However, it is difficult for the Germans to defeat the Russian army in a short period of time. After all, the Russian army is 100,000, which is too big for the Germans to copy the website at one go.

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The battlefield between the two sides fought fiercely for a day and a night. Although the Russian army suffered heavy casualties, the Germans may not be able to get much cheaper.
Seeing the storming of Guo Crook, Hindenburg suspended the offensive against the Russian army. After all, the Germans came here non-stop, and as soon as they got to the battlefield, they went into battle for a whole day and a night, and their bodies were already tired and malicious.
After a night’s rest, the sky has just brightened, and the Germans have once again launched a crazy offensive. Crook Hindenburg knows very well that if the Russian army cannot be defeated in a short time, the ninth regiment and the eleventh regiment will be stationed in the north after the Austro-Hungarian Empire is forced back, and then the Germans will be passive.
The Russian army also had to bite the bullet and continue to fight. Yesterday, the number of casualties was close to 100,000. If we keep fighting, it is really difficult for the Russian army to withstand the German crazy offensive.
Both sides have killed their eyes, counting the shells flying around and ravaging the land.
As the two sides fought endlessly, the situation was quietly changing. Hindenburg had already reached the order to withdraw the tank division’s self-propelled artillery brigade. Now it has passed one day and one night, and the two troops have come back from the southeast! The left wing of the Russian army has formed a double-team situation. Now the two regiments on the left wing of the Russian army are crazy, and the roots of the German fierce battle have not found that they are approaching danger step by step.
Two self-propelled artillery brigades arrived in the south direction of the left-wing Russian army, while the tank division was directly inserted into the gap between the left-wing Russian army and the left-wing Russian army. Just after the completion of the three armies, the whole left-wing Russian army was caught in the fire!
Poggi Novsky, commander-in-chief of the left wing, was stunned when the Germans appeared on the rear flank. Now it’s killing me. Although the two regiments seem to be of the earth, the Germans can also look at self-protection when they advance. Now suddenly, there are two more forces in the back of the opponent’s ribs. Where can the Russian army panic?
It is very difficult for the left wing to stabilize the situation as before, if it is only to add two infantry divisions, it will not be so, but now they are faced with a highly mobile tank division’s self-propelled artillery brigade, which can move around to find its own weak links. Every attack will make them miserable, and they have a comparative advantage. The troops can be passively beaten from the play!
"Immediately send a message to Commander Kornilov asking the main fire support of the Chinese army to be fast!"
Poggi’s roaring communications staff rushed to one side to send the newspaper.
But even the Chinese army is now facing the attack of Hindenburg Pulitwitz. Where can we pull out our hands?
In just a few hours, the left-wing Russian army couldn’t hold on to retreat to the rear in a panic, but they forgot that they were behind the tank division, which was much faster than the Russian army!
As soon as the left-wing Russian army retreated from the tank division, it roared and killed in the oblique stab. One huge tank directly crushed into the Russian army’s bloody massacre. The tank root was not matched with the enemy’s crazy heavy machine gun fire, and it was like a heavy hammer slamming into the Russian army, which was hard to keep the formation!
See each other’s position has been chaotic personally bring up the rear crook made the whole regiment launched a charge towards the left-wing Russian army! The Germans rushed to the Russian army like a tsunami!
The left-wing Russian army, which has lost control, can no longer resist the German attack. After the rout, Poggi Novski Genfa controlled the development of the situation and tried his best to restrain his troops from fleeing to the rear
It’s a pity that it’s very difficult to get out of the left-wing battlefield with German legions surrounded and tank divisions raging!
Another day of fierce fighting, the two battlefields on the right side of the army have not yet been decided, but at this time, the left-wing Russian army is completely finished. More than 300,000 Russian troops were completely broken up by the Germans, and 100,000 people were killed and 70,000 people were directly surrendered by the Germans. When Poggi Novski rushed out of the siege and reorganized the army, there were only less than 50,000 troops left, or they were killed and captured, and some of them were beaten by the Germans.
After killing the Russian left wing, Crook ordered the army to press against the main force of the Russian central army again. This time, the Russian army could not hold on completely. Without the protection of the left wing, Kornilov faced the German attack on three sides. Where can there be good results to eat?
Retreat must be the first time to retreat!
Kornilov was desperate for only three days, and the Russian army couldn’t stay up. Damn it, that tank division dared to bully others with his speed!
At this time, Kornilov received Kale Kimble and Rusinov. Two regiments have rushed the Austro-Hungarian army back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and are galloping towards the battlefield!
Kornilov gritted his teeth. Now that two regiments are on their way, they can hold on until the friendly forces arrive. If we retreat at this time, it will be a complete rout. There are hundreds of thousands of troops left, but it will really be finished!
Kornilov’s urgent order ordered the right wing to move towards Zhongjun, and Zhongjun divided his forces against the two Germans and continued to die!
