Yang Rong nods, "The Royal Guards caught thousands of people in one day, although many people caught them, but even none of the main targets were caught."

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Long Biao took the opportunity to ask, "Should we prepare for the Emperor and his party?"
Yang Rong thought, "It’s better to be prepared than not to be prepared."
Long Biao nods "white"
Yang Rongduan took a sip of tea from the teacup and asked instead, "What’s new with the gang that stole the Chixiao Sword?" Have you found out their identity? "
Long Biao said, "They have been very quiet these two days. No one has been out. Oh, by the way, an old man has seen this group of people tonight. This old man also appeared near the palace that day. It is speculated that this old man may be the leader of the church, Hu Yun."
"Hu Yuncheng?" Yang Rong asked with a heavy eyebrow, "Shenji Mansion has never been connected with Fuhai Mountain Villa again?"
Long Biao said, "The personnel structure here in Shenji Mansion is ambiguous. We can’t find out whether they are connected with Fuhai Mountain Villa or not."
Yang Rong turned to Du Feng and asked, "What do you think of this matter?"
Du Feng thought for a moment and asked, "Did the two groups meet or communicate with each other when stealing swords?"
Long Biao said, "There was no direct contact. On the contrary, after the first group of people stole the sword, Hu Yun took it to this group of people and secretly told them that they were not accomplices."
Du Feng and Yang Rong looked at each other a little surprised Du Feng way "is not an accomplice? Is Hu Yuncheng looking for them to talk about terms? They want to jointly look for the treasure, so which side is this group of people? "
Yang Rongdao: "The origin of these people is so mysterious that we don’t know their details at present, but it is bad for us. Once they leave the capital, we will not be able to monitor them, so our plan may fail."
Du Fengxin is also worried and nods, "In this case, we should follow them as soon as they leave, even if we lose them. We mainly need to know where they are going."
Yang Rongdao: "Feasible dragon guards you to prepare tonight."
Long Biao was brought back in a hurry.
Du Feng saw Long Biao leaving and asked Yang Rongdao thoughtfully, "Why did the emperor suddenly go to the punishments?"
Yang Rong laughed. "Emperor, this is putting pressure on punishments to make such a big mess, but punishments are not so good. Besides, it is estimated that many people may fall to the ground when the time comes."
Du Feng’s heart suddenly sank, and he promised Fang Yunjing that things haven’t been done yet. If Yunjing and Yunying in the east can’t meet in the autumn, then he will really break his word.
"Can Uncle Yang do me a favor?"
Yang Rongdao "What’s the matter? But say no "
Du Feng said, "I want you to put a prisoner in Dali Temple."
Yang Rong frowned slightly. "This is not an old man. Come forward. You can take the prisoner into the cell yourself after catching the head."
Du Feng suddenly one leng, this is really how so long I didn’t expect to ride a donkey to find a donkey when some embarrassing way, "I’d like to think too much" heart instantly relaxed.
"So young, but I’m more confused than an old man." Yang Rong shook his head and smiled. "You should also get ready. The Japanese emperor will go to the punishments office and be accompanied by the right eagle king and the east factory. Maybe there will be chaos on the way."
Du Feng said something, "Why does the emperor want them to accompany him?"
Yang Rongdao: "This is a test, right? Right Eagle King."
Du Feng was even more puzzled. "Test the right eagle king?"
Yang Rong looked at Du Feng and thought it was time to say something to him. "It is true that the Shenji Mansion has been controlled by the emperor himself since its establishment. After several dynasties, several top figures in Shenji Mansion have never changed people. Do you think that the emperor can believe in Shenji Mansion now?"
Du Feng’ s heart was white for a moment and said, "Is the emperor interested in targeting Shenji House?"
Yang Rong said seriously, "When the Prince of Yan ascended the throne, he was interested in targeting Shenji Mansion, the capital of Beijing, and Shenji Mansion was not built. People were all Shenji Mansion in name only, but I didn’t expect that a red sword suddenly appeared at that time and advised Zuoying Wang to take charge of it. Later, I didn’t know exactly how things were, and I knew that many people died because of it, so Shenji Mansion came."
Tao Yan Du Feng naturally heard that Zhu Di, a counselor around Zhu Di, could not ascend to the throne without Tao Yan Du Feng thoughtfully saying, "Shenji House has never changed its top leaders since its establishment. I wonder if Uncle Yang knows the origin and background of these top leaders?"
