So unconsciously, the demons urged Slay to be more active. Soon, hundreds of demons forced them to pull the distance far away and rushed to the front.

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Ji Xiaotian’s goal is very clear, that is, to find the so-called demon leader quickly. Although Ji Xiaotian doesn’t like this very much, he still doesn’t mind giving it a try. Anyway, it is not a good idea for him to find the position of the sun in the Milky Way and keep moving in one direction. After thinking like this, Ji Xiaotian will allow the brigade to move forward quickly.
Of course, it is also good that this time can be shortened. It is also very satisfying for Ji Xiaotian to urge the demons to act hard here. What is it that he has spent so hard to cultivate a Du E elixir? It is necessary to have an obedient and loyal person to do such a thing. But the strength of Teng Teng is only to do such things without too much waves.
The number of people in the line is 600,000, but it is not small. Even if they are piled up together, they are all very scary. The demons are more resourceful. In this way, they have surpassed the immortal level and added power to this line of people. Although they are trying to force nothing too much, this power alone makes the planets nervous all the way.
Some clever planets rushed to meet them from a distance. Good things served money as much as possible, even if some local products and some special things produced by the planet were sent over, such as some excellent weapons, which saved Ji Xiaotian a lot of things and got a lot of money.
For those who don’t pay attention to the accountant Xiaotian, they don’t mean revenge or dissatisfaction. He just passes by and doesn’t want to cause any trouble. But even so, he finds that he has a lot of trouble wherever he goes, even if he doesn’t want to provoke himself, but he can’t find trouble to find someone, and it seems that the trouble is not small.
Actually, there is a planet that doesn’t know how to live or die, and a powerful starship is directly blocked in front of them.
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Bold pursuer
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Bold pursuer
"What do you mean, someone dares to block our way and will destroy us if we don’t surrender?"
Before Ji Xiaotian reacted, Slay jumped up. His 100,000 troops were in front, but all the way through more than a dozen planets was very smooth. He was a little proud. He didn’t expect that someone would dare to do such a bold thing when he was not too far from his destination, so why not let Slay get angry?
If it weren’t for Ji Xiaotian’s holding up the scene here and Slay was alone, he would have attacked immediately. Now, since Ji Xiaotian is here, Lord Slay is embarrassed to decide to come alone, but he is white. Everything comes from Ji Xiaotian, and no matter what the choice is, he has to be decided by Ji Xiaotian, the real owner. He is just the one who carries out the orders.
It should be said that Slay is very wise. He is really desperate to issue an attack order. Maybe he will not say anything for the time being, but he will definitely not want to make Slay equal to the 100,000 demon command in the future, which will naturally not be what Slay wants.
"It’s an adult. Please give me an order. I’ll take someone to destroy these people!"
Although Slay can’t make a suggestion on his own, he will still come out because he can understand that Ji Xiaotian doesn’t need a simple obedient hand. If he can guess that Ji Xiaotian thinks correctly and gives suggestions, he must be able to increase a lot of points in Xiaotian’s mind.
With this in mind, Slay came up with his own suggestion. Although it seems that this suggestion is a little too simple and not very creative, this is the first step. With this new idea, Slay believes that he will go further and further, otherwise he will blindly obey without any suggestions. In the end, it is impossible to really make great progress. At most, it is just to be a small leader, which is not in line with Slay’s idea.
"Yeah, well, you take someone to try it. Don’t force it. If you feel that things are not good, you can return it alone. I won’t blame you for ensuring your life first."
Ji Xiaotian didn’t have this idea, but since Slay had such a positive idea, he didn’t seem to have enough reasons to dispel the other party’s enthusiasm here. Anyway, it was some blind guys who didn’t expect to bring themselves to Xiaotian. These demons were invincible and had enough psychological preparation. Ji Xiaotian finally agreed to Slay’s request
Hundreds of demons really don’t look in Xiaotian’s eyes. Even if these 100,000 people spell out all the losses, there won’t be much heartache in the next day. These demons are a bunch of numbers in Xiaotian’s eyes, but Slay is different. This is because he consumed a treasure like Du E then to create a master. There will still be a lot of development in the future. Can you just ruin it here?
