"Destroy the fiend!"

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Muttering to himself from the Imperial Heaven, I know that the mind of the first celestial fiend is somewhat prepared, but now I hear that there are so many chaotic fiends or I can’t help but be surprised.
Deduction of the fiend’s secret continued, "Pursuit … chaos breeds too many chaotic fiends, millions of branch fiends and hundreds of millions of messy fiends. Therefore, it is considered that there are fewer fiends in the universe, but it is somewhat lucky that only one of the top ten chaotic fiends has entered the world of the universe!"
When chaos happens, nature destroys and balances the order of destiny … There are ten kinds of avenues, and the top ten fiends in front of 3,000 avenues can easily destroy the universe.
Now these top ten chaotic fiends have been killed by Pangu, only destroying the fiend, and the Yuan God fell into the wilderness to form the first heavenly fiend. So it’s lucky, but it’s unfortunate. After all, the top ten fiends are definitely not that simple.
The Imperial Heaven walked slowly. "So there is no more than a fiend if only one fiend is destroyed?"
The cat said, "Maybe or maybe not, but the residual chaotic Yuan God only destroys the fiend, and only a layer of chaotic Yuan God will not be too strong even if it becomes the first one, but there are still some chaotic Yuan Gods, and they are only shattered, and these gods have fallen into the wild with some memories and turned into a special fiend. These fiends have incomplete memories, but they have lost the chaotic Yuan God and lost their chaotic flesh, but they surpass the descendants of Pangu."
Imperial day smell speech silently nodded and thought of eyebrow in the future is not such a kind of?
"How long will it take to destroy the fiend?" Imperial heaven asked if there is an opportunity to do now destroy fiend.
"Pursuit … this method is impossible, not to mention that most of the fiends have awakened now, that is to say, the destruction fiend is sleeping, but he has many loyal branches to guard it. It can be said that these chaotic fiends also have power divisions!" The cat said
Heaven knows that the cat is right. After all, there will be emperors in the times.
When he was thinking about heaven, the poisonous fiend came up and said, "There is a savage beast outside the poisonous mountain range to deliver letters!" "
"Deliver letters? Is it God’s rebellion! " Imperial heaven said!
Speaking of it, it’s not in the middle of the mountain. It’s not in the middle of the mountain. It’s just that there are only sleeping generals who are reviving the emperor. There are also three messengers who can send messengers to the royal day.
Yu Tiandao "Let that savage beast in!"
Poisonous fiend nodded and then caught a pretty beast in one step.
It’s quite a beast, looking at Yutian respectfully. "Yutian’s adult … this is a letter from the emperor!"
Is "God against Heaven"? Is there anything wrong with your emperor? "
The savage beast shook his head. "We don’t know anything about the emperor!"
Royal big sleeve a jilt letter fly directly into a fire.
The flames converge to form the reverse shadow of God.
God turned against the virtual shadow and said, "Long time no see! I didn’t expect you to be poisonous to mountains!"
Yu Tiandao: "You savage beast should have known the news long ago. Although the metal beast is enlightened, it is still inferior to you in terms of wisdom. You should have a probe!"
"Ha ha ….." God chuckled and immediately said, "We wish we knew, but you practiced in the silent and poisonous mountains but didn’t know that there were many big things outside!"
"Oh … I know all the big things!" Yu Tian said lightly that the heart is confused and then look at the cat!
The secret is also Nai said, "There are some things I need clues to deduce!"
Imperial heaven nodded and looked at God!
God stared at the deduction fiend in reverse amazement and then took a deep look. "Now, the constant struggle between the first few people has evolved into a large group of people, and many first fiends have merged to form various forces. I have received news from the light fiend that he will set up temples in a thousand years and invite me to watch the ceremony. You will be able to receive an invitation letter soon!"
The words fell to the sky and the eyes shone with indifference! In this case, Yu Tian has long expected that wars will develop from their own wars to ethnic struggles.
Although it is not an ethnic group now, it is similar. After all, the number of people gathered by Tiandao is a small ethnic group.
However, Imperial Heaven didn’t expect this speed to be so fast, and God Inverse was invited to come here. What is the connection between this light fiend and God Inverse?
The imperial heaven looks at God with a touch of ponder.
God’s inverse said, "Not only the light fiend, but also the sky fiend will establish the sky fiend statue in the cave of abode of fairies and immortals, and then many fiends will join in and the soul fiend will establish the soul deep … Based on some powerful first fiends, they all build their own power, and their numbers come from the underworld, and those fiends practice ghost-making, which devours and turns into ghost-making. The memory and spirit of the fiend can’t be compared with ordinary ghost-making, and there is also a strong force in this underworld, but I can’t detect it!"
