’t doubt Wu Changlan’s words. In the past month or so, Wu Changlan’s cavalry team has performed quite well, not only being able to detect the surrounding movements, but also performing effectively when impacting mobs.
Zhao Dongyun and other officers led the Wu Changlan cavalry team to gallop all the way and soon arrived in Pingxiang. At this time, he could already feel the mob atmosphere.
Zhao Dongyun once again saw a lot of yellow paper and flags scattered around the makeshift altar. As the distance approached the front, people slowly appeared, but the night had fallen and it was far from clear.
After crossing a small Shantou, Zhao Dong Cloud saw a large fire ahead, and there were bursts of shouts in the fire.
Zhao Dongyun immediately stopped his horse with a bridle on his face. "Brother Wu dispersed those mobs!"
Wu Changlan immediately said, "Take orders!"
Then he said, "Brothers fight on foot!"
In order to avoid the casualties of brothers, Wu Changlan is not prepared to lead the cavalry to mount a charge, which looks terrible, but it is too unexpected. It is not suitable for charging at night, and it is difficult to guarantee that there are no hot weapons such as muskets on the other side. It is easy to be a target if you rush in rashly.
Anyway, no matter how you fight, it’s a victory. Wu Changlan adopted the safest method to keep casualties as much as possible!
As a large number of cavalry rode in succession, they held Manlixia lances in their hands, left their sabres in the saddle and handed the horses to their comrades behind them.
Soon, nearly a hundred cavalry were horses, and then Wu Changlan led the rapid advance in the dim night. At this time, there was a sudden riot at the firelight at the foot of the mountain, and people shouted as if they had crossed the night into the clouds in Zhao Dong.
One instant, a dense gun came in the dark, and nearly a hundred crisp guns issued by Manly Xiabu rang through the whole night.
Zhao Dongyun is still riding a horse and observing through a telescope that figures appear from time to time in the firelight hundreds of meters away, and those inverted figures may be confused in a pool of blood from time to time when they are running. "Aren’t you invulnerable?" How can you be knocked down by a bullet! "
I’m afraid no one will answer this question.
Yuan Shikai, the first modern army in China, is the most effective army in China today. There is no accident or a special process for the right army of Wu Wei to attack mobs and bandits.
If there is something to say, it is that when Zhao Dongyun rode a horse and accompanied by Wu Changlan and others near the small church at the foot of the mountain, the ground was soaked. Well, there was no rain soaking the ground tonight, not rain but blood.
Looking at the remains of dead bodies on the ground, Zhao Dongyun doesn’t feel much in his heart. It’s not the first time that he has commanded troops to encircle mobs for more than a month in the south. It’s a little different from usual, but there are a few dead people today.
"These mobs are all unorganized. We all broke up after a few shots!" Wu Changlan said, "We have two brothers injured, but they are all minor injuries!"
Zhao Dongyun nodded. He didn’t pay attention to the casualties of these mobs, but he was very worried about the casualties of his own troops. He didn’t want to make a small mob and let his troops suffer casualties. At this time, he looked up at the church in front. "What happened in this church? Is there any death or injury? "
Wu Changlan said, "The situation is not very good. Before we came here, there were more than 30 people in this church, more than 20 of whom were sent by Guangzong County to protect the church, and there were more than a dozen priests and nuns in the church!"
Wu Changlan sneaked a look at Zhao Dongyun here and then said, "We found six people and they are all dead!" Sure enough, as he expected, Zhao Dongyun frowned immediately after listening. "Dead?"
Wu Changlan is one of the people in officialdom. Zhao Dongyun’s point is that Zhao Dongyun doesn’t care about the lives of those priests and nuns in the church.
"Father Henry in the church has been killed!" Wu Changlan said, "Several of his nuns and monks have also died. There are less than ten people left in the church!"
Zhao Dongyun finally couldn’t help cursing when he heard this. "Mom didn’t die before she died, but now she’s dying!"
Zhao Dongyun has a headache. How can he report it? Does his rescue not lead to the dismemberment of Father Henry? Or should I say that Henry is already dead, and he is racing in the starry night to save six lives in the jaws of the mob?
This matter is difficult for him to decide at the moment, and he has to discuss it with several offices in the camp to see how to embellish the past.
I’m in a bad mood, and Zhao Dongyun doesn’t want to stay here any longer. I’m ready to turn around immediately, and then I haven’t turned around from this church full of blood. There are just a few quarrels accompanied by female screams.