Is paired with answer dragonfly way satisfied look at the paired dragonfly turned around and gestured to shearer.

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Immediately, I saw Shiller and Longfei changing positions and said, ladies and gentlemen, in this battle, we will not only occupy Funandos, but more importantly, capture or kill it alive. This is the most important strategy for every soldier of our Tianlong Army. According to our intelligence day, it has been moving back and forth in the fortresses of the central capital for nearly half a year. I think he is probably worried that we will send killers and assassins, so it will continue to change.
Although the operation is under our control, when the war breaks out, it is hard to say whether he will move his position or abscond alone. The first thing the legions should do after occupying the tactical points is to strictly investigate suspicious people.
Make sure that the day escapes under the nose of the legion, not only the senior officers will be punished, but even the head of the army will be responsible for it. Do you understand?
Strategist, rest assured, master, we will live up to your master’s military expectations.
Hehe, everyone is not so serious. Even if he really gets away, how can he lose everything? It’s the biggest punishment for this dog thief. It’s not bad to let him live a hide-and-seek day forever. Well, that’s all for today’s meeting. You return to the legions and issue mobilization orders to prepare for the bloody group exhibition.
At the end of the military meeting, the response to the crash hit the fate of the blood-killing group. Although dragonfly said it was easy, when he walked to the courtyard alone, he still showed his expectation of sadness. A few years ago, dragonfly still recognized himself as an enemy of the hand blade, and his heart would return to normal. However, when he personally killed Liu Ji, he didn’t feel relaxed at all. Now dragonfly has long lost in this world, and it can never be lost.
Why is Xiao sighing here alone? Suddenly, a person walks in the shadow not far away.
Master Longfei’s words haven’t finished yet. He saw 30 members of the Dragon Knights rushing around and immediately surrounded blade master.
Because the dragonfly has been attacked by the magic royal family, Shiller and others will follow and protect dozens of knights wherever he goes, even if Shiller and others are close to the dragonfly or hand weapons with bad intentions, they will also attack mercilessly.
You back dragonfly saw many soldiers surrounded by big blade master immediately said.
Is the master warrior small captain respectfully brought life immediately after the people scattered everywhere as if nothing had happened.
Hehe, others say that being an official feels just different. I really don’t believe it now. Look at you. Just walking, dozens of people echo each other. It’s more beautiful to want to come to the street. Big blade master laughs
Master, you made fun of me. How have you been recently? I haven’t seen you for a long time. I really want you to come in and sit down. Dragonfly warmly greeted blade master and wanted to take him into his room.
However, blade master stood still and smiled and said to the dragonfly, "Silly little, you have grown up and become stronger. The master is also happy that he has been in good health recently. However, it is a very important thing for you to discuss today. I wonder if you will agree."
Oh, I don’t know what the master wants me to do. I will definitely be a dragonfly, full of sincerity, and said to Big blade master.
This thing you must do big blade master smiled and then turned his back on the dragonfly. You recently prepared to attack the bloody regiment, right?
Do you want the dog thief to intercede with the dragonfly? The face is gradually cold and said to the big blade master.
Yes, I know that God killed your parents cruelly, but God is also a hardship. At that time, if you could give him Swart, such a great tragedy would not have happened. In fact, this matter is both of you.
Blade master stopped talking before he finished, because he suddenly felt a murderous look enveloping his whole body.
Say to this matter exactly how dragonfly cold tone said
Dragonfly, I know your heart hurts, but it’s been so long, and you’ve got everything you want, and you can’t give the blood-killing group a way out. After all, they also said to you in those days, blade master.
Ha ha ha ha. I really didn’t expect that the dog thief was really outstanding and could move everyone to admire the elder blade master. It’s a pity that he was wrong about one thing. Dragonfly Jerome has always been feuding, and no one will shake the dragonfly. It’s like a sword piercing the heart of blade master.
Dragonfly scruples to continue to say that Ge can go back and tell God that the dog thief wants me to let go of the blood killing regiment, but he must promise me the following conditions: first, my parents have been in contact with accomplices; second, I will ask him to climb to my parents’ grave with his head held; third, I will apologize to them; if one of them can’t do it, it depends on whether he gets away from me again. Haha.