Ji Xiaotian’s words are so direct and full of sincere tone. Even if Slay has other ideas, he will be loyal to him because of this. Compared with Ji Xiaotian, Slay is very loyal to him. After listening to such words, he really shook his face and showed gratitude. Then he went to prepare.
Hundreds of demons were directly crushed by Slay in a row. Among them, there were naturally several space battleship ships assigned to him. Although these warships were great for planning a small day, they really aimed at the long-eyed planet fleet in front, which still had a good effect. After a volley, the huge fleet immediately became a mess.
Defeated, they actually lost in this way. They haven’t really come into contact with these surfaces. They are more arrogant than they are. A pile of fleets immediately retreated. A lot of white appeared among them. The white nature is that they were bombarded by warships led by hundreds of demons by Slay. Finally, there is not even slag left.
Even in this victory, Slay still remembered Ji Xiaotian’s command, and no one rushed to the front at random. On the contrary, he consciously retreated a little, and followed the 100,000 demons a little bit forward, so that even if there were any problems, he could react in time.
For those enemies who are still alive and running away, Slay is not worried at all, but he has deeply realized that these demons are powerful, and their strength is not too much, and there is no absolute gap in quantity. It is impossible for people to successfully escape from demons. These people are not as strong as Xiao Tian to help abnormal people, even if they run fast now, there is no place.
Sure enough, those scattered warships were surrounded by demons and lived in powerful warships to oppress them. These rootless mesa warships dared not resist, and soon they were forced to land on the planet and walked out of the warships honestly.
It’s still that there is no point in Slay’s mind to order these demons to do so, otherwise these people will be forced out if they are too outside, and no matter how powerful they are, people will die. They are not like demons who have the ability to act outside, but an ordinary person who has received militarized training at most, and can’t have too strong personal ability.
"What, this is that the planet Xuefen is dozens of light years away from the center of the Milky Way?"
Slay was very vain. Xiaotian meant that he not only didn’t mistreat these ordinary prisoners, but also gave them very high preferential treatment. After taking their weapons department away, Slay directly let these ordinary soldiers leave him, and left some senior leaders for further interrogation. Soon Slay found out what Ji Xiaotian wanted to know most.
Most people may not know what the Milky Way is, or even what the planets are in theory, but these senior leaders, like the general in the fleet, still know that in fact, these warships are not made by a family of Xuefen planets, but a joint fleet composed of several nearby planets. I didn’t expect to be defeated and fled by Ji Xiaotian with these incorporated demons before meeting the real demon team.
Thanks to this, if the real demons were not recruited by Ji Xiaotian here, they would not have leveled the whole planet of Xuefen, just like the planet of Stoke. Even if such a thing didn’t happen, it was fortunate that these people didn’t bother to explain that they had interrogated several generals separately and finally confirmed the news, and then they immediately came to report to Ji Xiaotian.
Ji Xiaotian didn’t think that he had been looking for news for a long time, and he was even ready to confront the devil. Here was the answer. The shape of the galaxy knew that since he was in the center, he would definitely be able to return to the earth. After thinking about this, Ji Xiaotian ordered the big brigade to turn around and go to the route. On that side, he had to go through the Stoke planet again, which would be the direction of the earth.
It’s absolutely quiet to do this here, and there’s nothing to provoke others’ thoughts, but he wants to be simple, but some people just don’t want to do what he wants. Before the big team here is finished, the horse turns around and the devil comes to report that it seems that the pursuer is coming behind, and it seems that it’s not just the first interstellar joint fleet of the defeated Xuefen planet.
"Ha ha is really not afraid of death. Don’t move. I’ll go alone. You can just wait in the back."
Ji Xiaotian is really angry. It seems that a person’s good temper is also a shortcoming. He doesn’t want to make trouble with others, but he keeps looking for tricks. Xiaotian finds that he doesn’t set up a threat again. That’s really what a cat and a dog will bully himself here. This is definitely unbearable for Ji Xiaotian, especially because he has left a team to let Geer lead him. He doesn’t want to waste his energy around here.
Therefore, it is confessed that Slay and them should not make a rash move in the back. They took the Teng one person and two people to break away in this way. Their speed was so fast that the speed of space battleship around was much slower, which was equivalent to a teleport. They arrived at the back of the team in a blink of an eye and were far from each other.
