Not to mention the bumblebee holding the girl here, but the footsteps outside the door are "clanging", just like steel walking. When the man enters the door, the bumblebee peeks at it and almost doesn’t call it out. It turns out that it is the "shining warrior" and "blade master" who are fierce.

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Meng Gan’s father sent someone to follow Qu Yong except secretly exploring last night’s incident, but he was dumped by Qu Yong San Liang. Later, Bumblebee came to the science and technology building alone and was discovered by them. However, they didn’t dare to follow him too close, and they didn’t see the dwarf. Oh, these two people were taken aback when they entered the door. Never expected that it would be such a situation.
That Meng Gan looked much more carefully than the bumblebee. When he checked, he found that all these people were still alive and shouted, "Father is all alive except Ye Shaohua." The bumblebee heard Meng Gan calling his father, and then he knew the true identity of the "Golden Warrior."
"Oh?" Meng Fang dared to understand that the black boy’s clothes were roughly touched. "It seems that he fainted. The murderer is a very strange and heavy technique, and even I have no idea."
Meng Gan said, "Father, why don’t you wake them up and ask?"
Chapter three hundred and twenty-five Loyalty to QuYong
"All right," Meng Fang dared to put his hand in the black boy’s hole and pinch it. The hole in the man’s hole was in the pulse and lip ditch. Ordinary people woke up after a pinch, but that Meng Fang dared to pinch the black boy and didn’t wake up at all. "Hey!" When the other hand poked at the axillary polar spring point of the black boy, the black boy finally woke up with an old sputum "wow" and turned around.
"Kill kill! !” As soon as he woke up, the gun in his hand was pulled out and shot at people in a reflective way. This movement was his residual consciousness before he was knocked unconscious. This young man in black, trained by Ye Shaohua, was all nervous and tenacious to complete his goal. The first rule of life was to cling to the belief of pulling out a gun and killing the enemy even if he was in a coma. His first thought when he woke up was to kill the enemy in front of him.
He woke up, pulled out his gun and jumped out of it. The whole process seemed to have been rehearsed several times. Bang, a gun had rushed at the fierce side and dared to shoot the latter. He never dreamed that he would wake up a coma. The first move after the other side woke up was to pull out his gun and shoot someone, but his reaction was also very fast. When he found something was wrong, he had already rolled on the spot. The "shining armor" was so heavy that he couldn’t finish hiding. A shot hit him in the right shoulder.
"A fucking king’s egg!" Meng Gan is also one leng. This just reacted. He waved the "blade master Watermelon Knife" and chopped the black boy down to the ground. Although the knife was decorated, he did his best. The black boy just woke up and suddenly his head was beaten and he fell into a coma. "Bite the hand that feeds him!"
"Ah, come and help me solve this broken thing and look at the injury." Meng Fang dared to beckon Meng Gan to help him take off that exaggerated heavy armor. Seeing that there was a bloody smell inside the clothes, "it seems that the bleeding must be stopped first."
"Dad, it doesn’t matter." Meng Gan worshipped his father from childhood. This may be a common experience of every boy. In his memory, his father has never been hurt, but at this moment, the blood shattered his fantasy and he worried, "I will take you to the hospital."
"Just wrap it up first!" Now the bumblebee is hiding behind the statue and never dares to look out. If he sees it, he will find that this fierce dare is not very similar to his son, but his father is gentle and has a beard.
Meng Fang dares to tear the strip of clothes and cloth, so that the son can simply bandage himself first and then say, "You go directly to see if Ye Shaohua’s body is fatally wounded in his chest."
"Oh" Meng Gan looked at a line "It seems that there is a blood hole in his left chest"
"Like what?" Meng Fang dared to say, "Go ahead. Is it like there is something in this hole?"
Fierce bullet solution Ye Shaohua clothes breath in a gasp "he his heart" fierce dare as if it were no surprise he sighed "his heart is gone" fierce sweet way "how did this happen? Who has such a great hatred with him? Who wants to steal his heart after killing someone? This is definitely not a small job! " Meng Fang dared to say, "It’s really not that young man. Most people don’t do this except one person." Meng Gan said, "Who?" Meng Fang dared to shrink his pupils quickly as if he were extremely afraid of the name of that person. He was silent for a long time before saying, "dwarf!"
"Dwarf?" Meng Gan has never heard of this name. In fact, he didn’t even understand whether this is a person’s name. He asked, "Dad, who is this person?" This question hides in the side, and Bumblebee also wants to know that when he hears the name "Ouch", he knows that Meng Fang dares to guess right, and he is more curious about the origin of the dwarf.
Meng Fang dared to say, "He is a dwarf, but he was not born a dwarf. He became a dwarf after practicing a very special martial arts, and because others often shouted" Oops "as their first reaction when they saw a dwarf, he fortunately called himself" Oops "."
