After hearing Li Heng’s words, the ghost king suddenly sent out a series of sharp smiles in the black’ color’ fog again. "Jie Jie has no problem, but he said that if you want to give it back to Wang Freeseat, it can help you solve this person."

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Two people’ pay’ points, there is no hiding meaning. Xiang Ye naturally heard it at this moment, but he didn’t take it to heart or pressed his hands hard. There was almost no defense means to make tian feng scream. At this moment, Feng Tianxiao was directly hit like a sandbag and fell to the ground. There was no ability to attack again. If it weren’t for his body-level monk’s defense, I’m afraid that the force attack that day could directly make him disappear.
"Solve me? Is Ge talking in his sleep? Don’t, I can’t see that if you are really a nine-level monk, maybe I will still be afraid, but I really don’t care about the present state. "Xiang Ye said coldly to the ghost king.
Opposite the ghost king at this time to look at the Xiang Ye don’t watch it doesn’t matter to see Ye Xiang after Xiang Ye hand still slightly residual some heaven and earth force ghost king also can’t help god’ color’ a clot, but then returned to normal "a small level monk although some strength but in the eyes of all of you is still careless".
"Well, stop talking nonsense and do it!" Li said impatiently to the prince of the devils at this time
After hearing Li Heng’s words, the ghost king didn’t refute him although he was a little unhappy. After all, he is still controlled by Li Heng’s "fuck". Once he is out of this person’s control, he is still behind.
God’s "color" and "yin" sen took a look at Li Heng, and the ghost king had rushed to Xiang Ye with a burst of black fog around him and rushed to Ye Xiangyong.
Li Heng had just finished speaking at this time, and the scattered sand man appeared again, which really made him fidgety, but there was no way. After all, he was now in Xiang Ye’s law system, and it seemed that the sand man would not disappear.
Eyebrows a wrinkly slightly looked at a toward his attack to the ghost king Xiang Ye eyes involuntarily flashing, he clearly felt the ghost king body force of heaven and earth is not weak at this time, the black fog around the ghost king has force of heaven and earth.
Knowing that the ghost king is terrible, he naturally can’t fool others with his hands. It’s another complicated tactic. He keeps typing out’ Fuck’ and accused himself of attacking the seven evil spirits around him. At this time, there have been many layers of wind blades cascading against the ghost king.
At that time, the prince of the devils and the black fog department were surrounded by these wind blades, and it was actually difficult to rush out. Seeing here, Ye Xiang is a big hand and a wave of his hand, and the forces of heaven and earth slowly converge. Finally, a knife with a shimmering waist knife has quietly appeared in front of him, and these forces of heaven and earth have slowly merged into the waist knife. Finally, the waist knife has dissipated again in it, and I don’t know where it is.
Finally, a quarter of an hour later, the ghost king broke through the siege of the wind blade. At this time, the appearance was already a little embarrassed. Although these wind blades were not very powerful, there were too many, and there were some strange energy in them, which made him a little afraid. This made it difficult to solve the problem that the wind blade looked at Xiang Ye and his eyes were unconscious. It was already great anger.
"After a while, you will die miserably …"
However, his words have just finished, which shocked him. Things have reappeared. The wind blade group has reappeared. Seeing this behind the scenes, the face of the ghost king has changed greatly. Just now, he has suffered some hardships, but now he will naturally not fall into it again.
Eyebrows and anger, the ghost king didn’t turn around and came to the fallen Feng Tianxiao. He saw a pair of skinny claws sticking out from the black fog and directly caught the fallen Feng Tianxiao, and then he had pulled the monk into the black fog.
"Although this old guy is in poor health, it’s better than nothing. I’ll show you the real strength." The sharp voice of the ghost king has come out from the black fog.
Then the black fog around him actually condensed toward the inside, and finally it slowly dissipated. tian feng Xiao’s old body was also straight there at this moment. The root was not hurt at all, and the momentum was also a nine-level monk
Xiang Ye looked at this body and changed its color. Although the root of this body is Feng Tianxiao, those eyes Xiang Ye know that it was just here. The eyes of the ghost king are full of red blood without human emotions. There is also a faint cold mountain in it, and there is a feeling of fear after people see it.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-three Each state of mind
"Swallow?" Xiang Ye God’s’ color’ changed slightly, and once again’ fuck’ controlled the wind blade all over the sky to attack Feng Tianxiao.
At this time, the sharp voice of the Ghost King also appeared, "Not bad, borrow his body for the time being-run for your life while you are young, or I think your body is so good that I have never seen it just to be my’ flesh’ body in these years!"
