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Maang nodded and turned away.
After his departure, Su Yonglin reasoned that it was still necessary to regard this matter as an important national hidden danger.
Like the cadre problem, at present, the whole national department problem mainly reflects the fact that the number of cadres is insufficient and the quality is uneven, and many local problems can be attributed to this reason
This reason also involves some historical issues, such as Su Yonglin’s success in the uprising is too fast, and the general practice of Yan Hong Liang God makes the state of Jin collapse too fast. When Su Yonglin doesn’t have enough cadres, it will start the process of governing the country.
The most important thing for Su Yonglin is to seize the window of Yan Hong Liang’s death so that the revolution can gain a firm foothold in Shandong or the Central Plains, and build a strong self-defeating Jin Guo when it confronts Jin Guo for five or ten years.
At that time, he did have the idea of tearing up Jin Guozheng in a short time, but he himself felt that this was unlikely. He found that Su Yonglin had been excited about the collapse of Jin Guozheng, but he soon came to his senses and felt that this was not necessarily an absolute good thing.
If the Jin people insist on a longer time, they will have enough time to train enough cadres and let these cadres have enough struggle experience.
But in a sense, he overestimated his opponent.
His own offensive against his opponents can last for five, six or seven years, at least. Who would have thought that in just three years, the class contradictions, ethnic contradictions and ruling class contradictions in the Jin Dynasty were bound together and broke out, directly tearing the Jin Dynasty apart?
Su Yonglin himself wondered whether his own methods of dealing with Xu Jin Guo were too sharp, and this semi-slave and semi-feudal country, which had not yet completed feudalization, could not hold its roots and collapsed prematurely.
People have collapsed. Wouldn’t it be foolish not to set up a government yourself?
Su Yonglin went to the top to establish a government. At that time, he completed the excessive stagnation and stimulated the Southern Song Dynasty. He even managed Yanyun in the Central Plains in the name of the Guangfu Army and the Zhongdu General Administration. It took a long time before he officially proclaimed himself emperor and founded the country.
Due to the lack of reliable and outstanding cadres, Su Yonglin had to establish an early stage to accept old bureaucrats and old gentry, which led to the first big clean-up and then the second big clean-up of corruption cases in Hongwu in the second and third years.
In order to fill the shortage of cadres, the training of cadres can be further accelerated. Although Su Yonglin has repeatedly stressed the need to tighten standards, it is contradictory to tighten standards while speeding up.
The root of the actual implementation is to relax the standards, speed up the pursuit of high-speed cadres to fill the growing shortage of grassroots cadres and officials.
This dumpling-style cadre training speed will of course cause problems. Warships and sea ships can dumpling cadres, but not cadres.
It’s the current state, and Su Yonglin has no other choice. Besides, cadres trained at high speed may not necessarily be unqualified.
Choose the lesser of two evils. He can choose to launch many rectification movements in the future and gradually get rid of these unqualified cadres and correct the mistakes he has to make at present.
So what should we do if there are all kinds of wrong lines in this state at present?
What should we do if these wrong people and things bring people pain?
Su Yonglin sighed and found that he also had a way to solve things.
Chapter 1353 Reorganize Skynet Army
Sometimes Su Yonglin fantasizes about his special functions.
He hopes that he is a super dragon, and he can produce in batches with a wave of his hand. He has national cadres in his heart to build a beautiful home according to his instructions.
It’s a pity that he has nothing but himself
In order to promote the revolution, he has done a lot of things and achieved many achievements that his predecessors never dared to think about, but he has also buried many hidden dangers, and now the hidden dangers are not controlled by his will.
Faced with this situation, he can swallow the bitter fruit silently and be prepared for the rectification movement.
In the face of hidden dangers beyond his control, he is not helpless, but he is really unwilling to do it many times for a long time.
The current training courses for cadres of Fuxing Association and the scholars trained by various schools in Zhongdu are the hope of the future.
They are the whole country to get rid of mistakes and go to the right path, hoping that past mistakes can’t go back and be revised, so we must hope for the future.
Young people are the future. I hope young people are the early sun.
Their brilliance is bound to drive away all darkness.
We should protect young people and educate them.
This is on the one hand, things need to be promoted in the future, and things that can be done by the eyes must be completed by the eyes.
So Su Yonglin decided to reorganize the Skynet Army.
At present, the fact that the Skynet Army has formed a pair of external individuals corresponds to Su Yonglin’s early requirements for the Skynet Army, such as which action group is responsible for a certain regional intelligence exploration category.
