The night wolf king greeted him with a big toast. "It’s a great event for a wolf to get a spiritual weapon. Let me propose a toast to Brother Xiong!"

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All the demons worship Xiao Yu together
Xiao Yu laughed and held the wine bowl and the demons together.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three A shocking murder case
The hole pushes the cup, and the laughter is very noisy.
Xiao Yu still looked down upon the value of the lingqi. You know, it was refined by the master of forging bones. These demon kings’ family resources could not be refined. Even if they had enough materials, they could not find anyone to refine them.
Demon society is darker and more ferocious than human society!
It’s good for a person to look down on a person, not to mention that they refine spiritual devices and don’t take their materials for themselves.
Xiao Yu’s coming to present a treasure immediately made the night demon wolf ecstatic and excited.
Even the other three lich kings are full of jealousy.
After drinking for a long time, Xiao Yu patted his belly and got up and left his seat in the toilet.
The night demon wolf laughed, "Brother Xiong, wait a minute. I’ll let someone accompany you there."
Xiao Yu waved and smiled. "I can’t just go by myself!"
He staggered out of the hall.
Out of the hall immediately after the eyes flashing, a pair of eyes become sharper than he glanced at four found that these demon race drank almost immediately sneer at in my heart.
He walked to one side corner and saw people pay attention to the palm of his hand, took out dozens of incense sticks, lit them and inserted them into every corner of the demon village respectively.
Plumes of smoke rose and filled with unique fragrance.
Gazing at everything, Xiao Yu’s mouth evoked a proud radian and took out more than a dozen sticks of incense and brought them into the hall after lighting them.
"Wolf king, this abode of fairies and immortals is not so good. There are mosquitoes!" Xiao Yu put the dozen incense sticks into the surrounding walls with a big tongue and a smile.
The night demon wolf laughed. "What’s a little mosquito? You and I are all carnivorous and bloody, or are there some mosquitoes? "
But it was a surprise.
Xiao Yu ha ha a smile "is also"
Hand incense continues to be inserted.
Clap your hands after the insertion. Xiao Yu went to his seat and raised a glass and said, "Come brothers, let’s propose another toast to the Wolf King!" "
The demons got up in succession.
The night demon wolf laughed and raised his glass, saying, "Let’s drink this cup together, and then stew him for a while to make wine soup!" "
The demons drank this cup with great joy.
And stew a few humans? I’ll stew you later!
Xiao Yu sneer at in my heart.
Put the wine bowl in Xiao Yu’s seat again, and stop waiting for the moment when the poison is sent.
The little stone lion gave him a toxic prescription, which is a group poison, and it is a strange poison formed by mixing dozens of toxic substances.
These dozens of toxic substances were made into toxic substances by Xiao Yu and put into drinks.
And the incense he lit earlier is to detonate these poison keys.
Xiao Yu’s eyes twinkle when he looks at these demon families’ cups of liquor. I don’t know if the little stone lion is unreliable at the end of the day. If it is unreliable, he will lose a lot.
After waiting quietly for a moment.
"Ah “`"
Suddenly a scream came from outside the door, which was very harsh.
"Ah ah ah!"
A barrage of screams followed by a burst of panic and agitation, as if something terrible had happened outside.
All the demons in the temple are looking surprised.
The night demon wolf straightened up and glared at him. "What happened?"
A hall master was about to visit his deskmate. Suddenly, a hall master’s face flushed and his facial features twisted as if he were in pain. Then he suddenly let out a scream.
"Ah “`"
Something very horrible has happen.