Tian Yi was not afraid to kiss until half the time when he felt a spirit come out. He pretended not to know and kissed several times to say goodbye to each other.

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Just before the master spoke, he jumped a little from Guming and went home to wait for his family to ask about his own twists and turns.
It is easy to feel more and more that the evil of the mysterious curtain is wrapped up every day, and everyone feels uncomfortable, let alone others peep at the benevolence. Anyone can see that it is unusual. If it is really a life-and-death fight, it will not have an unexpected effect.
Yi Qin province turned a circle and found that several small-scale daring hurts, so he returned to Fajiao No.1 array and entered the second floor of the pagoda to torture Zhai Yong and Qian Yuan.
Ask Bai Cai what they want to forge a magic weapon to hide their own breath before they know that the level of this magic weapon is absolutely severe.
The two men tried all the materials before being hunted by Wu Tao, and the prison searched everywhere for materials. Together, it is said that they can catch all the materials of a noble family in Qin Province.
When they said it, they were proud and proud, but unfortunately, these changes happened later and they have not seen the magic weapon.
According to what they said, this is a magic weapon that they have worked hard to figure out to restrain the dry mirror. Unfortunately, it is regrettable to hide their own breath.
Yi’s interest has greatly increased. Go out and call Ye Yao to sound out the news and come back to continue thinking.
To find out the principle, it is easy to take out the material and refine the two unformed magic weapon hidden belts.
This test is easy to work hard on the 13th. Fortunately, it saves a lot of time to have a floating pagoda to absorb aura.
Take out the original famous brand leather belt and bring this hidden method with you.
However, seeing that its color is black, the material is like skin, cloth, elastic, soft and two-finger wide, and the surface has exposed runes, and the waist is particularly beautiful and comfortable.
It’s also possible to buckle your wrist while changing your form, but it’s easy to pretend to be secular, just as a belt makes Zhai Yong money far away. That’s what they probably mean.
A few days ago, when she was tired of refining, Lou Pingshan showed her appearance a few days after chatting, which made Jiang Pingshan surprised and couldn’t believe it.
Yi is strict with her, but she is also relaxed. She plans to train her as a hand. It’s okay to tease a few words of dragon flesh and blood. Jiang Pingshan also eats less and becomes a greedy cat. She is afraid to go a lot.
In recent days, it’s easy to get tired, but it’s also comfortable for Jiang Pingshan to massage her loose bones and muscles. However, Jiang Pingshan’s eyes are a little strange, and her face is flushed from time to time, even if she touches the opposite sex.
She had seen the face-changing body. On that day, it was covered with tender skin and bones. It was uglier than zombies. It was easy to get up, and she was afraid of moving her heart. Think about the horrible face. The body often wakes up in dreams.
Now that she has recovered, although she looks a little handsome, she is full of charm and strange temperament, and she finally stops having nightmares.
However, Jiang Pingshan has been in frequent contact with her body these days, and her dreams have become somewhat ambiguous. When she wakes up in the daytime, she often asks herself why.
Jiang Pingshan grew up in the Great Danjian Qingxia Sect, and she was exposed to women. Later, she gradually came into contact with the opposite sex after secular experience.
Although these ethical, physiological, and male and female things are white, after all, there is no skin touch and friction that leads to thinking day by day and dreaming night by night.
It’s easy to talk to Ye Yao and Gu Ming every now and then. He said a lot of things that made their hearts very sweet
Say some provocative words. Their hearts are rippling, their faces are blushing and their eyes are rippling. They can’t wait to fly to Yi’s side and get bored with each other and enjoy the sublimation of their lover’s soul.
In the future, I gave Xu Rou two words to ask about the development, such as pointing out the follow-up plan.
Then it’s easy to take advantage of the fact that the war didn’t break out, step up the practice, and take care of it. Then it’s tepid, and it seems to be intentional, and it seems to be a virtual realm.
However, seeing him cross-legged, closing his eyes, keeping his posture natural and elastic, there is a long time when three flowers are blooming, the light waves are blooming, the ripples are rippling, and the pure yang color of Samadhi flame is the melt of Hongwei, and it is hard to make a mistake.
The fourth volume GanKun copulation Chapter one hundred and seventy Plan preliminary.
The pagoda has been practicing for 30 days, and the distance from the outside has sent Guming home.
It’s easy to understand that the experience of this Dan technique is getting more and more exquisite, and some old spell skills are also improving rapidly.
All kinds of magic weapons are often sacrificed and refined, especially Panlong Jinzhu’s early secrets have been deeply understood, so it breaks a level at a stroke when it is idle.
Two days ago, Pan Qianli, Ye Jifa and Nian Youlin had friction with each other, and they agreed to fight to the death today.
Location Qianshi Mountain, the junction of Qin and Mongolia provinces, is also the second easy to lead the people to destroy the Wangs’ mountain.
These are all said through Ye Yao’s mouth. At noon in the decisive battle, it is now six o’clock in the morning. It is easy to recover the floating pagoda and take thirteen guards to Shen Changming’s home.
After receiving the message, Shen Changming took Yi, who was waiting at the door of his family, and said, "Hehe, bro, please come in and come in."
Easy to laugh and fuels. "It’s rude not to visit the government for more than half a year. I hope Shen Lao doesn’t take it amiss."