However, the battlefield in Kornilov persisted for a whole day without seeing two regiments! Kornilov heart some panic, what’s going on? How come two regiments have heard from each other?
Kornilov was about to send a rush, but he got a report from kaledin that two regiments were confronted with a strong sniper on the way. Four armored infantry divisions appeared in front of him, seized the strategic highland and launched a sniper against the two regiments, blocking the two regiments for fifty kilometers!
Damn it! German again! The new "Through the Late Qing Dynasty, Who Will Fight for the Front" has welcomed your great support.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-two Roaring de Nicholas
Kornilov knew that he couldn’t wait any longer for four fully-equipped German divisions to rely on the highlands to stop the attack. With strong firepower, it was difficult for two Russian legions to pass in a short time!
"Command ministries immediately withdraw from the battle! Emergency retreat to the rear! Quick! "
Kornilov nasty drink a way
At last, the Russian troops in various ministries stopped carrying the powerful Germans, which brought great harm to the Russian army in just two or three days, and there were fewer 200 thousand casualties. Even if there were more Russian troops, it would never be easy to bear such huge casualties!
Several regiments of the Russian army quickly retreated to the rear and ran. If they run late, they will suffer completely!
The Russian army thinks that a puffy man is bigger than the old man, but don’t say that even if he runs two steps quickly, he will be panting and face a strong man like the Germans, so he will be beaten.
Hindenburg Kuruk commanded the Germans to constantly pursue the Russian army and chased it out for 40 or 50 kilometers in one breath. The Russian army arrived at the German territory completely in 2000, and the Emperor Tai still didn’t give up and wanted to continue to push forward the defense line.
Hindenburg Crook knew that the time had come. Although his own side won a great victory, at this time, four armored infantry divisions were still blocking two regiments of Russian troops. Too long words dealt a great blow to the four armored divisions. After all, the strength difference between the two sides was too great. The Germans were at an absolute disadvantage!
Hindenburg immediately sent his four German divisions to retreat to the rear, and the tank division withdrew to the eastern border of Germany from the side cover.
After a great war, the Russian army completely lost its original crazy rhythm. The million-strong German army suffered more than 500,000 casualties together with the Cossack cavalry, 200,000 people were killed and nearly 100,000 people were captured. The Russian army was no longer able to take the initiative to attack. Although there were hundreds of thousands of troops, but morale was low, where could it face the magnificent German army?
Nicholas II, who got the battle report, is now going mad with millions of troops, and the German troops deployed by others add up to only 100,000 people. Instead of taking the German eastern front, it is difficult for Russia to return to its original full position in at least two months!
But now Nicholas II’s most important thing is not to scold these generals, but to deploy immediately!
The defeat of the Russian main force only depends on Poland and Belarus, and the army can’t stop the madness to the extreme. The Germans are afraid that in two months, they will cross Poland and Belarus and push the front to the hinterland of Russia and directly threaten Moscow!
At present, almost all the heavy industry economic centers in Russia, such an area as St. Petersburg in Moscow, is absolutely fatal to Russia once it is severely hit by the Germans!
"Immediately issued a will to the national levy soldiers for a month and a half. It is necessary to give me more than 500,000 soldiers who lost in front! Ordered the two regiments staying near the Urals Mountains to immediately rush to the west and arrive in Moscow in the shortest time to protect Moscow! "
Nicholas II growled wildly that he was really scared. The German forces were too strong. There was absolutely something wrong with their own troops. They were defeated by the Germans, and they were the main force of the Russian army in the war!
Nikolayevich, commander-in-chief of the imperial armed forces, said, "The position is not so tense. There are still nearly two thousand kilometers from the German border to Moscow. If the Germans push in the direction of Moscow quickly, their front will be limited to be lengthened. Transporting all kinds of military materials from Germany to the imperial territory will face all kinds of accidents. Once an accident happens, the Germans will be slaughtered by us! They absolutely dare not attack the Russian empire like this! "
Nicholas II roared, "Bullshit, this is your guess. If the Germans really ignore the attack on the Empire, we will not be able to stop the German attack now! We sent a regiment and a force of nearly 1.4 million, almost twice that of the Germans! But, but we are now being beaten, and less than 600,000 people are capable of fighting! How to pick up the war against the Germans! "
Nikolayevich replied, "Our heavy casualties do not mean that the Germans have no losses. At least nearly 200,000 Germans withdrew from the battle in World War I on the Eastern Front, and their troops on the Eastern Front will not exceed 600,000! Absolutely not! Their tank division absolutely dare not go deep into the hinterland of Russia because there is not enough fuel. ICBC is a decoration! I suggest that we retreat our main force to 250 kilometers, even to 350 kilometers, give up Poland to lure the enemy into the German army, and put out some troops to station in Poland. Their troops will be swallowed up by the vast land, so that our army can turn defeat into victory! "