However, due to the lack of clear division of responsibilities and obvious shortage of personnel, many former secret agents have been turned to receive information from abroad in the process of China’s external expansion.
Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in the first year of Hongwu, the main trend of the whole country has been external expansion. Although Su Yonglin has repeatedly emphasized the importance of ministerial governance, external expansion has become no less than the main theme of ministerial governance.
It is a matter of course that the main industry of Skynet Army is transferred to foreign intelligence reconnaissance.
Not to mention Su Yonglin’s grand navigation plan and sea trade channel construction plan, which require a large number of spies to invest, and the shortage of manpower needs to be solved urgently.
Su Yonglin wrote to Su Yin about Guangzhou and decided to start a detailed reorganization of the Skynet Army, sort out some problems that had not been clarified before, and divide the responsibilities of the Skynet Army into areas, so that everything can enter a new state while it is existing.
The first is the division of responsibilities of Skynet Army.
In addition to the headquarters, the Skynet Army has two ministers in charge of the internal and external departments respectively.
The external department is divided into four groups: Northeast Group, Northwest Group, Southwest Group and Ocean Group.
Northeast Group is in charge of intelligence spying on Korea and Japan, Northwest Group is in charge of intelligence spying on Western Liao Empire and Qiangtang Region, and Southwest Group is in charge of intelligence spying on Southeast Asian countries such as Dali, South Vietnam and Zhanchengguo.
The marine group is particularly responsible for collecting information from places where big business travel can reach except these three external directions. It is easy to understand where the big business fleet and naval fleet go everywhere.
Although there is no directionality, the information found by the marine group is very helpful to analyze the world situation and is of great significance to the world revolution plan
Su Yonglin believes that the current trend of these four groups has met the great demand for foreign intelligence, and the number of foreign investigation agents needs to be controlled.
Then the departments are divided into Liaodong Group, Yanyun Group, Zhongyuan Group, Zhongzu Group, Huaibei Group, Jiangnan Group, Lingnan Group and Chuanshu Group.
This group can also meet Su Yonglin’s local intelligence needs, and its establishment and number base are required to spy on foreign intelligence more than twice.
After completing the general plan, Su Yonglin sent the letter out, and not long after that, he suddenly felt that his trip was a bit funny.
I spied out four groups of manpower, but I found one group of manpower for him
Prevention is better than defense?
However, what can be done?
In 12 years, he built an army of natural enemies, a powerful army that could crush a competitor in this era.
He is very proud to declare that any country’s army that challenges him will be crushed to pieces by him.
Holy Roman Empire, England, France, Ayub Dynasty, Kuman khanate, Gul Dynasty, Seljuk Empire or Western Liao Empire.
Su Yonglin can confidently claim that none of their national armies are rivals.
Everyone is rubbish.
Even if their department unites to launch a super-strong crusade and the joint expedition of the Arab Coalition forces, Su Yonglin is confident that he can crush their department in the west and let them make a big operation of the western region.
Make them get along.
Well, now that the military has become a natural enemy, there is only one worry left.
Ministry worry
A powerful country will not be destroyed by external disputes, but it may fall apart because of corruption in the Ministry, so he devoted twice as much energy to supervising the Ministry to prevent what he didn’t want to happen
Is this good?
Still bad?
Su Yonglin didn’t know how to evaluate his line at the moment.
After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t think of a reason, so he simply didn’t think about it first, buried the Southern Song Dynasty in the soil and erected the monument before talking about him.
In fact, when Su Yonglin successfully arrived in Guangzhou, the Southern Song Dynasty was completely extinct.
The battle to destroy the Song Dynasty was fought for a long time, three times in several years, and finally came to an end.
Of course, this is not because the Southern Song Dynasty was a very powerful country and could not swallow it in one breath.
If there is no obstacle to the collapse of the Yellow River, Su Yonglin will choose to save his strength for three years, Hongwu for three years or Hongwu for four years, and launch a once-and-for-all war to destroy the Song Dynasty
The Southern Song Dynasty can’t stop him, and he will surely fail.
In that case, the destruction of the Song Dynasty must be a glorious and war-like victory.
It was a huge unstable factor that broke down the Yellow River that held back Su Yonglin and the pace of China, so that Su Yonglin had to divert it for more than five years to eliminate its negative impact on national pride and ambition.
That’s why the Southern Song Dynasty survived to Hongwunian.
Now it’s gone.
Su Yonglin is still a little emotional about this matter.
A unique wonder in the history of Song and China not only made China’s economy, culture and science and technology develop to the peak of the Middle Ages, but also created many achievements that were achieved by later generations hundreds of years later.