Her heart is even more uneasy. As an adult, her body is becoming more and more sensitive. Usually, when the tip of her chest touches it, she will react, not to mention being almost swallowed by him. If she gets married and does that, I really don’t know what to do. Just now, I can’t help but vent my body.

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Thinking about it as if it were the end of the world, they choked up.
Yi left her privates pants lightly and glanced at her pink legs, and the light liquid had spread to the base of her legs.
Yi kissed her with gentle eyes and said, "Don’t cry. It’s nothing. Let’s talk about it later. I told you about this several times before. What do you think?"
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Sad Xu Rou
Soft wiped her eyes and wanted to look at Yi’s heart. "I thought a lot these days and went to the hospital for an examination, but I didn’t have any symptoms and asked someone to ask my mother about the system. It’s not like me. If we get married, I’m sure …"
She suddenly covered her ears and said, "The law satisfies you …" Then she let go and said, "My life is so bitter! Don’t think before now … Now … "
"All right, don’t say hello to you, too." It’s easy to stick your face to your face. Your breasts are soft like a piece of cotton and very smooth. You are the only one. Look at these breasts yourself. Who can grow into you like this? Hehe, to be honest, I can’t wait to put my hand here every day. The system is sensitive and better. In the future, I can enjoy the dying taste more than others. You are as soft as a bone. You can bend and touch it at will turn pale pink. Can you ask who can become like this? There is also a special body fragrance. If it can be sold in the world … It is hard to find a daughter … Hehe, I don’t know what Rou Er looks like … I really want to see it … "
Xu Rou was boasted to be elated, quite crisp and a little proud. He loved to look at his body but was destroyed by Yi’s last speech. He gave him a Chen Tao, "Just talk about it. The big pervert just won’t show you … People kept this body somewhere else and kissed you when you got drunk that day …"
Yi took her in his arms in a good mood, and the two of them kissed her face tightly. "Rou Er is a porcelain doll. I didn’t find it since that night, but I should take good care of you or it won’t be beautiful if it is broken."
"Brother Yi, when can you introduce them to Rou Er?" Xu Rou closes her eyes and doesn’t let her beautiful eyes with complicated sour taste be easy to see.
"Soon after Rou Er wronged you, no matter what, Yi Ge will satisfy you, but you have to work hard to repair Rou Er, but you can’t do it without Yi Ge. When we meet, compare them to see who is good."
Xu Roumei’s eyes shone with light. At the beginning, she cried and made a scene because she was easy to have other women. She was still clamoring to break up. She was more determined than being monogamous because she instilled the idea from her cerebellum.
But later, Yi was gifted, and her jealousy was abruptly suppressed.
At that time, Xu Rou did not believe that it was easy to cheat her. Later, it was easy to think of a way. She ignored shyness and was busy for two hours. Finally, she even lost the cherry blossom mouth, but there was no way to make Yi Lou Jing.
Moreover, Yi Gen doesn’t feel the true qi, the mind controls the response of the two places at once, and he also allows the soft body to caress. Although sexual desire is on the rise, he doesn’t have sex.
At that time, Xu rou had cultivated the true qi, and she was always exploring the easy body reaction, but she was still dubious in the end.
Later, Yi accompanied her to look up information and watch CDs to increase her sexual knowledge. She knew everything about this aspect. After many comparisons, she finally completely believed Yi’s gifted things.
Moreover, because her system is particularly sensitive and easier to absorb, it will take her a few minutes to disarm and surrender, otherwise it will vent her body and the yin will be gone
After many experiments, they found that if they really get together in the future, it would be easy to be blessed with sex.
She thought about it for days and speculated that even if she didn’t tell other women the truth, she would hide it from herself and look for’ sex’ happiness, which was even more tragic at that time.
Later, Xu Rou also accepted the fact that it is easy to have other women. Although the heart often rolls with vinegar, it is not easy to think about one’s own interests.
At this time, after listening to Yi’s words, I hid my thoughts more and more strongly. Since the body method satisfies him, my career will help him, so that they will not dare to underestimate themselves in the future.
Xu Rou knows that the cultivation of truth is short-lived, has no background, has adventures and doesn’t like fighting and killing. With this, the environmental roots have developed greatly and the cultivation has surged.
Xu Rou also knows the concept of natural materials and treasures. She wants to develop her career well in the future, and she should contact the repair industry step by step. With her own business talent, she will produce and buy all kinds of repair materials on a large scale without worrying about money.
At that time, through various commercial means to obtain natural resources and treasures, rare and exotic things, through which to enrich their own strength and upgrade can help Yi Na worry not to crush them!
In the past, all kinds of thoughts were mixed, and an ambition burned from the inside to the outside. The desire was unprecedentedly strong. Xu Rou looked at Yi’s eyes and touched his cheek. He solemnly said, "Brother Yi, don’t worry. Rou Er will definitely help you. If you can’t do it in one year, Rou Er will definitely let them have a good look in ten or one hundred years!"