"Oh" Bumblebee didn’t expect the dwarf’s name to come from such a source. It sounds free and easy, but it is full of black irony.
Meng Fang dared to say, "How long has this man been famous? But since he became famous, bosses from all walks of life have been afraid of him. Speaking of his career, he is a killer, but he can rank as an S-class." Meng Gan cried, "Isn’t that the highest level of S-class?" Meng Fang dared to say, "He can definitely afford to be an S-class killer, but he is not a good killer. He kills people according to his own preferences and doesn’t value the amount of money. He values whether he wants to kill people or not." Meng Gan said, "Killers also have such a personality? What if you want to kill enough? " Meng Fang dared to look at Ye Shaohua’s body and said faintly, "That’s it!"
Meng Gan said, "Didn’t he ever miss?"
Meng Fang dared to shake his head and said, "No, he never killed a perfect man by mistake, but he must dig his heart because he said that famous people have strange hearts and deserve to be collected and studied. Up to now, at least more than 30 famous people have been dug by him."
"There are so many?"
"That’s all," said Meng Fang, who obviously didn’t want to go on. "I don’t know who can get this plague god to take Ye Tang’s heart. We don’t have to worry about Gan Er. Why don’t you go and see if he has an iron ring in his arms?"
"Yes" Meng Gan turned over again and said "No"
"Are you? "Ah," he said, "The fierce man dared to feel a sharp pain in his shoulder and didn’t want to stay." Well, let’s go first. Since the Lord is dead, the ring is likely to be taken away by the dwarf. "
Their father was talking and quickly walked out of the building. It was also because of an accident that suddenly he obviously didn’t find bumblebees hiding not far away. He was relieved when he saw them leaving. He put his hand over his nose and mouth and bowed his head and saw her finger wearing a dark ring. It seems that Ye Shaohua has given it to her.
"Who are you?" Clearly blurred to make heart desperately cried "get up! Get up! " But his mouth is lazy. "What’s the purpose?"
Bumblebee let her go and then struggled to pull Naga out of her head and said, "You may not know me, but you certainly know Mu Xiao. I am his good friend!" "
"Mu Xiao?" Chuchu said coldly, "Which child are you?"
Bumblebee was stupefied when Bai Quyong revealed his identity, and he was not sure. It was clear that he was thinking about Qu Yong, and he could mumble, "My friends are friends. Oh, by the way, they should be fighting in the playground now. You should try to dissuade them quickly."
"They? Who fought with whom? " Obviously, Chuchu didn’t care about that. She came out and sat down beside her father’s body and murmured, "Fight if you fight."
Bumblebee anxiously said, "I can’t. He is fighting with your father. If he dies, no one can cure you."
Clearly as if don’t care about the sample low way "I am poisonous? Oh "
Bumblebee stamped her feet and suddenly slapped her face on her delicate face and shouted, "If you die, who will report your father’s revenge? You just heard that your father was assassinated by a murderer. You have to keep your life. If he dies, will you have the face to see your father?"
That clearly since the childhood has been a slap in the face at that time half face edema ears buzzing stupid way "revenge? ! I want revenge? !”
Bumblebee was also nervous. He looked clearly and regretted it. He was afraid that his hands were heavy and he beat the delicate girl silly.
"yes! I want revenge! " Chu Chu suddenly got up and hated, "I want revenge! I want to live and get revenge! You said that pretending to be a villain can solve my poison? "
Bumblebee was stared at by her and felt that this girl had changed. Many people wanted to grow up. Perhaps it was a moment that the slap had killed the past cowardice. She came here to avenge the strong girl. He scratched his head and said, "Bronze masks can do it, but no one can do it except Brother Xiaoyong."
"Brother Xiaoyong?"
Bumblebee said, "It’s pretending to be a villain. His real name is Qu Yong, and he’s a disciple of the Dragon and Tiger Club. If he can’t detoxify, there’s nothing he can do."
Clearly sink a way "he can’t die! Go and stop them now! "
When Chuchu and Bumblebee arrived, it was the explosive situation that would lead to an irreversible situation. Who knows, at this time, she became toxic again. She grabbed Chuchu’s charming body on the 13th and quickly ordered, "Listen to Miss’s order and shoot!" Then a face of worry gently call clear name.
"You’d better not wake her up, but she will suffer less when she passes out in pain," Bumblebee kindly advised. "I’ll tell you what, she is physically toxic. The ring on her hand is a token of your embrace, which can alleviate her toxic hair."
"Ah?" The 13th followed Ye Shaohua’s winning actress all the year round and knew some secrets. He ordered a bowl of water to be returned from Chuchu’s finger. The ring took the blood of her finger and soaked it in the water, and then slowly fed it to her. After a while, Chuchu’s face gradually cleared up and he didn’t feel at ease.
"Miss, it’s okay. You’re poisoned."