Long Feifan said beside me, What is it?

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I don’t know. Just look at the past and you will know that things have already gone through once, and there is also a person around me who said that he wants to protect me. I was a little bold in an instant and quickly followed.
I didn’t see this guy clearly before, but I have to see him clearly this time.
However, this white shadow is floating, and it feels like it’s hard to speculate because of its fast pace.
What happened when I chased the door was exactly the same as in my dream.
After the white shadow disappeared, the official azure appeared, but the only thing was that the dragon was not with me in the dream, and now the dragon is with me.
And Guan Tianqing’s words are also somewhat similar to my dream. When I saw me here, I was slightly surprised and asked, why are you here?
I looked at Guan Tianqing and said that I would wait for you to give me the door key.
A touch of red in Guan Tianqing Zheng’s hand is the key to my dream.
Guan Tianqing seemed to hesitate for a while and then said that you are not as courageous and wise as your grandfather.
I know, I admit that I want to be as cunning as my grandfather. Am I still drunk?
After hesitating for a while, Guan Tianqing still put the key in his hand into my hand. After waiting for you for so many years, you finally came, but I don’t know whether this is a blessing or a curse.
It’s a blessing, not a curse. It’s a curse. But why do you think so much? I grabbed the key and said, Can I help you?
Guan Tianqing took a look and said, I’ve finished. It’s up to you, or not? When have you decided?
Speaking officer azure wants to turn around and walk for two steps and then stop and say, Long Yan, that old guy should not want you.
I glanced at Guan Tianqing angrily. Why does this man talk so much? I am angry at the thought of the old man. Although the old white guy does something, even if it is irritating, it is definitely good for me, but I don’t know anything about it. I still hold my breath.
I glanced at the dragon, and his face looked a little dignified. Although I have never seen him look gloomy, this man seems indifferent to everything, but the fact is that he should be worried for quite a few days.
Do you want to go in now or did I take a look at Long Feifan and ask his advice? Now it’s just the two of us. I’m going in, and he will definitely go in. If I don’t go in, he won’t go in either.
I’m thinking about whether to call Liu Yigang to get up. I always feel that this matter is bigger than me and should not involve others. But if I don’t call Liu Yigang, I think that Liu Yigang will twist my head when he finds out.
Also Ma Xiaolan and Kyubi no Youko almost forgot to return the terrifying guy and the "tree" gang.
"The tree that a few people is the key lies in the rest of the people.
Just then, the terrifying clap on my shoulder scared me, and I almost dumped the key in my hand as an exorcism battle towards the terrifying face. If I did, it is estimated that this white and tender face of terrifying will be ruined.
Ma Xiaolan and Kyubi no Youko are now, and finally Liu Yigang and Mi Shu are now.
A few people heard the sound of Guan Tianqing walking in the corridor, so they couldn’t sleep. They came to see someone and then found me. I have to say that these people’s ears are stuck up when they sleep, so I must sleep with a dead pig. Chapter 24 Face mirror.
After chatting at the door for a while, several of us decided to act now.
When my official azure left the key door, his heart beat fast and he didn’t know what was going on inside.
As soon as the door first entered our eyes, it was a dark staircase. Liu Yigang took the lead in it and groped around and said there was no light.
Wait a minute, I’ll talk with the tool. Mi Shu has turned and ran to his room.
Mi Shu came back with a small bag and three hands and gave them to me, Liu Yigang and Ma Xiaolan respectively.
Liu Yigang looked at Mi Shu’s backpack and asked what 3f was in it.
I think this place is a little weird. Miki gave me a look.
I mean "Bai Mi Shu". I also feel that this place is a little weird. Be careful anyway.
Guan Tianqing gave me the key to the door. I don’t know what it means. It’s really strange in my home, and I can’t just give people the key. But a strong intuition tells me that something must be on this side. It seems that everything will be solved.
And coincidence is it that I feel like this? People feel the same.
A person’s intuition may be an illusion, but it is not necessarily true if people feel the same.
I took the lead and walked at the front. Mi Shu has a bright hand. It seems that these people are quite prepared when they come.
The steps are spiraling to look long and lead to the ground, which seems deep. Although the tube in my hand is full of light, it can’t shine to the end.
I’ve never met a ghost hunter before in this place, and I feel flustered when I walk, but the more I walk, the more familiar I feel, as if I often walk the stairs like this.
As they walked along, Ma Xiaolan said be careful.
Everyone is very cautious, and no one talks very quietly. Probably no one knows what is hidden in the face.
For Liu Yigang, hiding a face may be a murderer, for Ma Xiaolan and I, it may be a ghost, but for others, it may be something else.
The stairs are very long, and we walked slowly for about ten minutes before we reached the bottom.
When I got to the last stair, I was shocked by myself. I saw seven lights shining towards me in front of me. I froze for a second before I realized that there was a mirror in front of me. I found the light from the mirror.
Because the mirror lit up a lot in a flash.
Mirror Ma Xiaolan and others came and looked at the mirror suspiciously.
In the middle of the night, there are not so many people, and I have to pee in front of the mirror. The mirror is about two meters long. The mirror is surrounded by a circle on the stairs, and it seems that several identical worlds have been formed.
It is always strange to say that the mirror in the middle of the night will be a ghost, or that the mirror is the door to another world, which is said to all people.
I’ve never studied the mirror, and I’ve never been shy about whether to look in the mirror in the middle of the night. People say that the artist is bold, but my skill is not high, but I’m still a little timid. I’ve never been shy about those taboos in the mirror in the middle of the night, and I’ve been staring at the mirror at 12 o’clock, but nothing has happened. The only feeling is that people who look in the mirror for a long time will be in a trance and sweat.
What are so many mirrors for? Liu Yigang boldly walked to the front and asked after watching them for half a day.