Wu Yu took Qi Shuang and walked out of the bar quickly, revealing a face of panic. Qi Shuang’s face was not very good. She stepped on high heels and quickly chased Wu Yu. She stretched out her hand and took Wu Yu’s arm nervously and asked, "Sister Wu, was that manager Ni Shi Ni just now?"

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"What do you say? Who can imitate the general appearance and momentum of Ni? " Wu Yuding stopped fidgety and said, "I said that you are also good. Why do you suddenly want to say that?" Since you haven’t said it for so long, let it rot in your stomach? "
Qi Shuang wronged his lips and said in a low voice, "I’m also bored with the general assembly in my heart. I also need to find a place to vent. I just didn’t expect manager Ni to appear in this small shop!"
"Now the problem is not always Ni but that woman! When I saw manager Ni, I suddenly remembered that that woman was Anluo! Anluo and Jessica Fong Ching are good! If she hears you, I will get more than I can chew, and maybe I will be sentenced! "
Qi Shuang turned pale. "Sister Wu, you said it was getting scary."
"This is a fact!"
Qi Shuang shook his head fiercely. "Sister Wu, don’t scare me. She must not have heard so many people eating at that time. It was messy. Besides, she didn’t look at us again. She didn’t see her when we left. We didn’t scare ourselves. She must not have heard it!"
Wu Yu screwed up her eyebrows tightly and said, "I hope so."
NiHaoDong settled down after smoking a cigarette and turned to ask NiHaoDong "SenQuan there now? What is the response after the new drug market? "
"Why do you suddenly care about this?" Ni Haodong raised his eyebrows high and asked, "Do you still want to go back to Senquan?"
"No, I suddenly remembered. Just asking."
NiHaoDong hesitated for a few seconds and shook his head and smiled. "Not so good. There is a new minister in the planning department. Generally, the promotion of new drugs before and after the market is not as good as that of Jingting Pharmaceutical."
"So Senquan needs a capable person to take the area?" Sit down and twist your eyebrows in a thoughtful way.
After the string came, they ate and talked, took a bite of the delicious mutton string and cocked their heads and laughed. "How about letting Zhou Mi take the Senquan area?"
Ni Haodong also denied that "he won’t go to his usual work, and he will go back to the waves when he saves time."
"Before," Ann fell a mouthful of juice gush out choked cough along while NiHaoDong gave her a clap her back faint said, "what are you doing such a big reaction? I said it was wrong? "
"Ahem, that’s right. Ahem, if I can get Zhou Mi to take Senquan, how can you thank me?"
"You? Stop blowing. "
He obviously doesn’t believe it, and his eyes are all written "Don’t be natural"! An Luo raised her eyebrows and snorted "You’ll see."
I heard that Zhou Mi and Jessica Fong Ching had misunderstood each other for so many years, and Huo Jingting got mixed up in it. If there were not enough chips before, she would add another one to him. She didn’t believe that Zhou Mi’s beloved wife maniac would be indifferent after hearing this? Give him a platform that can justifiably defeat Huo Jingting, and he will be lucky!
Ni Haodong couldn’t help shaking his head when he saw her confident face. What the hell is it like to pull out the secret by himself? Isn’t he clear? Now he is not short of money, but he misunderstood his wife for more than seven years when he was bored, and now he finally broke out. He can’t wait to make up for all the seven years of love! He won’t agree to let him manage things outside his scope when the form occupies him!
A long time later, he pulled out a paper towel and wiped his mouth and smiled. "If you can say that Zhou Mi Guan Senquan, I will."
"So what?" An Luo raised her eyebrows and asked with a smile
"You say? What do you want? "
After thinking about it for a while, she didn’t lack anything. Besides, it was purely an accident. She twisted her eyebrows and thought for a few seconds, and then her lips smiled. "If I told Zhou Mi, you would go to the living room to sleep for a month!"
Cheng Xue gave her medicine almost finished. Cheng Xue said that it is best to stop sleeping together for a month after the medicine is finished, which is very beneficial to the palace cultivation. It is thought that when the time comes, I will tell Ni Haodong the truth, but I don’t want to tell him if this medicine is not available. What if this medicine is available? Wouldn’t it be a great surprise to be pregnant?