"The newcomers are old and don’t kill famous people!"
Looking at the dark side of a large group of people, a strange idea suddenly appeared in Xiao Tian’s brain. Before reading the so-called romance novels, everyone thought that it was impossible to fight alone when the two armies confronted each other. But actually, Xiao Tian’s own strength is used to measure that the other side really has a master who is similar to himself, and it is not impossible to win or lose this battle.
In the eyes of experts, the number of these ordinary experts is just a pile of numbers, and it is only a matter of time before they want to be eliminated there.
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Can’t swing the shadow
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Can’t swing the shadow
It is said that Ji Xiaotian shouted a very classic line. If he rides a burly horse with pike weapons again, everything will be even more vivid. Of course, these thoughts just flash in Ji Xiaotian’s mind. His purpose in doing so is naturally not fun, but to know who his enemy is. Although it is not very important, he doesn’t mind knowing something by the way.
"you are that mysterious man who destroy my million-strong army?"
Small day such a voice is really some effect. It won’t be long before one comes out from that group of people. This guy is a big bald man, not to mention wearing a long black trench coat. What do you think of it? It’s all about dressing up and saying it. It’s even more about Xiaotian. He doesn’t talk much in his heart, but every word is like hitting Xiaotian’s heart.
Spiritual Power This guy actually has a good spiritual power, although it is far from Xiaotian, who has a four-level Jin Xian spiritual power abnormal condition, but it is also considerable. According to the plan, it is estimated that this guy may have the same spiritual power as that Teng because he has a nine-level fairy peak, and that Teng has a first-level Jin Xian spiritual power, which is also shaken by this guy’s words.
Fortunately, Teng’s strength is not just an ordinary nine-level fairy. His spiritual strength has reached the first level. Jin Xian’s two golden lights flashed in his eyes, and his body quickly returned to normal. There is no such thing as not adapting to this result. Seeing in the eyes, it is more certain that this guy should be the same spiritual strength as a nine-level fairy.
It’s a very interesting thing to meet a guy with such strength in the human world. It’s more meaningful to look at this big bald head in a small day, which makes the big bald head feel a little pressure.
"Who are you? Don’t you have a name? Are you the leader of all these demons?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Ji Xiaotian didn’t continue to oppress him with spiritual strength, and he still had some words to ask each other. Although there were thousands of meters away, in the eyes of people like Ji Xiaotian, it was no different from being in front of himself. Even if he spoke, he didn’t feel any obstacles. He could still hear each other clearly when he said it casually.
This is that Ji Xiaotian will have stronger self-confidence after he has strong strength. If he has no confidence at all, Ji Xiaotian will not be able to stay freely in the celestial world and the human world. Even if this person is the so-called grand marshal, Ji Xiaotian still doesn’t pay much attention to his calculation. Xiaotian pays more attention to what is the power behind this grand marshal.
Ji Xiaotian is patient here. On the one hand, it is because of reasons. On the other hand, Ji Xiaotian is also very curious about how this grand marshal has the strength of the fairy level. You know, even the fairy strength can walk sideways in the human world, and it is no wonder that this grand marshal has such strong strength here.
It was when Ji Xiaotian took the opportunity to seriously explore the grand marshal’s situation that I almost died of anger. It turned out that this grand marshal was similar to Ji Xiaotian’s situation. His spiritual strength is far beyond his own strength, which is much greater than Ji Xiaotian’s first-class strength gap, but it is the immortal level master who has such a strong spiritual strength.
It’s true that you’re so curious, but you’re also a little angry.
"Yes, I am the commander of the flying birds and stars. My name is Dartsch. I don’t know what the pavilion is called. I have come here again. These demons are dead set on following you, which makes me very admired by Dartsch!"
Ji Xiaotian really got some good words. Dartsch took Ji Xiaotian as a real opponent, but he didn’t believe that it would be possible to get away with it if he led this elite soldier to surround him. This is simply unimaginable. He didn’t take more than two million troops behind him, and there were hundreds of thousands of demons around to intercept Ji Xiaotian. They had a total of three million demons brought by him at one time.
