Well, it’s so much better to go to Shumao and find the enemy. Compared with the ground world, the situation here is more complicated. I don’t know how many times, and a part of the psychic animal race will remain neutral. Although they remain neutral, Shumao knows that they will not hesitate to join the enemy camp directly if they want their side to show flaws. Now Shumao really feels that his brain is not enough!

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"Should I really call my sister and them?"
Shu Mao thought of a person who should not be said to be two ghosts! Their ability is quite great now! Think of it, do it, go back to Muye, and find the teacher of Yin and Yang.
"Hey? Zun, why did you come back? I remember you seem to be very busy there, right? By the way, the housekeeper asked us to bring you the message. Have you received it? "
"Of course I received it. By the way, are there any first-generation adults and second-generation adults?"
"Not only the two white-toothed adults, but also me. He went back to Konoha and talked with three generations of adults all night, and then he went straight to heaven to become a Buddha. I intercepted his soul and now he lives with the first generation of adults and the second generation of adults."
"Well, you will call them out and I will take them to the psychic world. Now the forces in the psychic world are so complicated that I need someone to help me with my advice! Even if you don’t give me advice, let them help me think about where it is. I didn’t expect you to know that the war in the psychic world is also very critical. A bad one can drown all the Terran forces on the ground!
Oh, you tell them first. I’ll talk to three generations of adults first! "
"Well, then you go. I’ll talk to the first generation."
Shu Mao returned to Konoha and is more familiar with everything here. Soon he will find three generations of adults.
"Grandpa three generations came here today and I have something I want to discuss with you!"
"What is it? You say it! "
"It’s not a big deal. I just want to take my sister, orochimaru, Jiraiya, Nagato, Xiaonan Watergate and his wife, um, and Xiao Bury them away!"
"Take away? Where to go? "
"From here, Konoha will never come!"
I heard Shu Mao shaking his beard from one generation to another.
"Can you say something?"
Chapter 61 konoha latent crisis ()
The three generations don’t look good, not because of Shu Mao’s words, but because his health has been getting worse and worse recently. Since the war, he has broken the heart of the whole Coalition. Although everyone has persuaded him and told him that there is a Watergate in Gokage, he still doesn’t trust them. He himself said, "I am also the commander-in-chief of the whole Coalition. Of course I am responsible for everyone. This is my duty!"
It is for this reason that all the staff members in Nara Shikaku feel heavier and heavier, but they have never complained once! They and other members of the national staff department were accepted by the three generations, which is also the reason why the third generation of contract workers can effectively reach the place where they should be.
"Can you tell me something?"
"Hey, three generations of adults, you’d better not work too hard. There are Naruto, Kakashi, Akai and Asma, and they will all help you. You can’t be so tired!"
But the three generations didn’t answer, but looked at Shumao directly and waited for Shumao to answer.
"Three generations of adults, do you think we will win this war?"
The three generations nodded their heads, although they were not too white.
"Since it is winning, have you found our konoha latent danger? Or is the whole forbearing world potentially dangerous? "
"Yes is danger!"
"oh? What’s the danger? Tell me about it. "
"Our danger comes not from others but from ourselves!"
"Three generations of adults and I tell you a story! This story didn’t happen. The world was seen in my family’s hidden building!
There is such a family, they are not rich or down-and-out, but they can be born in the imperial city with many powerful men! This is because they have a very fine patriarch! But people are doomed. The patriarch died unexpectedly while hunting!
The land price in the imperial city is so expensive! That family used to be the hero of the ancestral emperor’s country, and they got a lot of rewards, which made them have a lot of territory in this family imperial city!
In the eyes of some wealthy families in these sites, huge benefits are fat! Those giants know that after the death of their patriarch, they have sent people to spy on their family. They are deeply afraid that this is a smoke bomb released by that family!
But soon they confirmed the news that the head of the family was indeed dead! So they started thinking! So they United to deal with this family and wipe it out completely! "
"So this family was wiped out?"
"No, this family was not destroyed and it was the giants who were destroyed!"
"What? Because the family patriarch believed in the low-key principle, all the family masters were secretly arranged by him to prevent the family from being besieged! And every time he was besieged before, he would do it very cleanly and take those credit departments alone! All those families are afraid of them! That’s why his family didn’t move them, because this is a super deterrent!
But he’s just a man after all. The emperor, the owner of the imperial city, is not afraid of him!
It is this time that their family members once again sent out to destroy the giants who violated their family. The emperor was also afraid. He never thought that there was such a powerful force under his eyelids! But now that the emperor is in decline, he pretends to take refuge in and rely on that family, and the new patriarch of that family is more and more happy!
He really didn’t like a family practice for a long time. He thought it was the king. Didn’t you see that the emperor was coming to beg me? So he didn’t put the emperor in the eye!
Yes, he didn’t see the emperor, but he also held a knife in his heart!
I took refuge in him, but actually the emperor secretly gathered talents and quietly bought off a large number of members of their family because those members were masters!