"Oh," he leaned back in the chair, lit a cigarette, took a sip and cocked his head and asked her, "What if you lose?"
"You said"
"I want to sleep how to sleep! Have to listen to me. "
Section 3
"Ha!" NiHaoDong laughed until he reached his ears. Laugh with your eyes down and snigger. Now laugh as much as you can, and there will be times when you cry!
After dinner, I came out of the string bar and went home to settle down, but I didn’t see Ni Haodong’s car
"Where’s your car?" After crossing the street, she turned to ask him by her car.
"I took a taxi to two people and two cars to go back, which seemed distant."
With that, he bypassed the co-pilot door and sat in. How much he thought about it!
When she got up, she was depressed and found out that he mainly didn’t want to play hooligans when the waves were on the road! When he put his hand on her leg for the nth time, she couldn’t help but pull over and yell at him, "How can I drive when you always do this?"
"What kind?"
"What do you say!"
"Ha touch legs can’t car? Why don’t I touch my leg? "
"You go away."
The hot lip suddenly stuck to settle down and tried to retreat, but he firmly buckled the back of his head.
After a kiss, her face flushed and she poked her finger at the tip of his nose and repeatedly warned, "If you touch anything again, you will sleep in the living room today!"
He looked cold and turned his head out of the window and said, "Drive!" " The car wonn’t let you go home to the head office, will it
After getting up for a while and turning at a crossroads, Ni Haodong said strangely, "Hey, isn’t it the way home?"
"Well," Ann dropped her eyes from his face and glanced at the corners of her mouth. "I suddenly remembered that I haven’t been to the martial arts hall for several days. It’s fine today. Would you like to accompany me to practice?"
Ni Haodong’s eyes were black as ink, and his eyebrows piled up in the hills, and he shrank his neck and dared not look at him again.
Text 469 What thank me?
Just when she regretted saying this and wanted to turn around and go back, he suddenly hooked up his lips and laughed, "Good, I’ll just exercise together."
Ann turned her head and caught a glimpse of the cunning in the corner of his eye. She swallowed saliva and turned to the steering wheel to turn around at the front intersection, but he pinched her skin with one hand and said, "Where are you going?" The martial arts school hasn’t arrived yet. It’s too early to turn here. "
"Oh, hehe, I remember wrong." She pretended to be calm and continued to drive
When I arrived at the martial arts hall, Ni Haodong greeted Feng Yuan and asked him to go to work with others. He was in charge of her training program this afternoon …
Ann fell dumbfounded watching feng stay away from the back.
"See what? Is he as good as me? " NiHaoDong reached out and knocked on her forehead.
"… it’s not a question of whether it looks good or not." Seek light abuse!
"What’s your expression? Afraid of me? I haven’t had a long wound, and I won’t force you too much. "NiHaoDong said as he took off his suit and coat, and his head hung slightly and he was lazy to roll up his shirt sleeve.
That look is full of contempt for Ann.
Hey, I’m a little eager to see him show off in an ostentatious manner. She remembered that Feng Yuan once said to her, "It’s not terrible that someone loses outside the mountain. It’s terrible that a martial artist doesn’t even have the courage to try his best."
Ni Haodong looked up and saw that Anluo was doing preparatory activities. His smile grew stronger at the bottom of his eyes. Seeing that his eyes were numb, the final result was that she was already very strong and she could deal with two or three hooligans with her bare hands. She was bullied by Ni Haodong for a whole afternoon like a cat teasing a mouse.
"Get up!" He rested on her hips and looked down at her, panting with her eyes closed.
"I’m sorry," she gasped for a moment and frowned and said, "I can’t get up."
I can’t get up, I’m sore all over, and I’m too tired to take off my strength. She has made all the tricks she has learned, and she can’t take advantage of them. In the end, she has a lot of tricks to scratch her hair and face. For her shrew style of play, she is pushed to the ground by his long legs before she can reach her hand every time.
Shit! She must have found a fake man! What a heavy hand!