There are about five million demons in Dartsch’s hands, which is that he commands the whole flying birds, stars and horses, except that they are still outside. Hundreds of thousands of horses have been counted, and Xiaotian has solved one million demons by himself. He has brought his hands to the Ministry of Demons.
The wisest Dartsch except sent in front to intercept Ji Xiaotian, and they had to move space battleship. Their line of people didn’t make space battleship even ordinary transport ships be carefully parked far away from the planet Xuefen. Naturally, they did so because Xiaotian Gen was not afraid of the threat of warships. If there was no need, it would be better not to let warships lose.
In Dartsch, if you want to come, you can solve it by relying on your own three million demons and adding yourself. Moreover, the main problem is still in the sky. Instead, hundreds of thousands of demons were forced to surrender here. Dartsch didn’t care at all, so he focused on it. Xiaotian didn’t realize that he had provoked people and shouldn’t have provoked them.
This guy is still here with his demeanor, as if it is not enough. He is the head of this star. The demon strength is very strong, and the demon grand marshal is even more tough. Of course, this guy doesn’t know that Ji Xiaotian is from the celestial world. Ji Xiaotian has the lowest skill among them, and Teng Du vidal is a little better.
As he spoke, Dartsch felt something was wrong, because he clearly felt that the momentum of the other party was getting stronger and stronger, and he didn’t talk about it because of his Kan Kan. On the contrary, the more he said, the stronger the momentum of the other party became, as if he were going to swallow him up.
It’s like, well, it’s like Ji Xiaotian, where there is a huge black hole. If you look at it, it will be swallowed up independently and more and more. This discovery makes Dutch face look scared. He can’t help biting the tip of his tongue and making himself feel a strong pain. Only then can he suddenly recover and fall into it.
Just for a moment, Dartsch was soaked to the skin, and sweat was everywhere. There was not much difference between the whole person and such a horrible person who was fished out of the water. It was definitely the first time that he met such a terrible person. He couldn’t help but beat a retreat in his heart and quietly took a step back. But he calculated that if something was wrong, he would throw up his hand and run away quickly.
It’s no wonder that he, Dartsch, is so powerful that he would have such an idea. Otherwise, he would still be thinking about fighting and fighting, and he wouldn’t have such a retreat idea so soon. He naturally didn’t know that in the form, he engraved in his heart the feeling that Ji Xiaotian could not overcome.
If not, how can it be said that Ji Xiaotian is powerful? He is not only powerful in fairy yuan, but also powerful in spirit. Xiaotian root didn’t deliberately just look here, which gave Dartsch a very heavy pressure and made him feel breathless. This doubt is very severe.
Even if Dartsch tried to get rid of reality, he got rid of it a little, but it was still very difficult to really recover from the special influence of Ji Xiaotian. It felt that it would be hard for a generation to forget it once, unless Ji Xiaotian personally solved the pain for Dartsch, even Dahl would leave a big shadow after he successfully escaped.
Dartsch is not an ordinary person. Although he still has a lot of shadows in his heart, he has been able to understand what is going on. He deeply knows where his problem is. He has a astringent remark, but he can’t spit out a word. No, it’s because the strength gap between him and Ji Xiaotian is too big that there is no chance to change it.
You can’t come to escape. Dartsch knows that maybe today is the anniversary of his death. He knew this early. For example, he wouldn’t be able to bite off more than he can chew. Now he regrets coming here. No, he has crustily skin of head and led a group of hands to rush toward Ji Xiaotian. His idea is very clear. That is to rely on the number of people to bring down Ji Xiaotian.
He doesn’t believe that Ji Xiaotian, no matter how powerful he is, can directly confront himself. The three million demons are different from those sent out before. Now his hands are all really elite, and the worst are all five demons. Many of them are six and even seven demons. With such a powerful force around him, Dartsch feels that he is courageous and much stronger.
At the very least, Dartsch is not so nervous and feels that he still has a glimmer of hope. If the devil can delay the plan for a small day, he will have a chance to escape. If he has such a chance, Dartsch will appear, but he has made up his mind that he must escape as quickly as possible.
Chapter three hundred and sixteen seasoned road grand marshal