Yang Rong shook his head with a wry smile and said, "Mrs. Wang, the magical machine, has never seen him leave the magical machine house long ago. The old lady doesn’t know about him. Although the left eagle king and the right eagle king have met, they never show their true colors. The old lady always wears a mask and doesn’t know their origin and background. Besides the emperor, I’m afraid there are also cronies around them who know a little."
Du Fengda said unexpectedly, "These characters are so mysterious, but I wonder if the emperor will tell us?"
Yang Rong shook his head. "Don’t ask a good question. The emperor won’t tell us that it depends on the emperors of the past dynasties, but it can be seen that these top leaders must have their own forces. Otherwise, when the prince ascended the throne, the Chixiao Sword would not go away afterwards. Now the emperor intends to remove the Shenji House, but there is no real positive suppression. It can be seen that several top leaders in Shenji House are very complicated. Even if the emperor wants to move, they have to think about it."
Du Feng was secretly frightened and changed the subject. "What’s the hint of going to the East Factory?"
Yang Rong sighed, "Besides the Royal Guards, it is these grandfather-in-law who are closest to the emperor and can win the trust of the emperor. I think the emperor is interested in cultivating another mysterious mansion, but I don’t know what chaos will happen in the future, but I have the ability to deal with it."
Du Feng frowned and said, "Suppress one and support another?"
Yang Rongdao "is not in the East Factory. After all, there are still many restrictive forces. The roots can’t reach the level of Shenjifu, and no matter how it develops, it will not exceed the palm of the emperor."
Du Feng didn’t say much when he saw Yang Rong’s refusal, but in his heart he thought that Hongwu the Great had not been in control of Shenji Mansion for a long time. Who can guarantee that the East Factory forces can’t dump the sky?
He was a little disappointed if he didn’t get to know Du Feng. He can’t blame Yang Rong for deliberately concealing his identity. Naturally, there are many ways. Moreover, he also heard that several top figures in the Shenji Mansion were having an affair with many Jianghu people. I think this is the reason for the emperor’s concern!
Du Feng didn’t stay out of Yang Rongfang and went back to Huiying Inn.
All the way, Du Feng thought that Chixiao Sword had not been taken by Dongfang Cheng or Hu Yun, so the capital was most likely to steal Chixiao Sword, which was the master of the famous sword. At that time, Shen Chaoxuan looked for him because of Chixiao Sword.
"It’s time to visit a swordsman."
When he came to Huiying Inn, Zhou Xiaoxiao and others had already rested, and Du Feng didn’t bother to add a room to rest.
Du Feng woke up when gastrodia elata was bright, but when he saw that Ding Qiang’s room was lit, he knocked on Ding Qiang’s room in the past.
Ding Qiang said when he entered the door, "Brother Du came back last night and promised Yunjing anything?"
Du Feng teased him and said, "You have nothing to do now but calm down. You are really a guy who values friends over girls."
Ding Qiang embarrassed a smile, "I stayed in Beijing to take Yunjing’s sister back to Chang ‘an as soon as it happened."
Du Fengdao said, "Don’t worry, I will take Yunjing to Dali Temple cell."
Ding Qiang was so happy that he asked, "Can you take me?"
Du Feng frowned and remained silent for one more person. He was still a little worried that he would be in trouble if he didn’t come out when the time came to put people in.
Ding Jiang saw Du Feng hesitate seriously. "I’m worried that I can rest assured that YunJing Ann is with her."
Du Feng, but thinking that one person is two people, immediately nodded and tried to ask Ding Qiang, "You like Yunjing, don’t you?"
Ding Qiang’s face turned hot and said, "I don’t want her to get hurt again. I want to protect her. This has been my wish all these years. She has been wronged too much."
Du Feng suddenly envied Ding Qiang less, and now he is unwilling to put everything in search of peony. Du Feng said, "Yunjing has your side to take care of me and I can rest assured. I hope you will not disappoint her in the future."
"Let her down?" Ding Qiang grinned. "I grew up with her childhood friends. Brother Du can’t understand some feelings. We miss our brothers more often, don’t we?"
Du Feng said, "I’m too lazy to know how you two are feeling. Just say what you want."
"Don’t talk about her," Ding Qiang said with a cheerful smile. "Last night, Brother Xue came back and seemed very dissatisfied with you, clamoring to settle accounts with you, but after an altar of wine, he stopped yelling. Do you want to meet Brother Du?"
"Get even with me?" Du Feng wondered why Xue Sanping had to settle accounts with himself even though he had not seen the film for a few days. When motioning with his hand, "forget it or not see him"
Ding Qiang said, "I heard him say that he was arrested by the people of Shenji Mansion in the past two days and escaped from Dali Temple last night. It seems that he has not escaped alone."