Shen Changming’s family can have more than a dozen looks, and it’s easy to look gorgeous and radiant. I don’t know how expensive it is in my profound bones.
The thirteen people around him look like devils, their eyes are bright and their temples are high, and they are dressed in secular black clothes, which makes them look very tough.
Shen Changming’s family don’t know who this person is, and they are too curious to ignore it. Mrs. Shen Changming faintly heard him ask about his surname, but she kept silent.
Shen Changming didn’t tell her family that a woman who committed such a big case was a bitch. If it were revealed, she would just keep her mouth shut.
At the door, a group of people greeted each other for a while and entered Shen Changming’s home. The villas in Nianyoulin’s home are similar. There are external laws and mysterious villas. Stacked houses, several flowers and trees are very secular, and they are easy to see and kind.
Standing still outside Shisanwei Villa, Shen Changming came to see the housekeepers easily, and there was nothing to return to.
Easy to look at the one-bedroom environment, sit on a wooden chair and see the mountain road to Shen Changming’s door. "Shen Lao, we are all one of our own. Let’s speak frankly. Today is the day of the death of the two factions. Do you have any plans?"
Shen Changming wry smile way: "What else can I do? I wish these two giants would not implicate me. Both sides have come to invite me to help me these days. I refuse to offend."
Yi casually said, "No matter the casualties on both sides, one side will fail today. Now it is impossible for all factions and families in Qin Province to get involved and want to get out of the house. It is said that it is necessary to plan well and not waste such a good opportunity."
Shen Changming with eyes narrowed, "oh? Bro has a good plan might as well talk about "
Easy to cross your legs and give a smile. "Don’t worry, let’s get together and ask Shen Lao to inform you first."
Say yes, please, it’s actually a command. Shen Changming took out his mobile phone and dialed it one by one for a long time, and all the notices were in place.
Half an hour later, ten people, including the tomb, Du Jin, Shielding, Luo Kui, Shang Yuan, Qu Shiting, Ling Qili, Weng Yibo and Ji Guangzhen, came one after another.
Shen Changming’s family was greatly surprised and wondered that these ten people were all famous people with surnames in Qin Province, and their influence was not small. What was the so-called thing when Qi Qi came home this time? It seems that the previous person had it.
The room is full of twelve people, which seems a bit crowded, but the atmosphere is very harmonious, so it is easy to find out the situation clearly and tell everyone what will happen today.
Yi looked serious and said in a low voice, "After today, all the forces in Qin Province will reshuffle their cards. We have to make plans early. I suggest setting up a family alliance in Qin Province to jointly advance and retreat and expand the sphere of influence."
It’s the idea that Yi Da didn’t think about it when everyone was frozen.
Today, the tomb was dressed in a big yellow dress, revealing a black and magnificent chest and looking at Yi wait for a while’s way "Family Alliance? What is it? "
Yi gently coughed and said, "I wait for Qin Province to have a lot of power now, but it’s nothing compared with those famous schools and special places. I don’t mean to hurt people, do I?"
Shen Changming rubbed his stiff cheeks, leaned back and tapped the case with his fingers to nod. "That makes sense. I have been in Shenyang since the Qing Dynasty and I have been here for 150 years."
If a generation is ashamed of its ancestors, it will be said that when the special place was established for decades, there was a world of difference between country I and country I. "
Luokui touched his bald head and said, "So is my Locke family, especially it is difficult to be a man with these forces. Today, this threat is not good to offend us. It seems that the scenery is really suffering."
The tomb was planted to the right and tilted to the armrest of the chair. One by one, the right hand grabbed the black chest hair. Hey hey smiled at the two people. "It’s strange that your family’s great cause has a lot of wives and groups of women, and it’s not bitter. Despite this, my Lao Wang doesn’t have these chop suey brothers whistling in the mountains, robbing the rich and helping the poor, eating hundreds of meals and drinking thousands of wines. No one is afraid."
Easy to see the tomb that gesture corners of the mouth peep out one silk smile, "b-brother is the first hero in Qin province, not to mention that I suggest to set up this family alliance. It’s also for the sake of you and a little care … that is, what you did in the first two times is white."
"Nowadays, it’s better for you to get together and twist into a rope when you are free, than to fight separately."
"Don’t say a light seat you each out of 50 people eleven is five hundred and fifty people, you think about this family alliance if established is how much a force! At least it is a medium school in the fix true world? "
It is easy to see that all eyes are looking at themselves and they are all ears. They continued, "I am happy to get together for such a good reason and such a good time today!" After the establishment of the aristocratic alliance, today’s forces reshuffle and invite all the aristocratic families to join us. Of course, in the middle of the way, let’s not kill the main forces. All the aristocratic families have secular industries, right? Starting from the commercial war … "
Yi’s plans are all improvised, just like an epiphany. When it comes to the back, there are some excitement, let alone Shen Changming and others.
One is that we are all in the same boat, and the other is that it is a shame to have such a good opportunity.
Besides, it’s easy to know the means of that day, and it’s easy for everyone to return to their homes initially, or to talk. It’s hard to say that it’s hard to meet a small group of forces when it comes to troubles and grievances on weekdays.
Several forces are not as good as Shen Changming and Wang Lingren. They have been bullied a lot and almost destroyed their families several times.