"Hey hey ….. first day fiend to do so is not just make the two of us happy? Now we are the fishermen, but it is still uncertain when the first heavenly demon will fight! " Imperial day said that the original design of these first fiend finally hooked the only weird thing is that this beheaded number of people was unexpectedly combined with the first fiend.
God doesn’t mind the look of Imperial Heaven only with a smile. "Imperial Heaven … Do you know chaos bead?"
Yu Tian Wen Yan’s heart is a little heavy "naturally know!"
Chapter 99 Forever fiend
"Chaos breeds four treasures, the ancient axe, chaos, violet, violet, chaos bead! The first three kinds were acquired by Pangu and have now been decomposed into hundreds of millions of congenital spiritual treasures, but only one chaos bead is missing! "
God’s converse with a smile seems to imply something.
The Imperial Heaven looked at God with a slight thought and said, "So you know that chaos bead fell?"
What is chaos bead? It is natural to know that there is also a chaos bead in Yutian. Unfortunately, the chaos bead in chaos bead the day after tomorrow is the four elephant beads that set the five elements of Haizhu in Yutian … These beads are fused to form chaos bead.
Although these beads evolved from chaos bead, it is only the day after tomorrow that chaos bead can’t restore the congenital chaos bead.
Imperial Heaven merged this acquired chaos bead into the heavenly seal and evolved to form the chaotic treasure of the heavenly seal.
Now God says that chaos bead definitely knows something according to his expression.
Imperial heaven looked at God with a touch of solemnity!
God countered, "Chaos chaos bead disappeared, but chaos bead appeared in the final war, but it was a pity that Pan Gu Axe met him. Unfortunately, Pan Gu Axe killed several fiends, and chaos Lingbao touched the road. chaos bead himself collapsed into three pieces. The first Tianbao chaos bead showed a crack, and some collapsed and fell into the wild land. These just came from smelling that I found a strange place these days, which made me a little curious!"
Imperial day smell speech chuckle "curious … maybe chaos bead is hidden here? If it were you, what should you have taken it out and asked me to do? "
God shook his head. "Yes … chaos bead is hidden here, but there is only a 60% chance that it is an island in the eastern ocean, which is full of chaotic gas and filled with terrorist energy. I just thought that it was a chaotic fiend’s breeding ground, but I probably risked my life to enter and found that the chaotic gas came from a bead, which reminds me of chaos bead. You also know that chaos bead contains a chaotic nature that can reveal chaotic gas. What does chaotic gas have for the first celestial fiend? This can help them reshape the fiend!"
God said with excitement.
The Imperial Heaven was silent for a moment before saying, "If you know what chaos bead is, why don’t you take it out and find me yourself? Do you want to give it to me!"
Yutian is puzzled. According to God’s inverse, it should be determined that it is chaos bead. Why don’t you go and get it yourself? Why do you still inform yourself that this is not to find a strong contender? If it is really chaos bead Yutian, it will definitely make a move.
God smiled bitterly. "This chaos bead has a guardian. Around this island, there is a god of the earth guarding this god of the earth, harvesting the central island and waiting for chaos bead to repair it!"
Yutian frowned and stared at the demon. "Do you know who this demon is?"
Deduction fiend shook his head "calculus is less than, after all, chaotic fiend has too many mysteries, and I can’t see through it, but I can’t calculate the ability to hide the secret near chaos bead."
Imperial heaven smell speech nodded as deduction fiend said chaos bead has the ability to hide the cat’s nest.
God inverse is continued, "I know this is chaos bead’s time to personally make moves, but it also provoked the first celestial fiend to appear. The fiend is so strong that the exhibition avenue has an eternal atmosphere. I just found out that he should be the so-called eternal fiend. He and I are half a catty, but I am not an opponent in the face of eternal light on the eternal avenue, so I came to look for you. After all, we are allies. It is up to us to solve the eternal fiend in chaos bead."
"Eternal fiend is familiar with the name" said Imperial Day lightly and then looked at the deduction fiend.
Deduction with clues is very simple, even with chaos bead’s cover, it can’t stop deduction.
Deduction fiend said "positions … have been made clear that this is really an eternal fiend! Eternal fiend ranked thirteenth in chaos, but the mystery of Eternal fiend was not heard several times. The real strength of Eternal fiend should be the top ten Eternal fiend named Yuan Heng!