Easy to comfort in the heart, the most expectation of these confidantes is Xu Rou.
Although it is the lowest point in a row, all her ideas and ambitions are usually here. A little bit of instillation in her brain will take root over time.
Anyone who is interested in anything should consider it clearly. These confidantes can’t be lovers with them, and they can’t put anything in a vase. At least they should be able to help themselves become virtuous.
And assign different goals through their respective personalities, experiences, hobbies, talents, etc., so that they are both interested and not tired.
In this way, they will not think about themselves every day, have some burdens, live a fuller life, and will not cling to Yi, so they will have no leisure time.
Like Xu Rou today, this is the best example. It’s easy to watch her more and more. The more she looks at her, the more she loves her body. It’s light pink, smooth, crisp, round and quite sexy. People can’t help but print her lips. It’s sweet and fragrant, and she can’t swallow it until she’s full of mouth.
"Well … Yi Ge …" Xu Rou was also infected by his deep love. His legs curled up and his charming body shrank. His legs were like a beautiful snake, and his hands reached into his clothes to touch the soft and abnormal skin.
"Rou Er Yi Ge won’t go tonight, holding you to sleep and going to bed now to kiss you all over." Yi Yi got up and went upstairs with one hand holding Xu Ruan’s beautiful buttocks.
"People are not allowed to let you touch it there." Xu was so shy that she buried her head in her arms and thought about the embarrassing scene. She couldn’t help shivering.
"Ha ha …"
When Yi came out of Xu Rou’s house the next morning, his face was still full of residual Chun Qing spirit, but there was a trace of pale red blood in his right eye, which seemed to be destroyed by desire.
All the way back to the French prison pagoda, it is easy to see that the poisonous method around the blood scorpion has disappeared, and it has no mental weakness and a pain in its heart.
Hurriedly remove the law, put the little guy’s palm in front of his head and tease him with words.
Blood scorpion gradually got the spirit, and her eyes looked at Yi unblinkingly and even made a slight squeak, and the pliers danced left and right, and her tail was dangling.
Yi Xin is surprised. I’ve never heard of scorpions barking. Have you evolved from thousands of poisonous methods? This is really a little uncertain.
He found out some poisonous methods to feed the blood scorpion, and the blood scorpion ate faster and faster, and the faint light from his body became more crystal clear.
It seems that it doesn’t feel intimate enough to change hands quickly, and it is easy to climb along his arm and clamp the skin back and forth to touch and rub.
Easy to tease it while walking to the corner to look at Jiang Pingshan. Her vision is even worse than in the past. The colorful flying cloud sword hangs straight in front of it, and the blade is dark like mercury, and the line of sight is a little distorted.
"I don’t know what method she has realized to have such an effect!"
Yi praised himself and said to himself, "I came to the virtual middle school on the second floor to take this opportunity to thoroughly master the Mystery of the Purple River Returning to Tibet."
God’s ever-changing spirit is very self-cultivation, and it has taken shape.
On "things" make the most diligent after the revision of truth? It’s not the magic weapon of flying sword, not the true qi of abdomen, but the mind’s mind.
From the observation of generations to the sending of treasures to the formation of troops, it is everywhere.
It can be said that the divine mind is a by-product of qi, which is unique and indispensable. Without it, it can be said that it will instantly become a mortal one line higher than a mortal.
At the beginning of cultivation, there was a single lack of spiritual thoughts, and then it developed into guidance, control, sustenance and cracking. With the gradual tempering for a long time, it seems that a little growth is an extension of the body.
The fourth volume Dry Kun copulation Chapter two hundred and seventy Mind mind mind mind.
Yi has a secret book, in addition to "The Mystery of the Purple River Returning to Tibet", which is dedicated to practicing the Divine Mind Method.
However, in the art of "The Mystery of the Purple River Returning to Tibet", the real reason is found, and it also makes people realize that this spiritual mind can also make people practice naturally no longer with ascension.
When you think about it, it’s different to refine the realm of gas at the beginning, but it’s earth-shaking
But now, with the specific cultivation method, it is not a little bit to cultivate successfully.
I’m afraid that a little change will make people poor, so that this spiritual realm can improve itself to a higher level and a lower level to better control the change of true qi and the operation of the elixir.
In the past, mindfulness can create and destroy, but mindfulness can move light and small things within a certain range and move at will. For things over a certain weight, it can move by law.
However, it has become destructive since the cultivation of the mind-changing way in "The Mystery of Spiritual Communication in the Purple River Returning to Tibet"
Take out a blank piece of paper and read it, and it will turn into two cracks like a sharp edge.
This kind of change is unexpected. No, it’s just like the essence, because it’s a post-revision realm, which will involve the change of mind. It’s written in the Code of Magical Machines.
Now the spirit is equal to reaching heaven in one step, which abruptly takes a big step.