Dragonfly, you’ve really changed and become cold and affectionate. blade master suddenly sank and said.
I’ve changed. Haha, everyone will say that he’s changed because others are bad for him. Now I’m more loyal. Can you say forget it? Don’t lecture me in front of me in a senior tone. After all, you are not as greedy for fame and fortune, otherwise you will come to this muddy water again. The words are both bitter and mean, stabbing big blade master in the chest like a sword.
Is humbled big blade master suddenly become angry from embarrassment to display the true qi as if to dragonfly fighting instantly his breath was pinned dragonfly release the true qi at the moment is not big blade master can realize that he is no longer a dragonfly opponent big blade master forehead not cold sweat straight drop don’t know what to say.
When you are old, I risk my life every day while you are enjoying fame. Now you are no longer my opponent, let alone the opponent of Tianlong Army. If you dare to block our army’s progress, I will not hesitate to tear you to pieces and call you your master because I respect you, but you don’t even know how to respect yourself. A dog thief works hard, then I will never admit this master, said Long Feiyang.
Looking at the dragonfly, blade master really doesn’t know what to say. Maybe he is so old that he doesn’t even have the courage to face a big challenge. The world is changing every day. Maybe dragonfly change is the last thing he wants to see.
Chapter 25 Chapter 100 Little soldier Mark
Funandos province is bordered by punk in the north, by urban community in the south and Swart in the east, and Chilisha in the west. Although its location is not the strategic hub of the Kingdom of Bassos, it is very complicated.
In particular, the mixed zone separating many small countries in the Punk Empire of the Kingdom of Besos in the north is the area where the bloody killing group has frequent activities, so the bloody killing group has a consolidation force there. Today, when the bloody killing group occupied Funandos, those small countries became the logistics base for the bloody killing group to raise materials.
Because of this, the dragonfly and dragon army can never sit back and watch the blood kill the regiment to consolidate, otherwise it will cause very serious obstacles to the future strategy
However, the development of things is always expected to be very different. Just as Tianlong Army completed all preparations and was about to declare war on Fu Nandos, when Dick and his wife avenged themselves, blade master suddenly appeared in front of Dragonfly.
In the face of the past, my teacher once gave him a lot of help and taught him that martial arts artists were suddenly on the enemy’s side, which was a blow to dragonfly. Unfortunately, everyone misjudged dragonfly’s determination to avenge his parents. At this moment, dragonfly will never be shaken. If he is an enemy, he will die.
Look at the murderous look overflowing without mercy. Dragonfly blade master is silent for a long time. He really wants Dragonfly to start work, so even if Dragonfly can defeat him, he will pay a terrible price.
At the moment, he is still hesitating, because I am afraid he can only understand the feeling of being both happy and resistant when he looks at his favorite teenager and the most terrible enemy.
Dragonfly launched the true qi, which quickly attracted the attention of several experts in Tianlong Army. It was Black Dragon Gert who rushed to the scene the fastest. For him, thousands of soldiers rushed to kill the battlefield, which was not the place where he exerted his strength. One-on-one confrontation could make him completely free.
Although there were many misunderstandings about his dragonfly before, it is already over now. It is black dragon’s command and his will for Gert to protect his dragonfly.
Snow Shearer arrived at the scene in Gelt soon. Now, although snow and ice have always been the strongest weapon in the courtyard corridor, she has been specially trained. She has a very special keen feeling about the true spirit. blade master is strong and overbearing, but the true reason for her confusion is that the dragonfly is full of true spirit.
Shearer is a secret family full of mysterious characters. He not only has a higher IQ than ordinary people, but also has an ancient oriental occultism, that is, a dragonfly. He has repeatedly asked about the origin of Shearer, and he has always responded with a smile, which seems to have caused him special and painful memories in his past. However, whatever Shearer does, the dragonfly can accept it because Shearer is a real pillar for Tianlong Army.