Soon those masters were bought by the emperor! But the emperor still didn’t attack!
Until one day, the patriarch finally couldn’t resist the emperor’s birthday banquet and said to the emperor,’ I said that you have nothing to do with the emperor’s position now. Why don’t you give up the throne for me?’
The emperor couldn’t bear to hear the emperor say,’ The first emperor addressed his ancestors, that is, the emperor of that country, and actually his father. The first emperor once said that all the government offices have credit and I can’t dispose of them casually, but today you are so rebellious and want to seize our family. Can you really succeed?’
That patriarch has long since put the emperor in the eye.’ Somebody bring him to me!’
People did come, and those people did pull out their swords, but their swords were inserted into the heads of that family!
The patriarch looked surprised, and the emperor knew what he was surprised by looking at him.’ Actually, our royal family has long known about the specific situation of your clan, but you, the patriarch, have really done a good job. You, he, have hidden all those masters, so we don’t know? Is your late emperor really unwilling to clean up your family? I tell you, he dreams of dying, but he knows he can’t beat you! Because you have a very clever patriarch who will hide the front!
He hides all his sharp edges and shows that he is not interested in anything, so as to reduce our concern for you and prevent him from doing so. We really feel his sincerity and we know that he really helps us sincerely!
So we can’t touch your family, but I didn’t expect his descendants to be so fatuous!
I knew what you thought when you put all the masters of your family on the table. I approached you for a pretence and then looked for opportunities to buy off those masters of your family!
All masters are arrogant, and they won’t be relegated to a loser like you! They can listen to you because they are right for nothing and you are wrong now! ’
The patriarch died with unwilling! And all the action experts in that family got the emperor’s reward, and they all paid homage to the marquis. At that time, this family directly fell apart, and a family that had inherited a century-old brand disappeared into the dust of history!
At present, there are no more powerful national villages in Muye, but if the four major countries feel the edge of Muye from us, then they will inevitably have trouble sleeping, and then they will unconsciously unite, which is the real disaster of Muye!
Moreover, there are more and more masters in the village, and it is hard to guarantee that someone will not have his ideas! It’s hard to bring troops when people are scattered with more ideas! Then destruction in the konoha is near! "
Chapter 611 Konoha latent crisis ()
After hearing Shu Mao tell this story for three generations, he has been silent for a long time. Now he has understood Shu Mao’s meaning. The emergence of many experts in our konoha has caused panic in his four countries!
Whether it’s Shu Mao or San Ren, or the Watergate couple ferrets stop water, or Kakashi, their white teeth have also appeared! So how much advanced combat power does Konoha hide? Have they been able to calm the battle? But why do they need our help? Could this be a conspiracy to weaken their strength?
If that’s the case, then the four countries will surely hold together, and a new world war will probably break out again after this battle! And it is the battle of the four countries to eliminate konoha!
Think of the death of the teacher (the second generation) and the death of his elite ninja. At that time, their konoha was besieged by his four countries. The three generations knew that their four countries had not tried their best to attack or konoha might have died long ago!
Konoha Institute will also be because they know that if they try their best to fight Konoha, their losses will not be less, and they will be able to consume Konoha’s effective strength, so Konoha is a toothless tiger, so they will be less afraid. But if Konoha is armed to the teeth, then how afraid they are and how brave they will be to face Konoha! When the time comes, even if they are informed of heavy casualties, they will spell out the huge threat of konoha!
This is human nature!
Three generations didn’t expect Shu Mao to see so far. He has already seen the bad roots of human nature!
"What if we directly take all countries by the most powerful force?" Three generations asked, since we have the ability to sweep everything, why can’t we do that?
"Three generations of adults, in the last part of the story I just told, that family also had the power to sweep everything, but in the end they fell apart. Do you know anything?"
After such a little dialing by Shu Mao, he soon wanted to come over in vain. This is not whether he can sweep the problem, but even if he sweeps it, it will fall apart! Those who have enough strength, they will breed ambition, even if they don’t have it at present, but there is no guarantee that their descendants will not be worse off, and people’s hearts will change! That family wouldn’t fall apart so soon if people didn’t change their mind, would it? And that arrogant patriarch can easily become the new emperor!
"So your idea is to take some people and hide them secretly and then hide your strength directly?"
"Not only that, I’m going to take them away and give them new opportunities. I think I may leave this world one day after this war. I hope you can agree with me to take them away from me …"
"This is no problem. I can persuade them to let some people take you away, so that we can tightly twist the five countries into a rope through this wonderful connection!" The more the three generations talked, the more excited they became. He seemed to see the bright future of the five great countries.
"But don’t tell them now, because it will lead to suspicion, so it is better to follow the current."
"Well, it’s certainly not a good time to talk to them like this. Even if I did, they wouldn’t necessarily believe it!"
"Yes, I’ll leave it to you, but I need someone …"
After three generations of silence, it is still very harmful for so many masters to suddenly leave Konoha. Besides, when they leave, who can guarantee that we will beat Hui Yeji?