Xiang Ye’s face showed "dew" when he heard the words of the Ghost King, and he dared to covet his "flesh" body. Damn it, he stopped talking. Xiang Ye’s hand trembled again. A huge hammer with a handle of science has appeared with complex lines and ferocious momentum, which directly made the surrounding gas tremble.
When the ghost king saw these dense wind blades, he no longer avoided sticking out his dry arm to see the sky at one point. At this time, a small dark cloud was formed, and at the same time, a burst of thunder came, which seemed like rain.
Xiang Ye God’s "color" is also a bit suspicious "confused". He has never seen this move, but it can summon a cumulonimbus cloud. It seems that these old guys are all closet tricks.
Xiang Ye naturally dare not underestimate this strange move, so when he was not clear about its power, he chose to observe calmly, and at the same time, a bell-shaped barrier at the outermost part of his body had appeared, covering him inside, followed by a surge of force, and a layer of mighty armor appeared in an instant.
At this time, the dark cloud has come to the head of the ghost king. At this time, his hands are playing against the dark cloud again, and the thunder has already sounded. At the same time, a drop of black rain falls on the ground in the dark cloud.
These raindrops are falling faster and faster, and all the wind blades that fall into the rain are touched by the rain, but they don’t disappear and can’t support a breath.
That’s not all. After Xiang Ye saw the rain fall to the ground, there were waves of black smoke on the ground, and at the same time, there were waves of burnt smell and extremely corrosive strength.
"Have a taste of my dark clouds …"
Seeing that all the wind blades have disappeared, the ghost king’s face’ dew’ gave a thick smile, and then he shook his finger at Ye Xiang and saw that the static dark clouds were moving slowly. Finally, the speed suddenly rose for a moment and appeared on Xiang Ye’s head, which made it impossible for him to temporarily avoid Ye Xiang.
At this time, pieces of black water poured from it towards Xiang Ye and just came into contact with the outermost bell-shaped barrier of his body. At this time, a "squeaky squeaky" sound rang, and the bell-shaped barrier’ meat’ eyes could see that the speed was shrinking.
At the same time, Xiang Ye also felt a burst of source force rushing towards the bell-shaped barrier surface to support it for a while. Finally, Ye Xiangnai found that his bell-shaped barrier had to dissipate with time.
Nai Yexiang is no longer Lang Yuanli’s hands move slightly, and suddenly the bell-shaped barrier has disappeared. At the same time, the black’ color’ rain department falls against the source armor on his body surface.
Xiang Ye knows that since the bell-shaped barrier is difficult to resist these black’ color’ rain, its own source armor is not too big. A slight movement in the mouth and a’ fine’ pure energy have been spit out. With the appearance of this’ fine’ pure energy, there are waves of heaven and earth coming around.
On the surface of Ye Xiangyuan’s armor, this force of heaven and earth slowly covered the surface. Suddenly, these powerful black’ color’ raindrops were blocked. Seeing here, Ye Xiangcai was slightly relieved, but he also knew that he would not last long or he would have to solve this ghost king as soon as possible, otherwise once the force of heaven and earth was consumed, he would be in danger.
Hand hammer science at this time has once again increased a few minutes as Xiang Ye body flash has quickly leaned against the ghost king directly is you’re welcome to a hammer.
The ghost king here wanted to see how Xiang Ye struggled in his bitter water. I didn’t expect to be easily resisted by this person and stopped by the force of heaven and earth.
In the face of Xiang Ye this heavy hammer ghost king nature can’t turn back, he is also the best at this kind of melee, although at this time with the help of Feng Tianxiao * * he is still confident in himself.
Suddenly, I waved to Zhong Hao Tian Hammer and saw a dark pillar like ink. After the pillar appeared, I slowly formed a huge axe. It seems that the momentum is not inferior to Ye Xiang’s science Tian Hammer.
Axe and sledgehammer hit each other hard. Xiang Ye’s mouth twitched inadvertently. He didn’t expect the other party to actually rely on a spell to condense out the axe and resist his own science hammer. After all, he knew the power of his science hammer
And the prince of the devils is also shocked at this moment. His style is also powerful in his own family. Shapeshifting is also just as good as resisting the hammer. It seems that the power of this life source is not weak.
Come again … "
Ghost king fierce’ sex’ at this time has been Xiang Ye’ shock’ to unexpectedly again waving a huge axe at Xiang Ye heavily cut to a pair of must tell who is bad.
At that time, two figure out of proportion to their own hands collide again and again, and the deafening sound of "desire" keeps coming.
At this time, all the monks around watching the chapter are numb. They finally know what a real master is. This level of combat base is the most’ fine’ battle I have ever seen in my life.
This cool young man with a straight figure has deeply rooted in their hearts. Although they don’t know this person, I believe that no matter whether this person can win today or not, his name will definitely be in the East Dragon Empire.