"hey! This is a lot to see … "

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Not far away, Baiqiang saw this situation, but he couldn’t help smiling treacherously, fearing that the sky would not be chaotic.
"Fu Wang is calm!"
Zhou Hong Zhong was startled and greeted Lu Fei with his arms. He quickly explained, "It’s not what you think. We didn’t mean any harm. Lu Fei is your apprentice, but he is also my grandson Zhou Hong Zhong. How can I be bad for him?"
"I just want to take him back to Zhou’s home to heal!" Zhou Hong Zhong said frankly.
Pure Yin frowned at this, but I didn’t expect that there was such a layer in it. I couldn’t help but look straight at Xiaoxiao and Lin Muyang and asked, "Is that right?"
At present, of all the people present, the only one he can believe is Xiao Xiao and Lin Muyang.
"We don’t know exactly. Anyway, Feifei himself didn’t express his position. At present, the old man is still telling the story." Xiaoxiao shook his head and immediately turned to a face of anger. "And Feifei was injured by his son!"
A listen to Liu Fei was injured by Zhou Hong Zhong’s son. Pure Yin just eased the momentum slightly and became sharp again. Looking at Zhou Hong Zhong’s eyes, I couldn’t help getting worse.
"What do you have to say?" Pure Yin stared at Zhou Hong Zhong with an angry face.
"This …"
Zhou Hong Zhong was speechless at the moment, and the situation was quite complicated. He didn’t know how to explain it to Chunyin.
"Alas …"
Hong Zhong sighed for a week before saying, "Liu Fei was really hurt by my son, but everything was caused by misunderstanding! You believe me, how can I hurt my own grandson! "
Pure cold hum a natural won’t believe Zhou Hong Zhong a word and then a sullen said, "I will investigate the twists and turns!"
"But Lu Fei, you can’t take it away!"
It is impossible for Zhou Hong Zhong to take Lu Fei away before the situation is investigated clearly
He has placed great hopes on Lu Fei, but now it is hard to see that Lu Fei is growing step by step and is moving rapidly in the direction he expects. He dare not take any risks.
"But …"
Zhou Hong Zhong frowned. Lu Fei is his grandson. He is also very worried that Lu Fei naturally wants to bring Lu Fei back to Zhou’s home to heal him.
However, the pure yin attitude is also extremely firm, and it seems that there is no room for discussion.
"All right! Stop arguing, both of you! "
At this time, I never looked at Huang Tianwang, but suddenly I said, "If you fight like this again, Lu Fei’s injury will become more and more serious!"
"I think it’s better to take Lu Fei to the Mystery Investigation Bureau first to heal the rights and wrongs, and wait until Lu Fei has healed the injury!" Huang Tianwang gave his own opinion.
"good! I have no opinion! "
Pure Yin nodded his head, and he was more inclined to the mysterious investigation bureau than the Zhou family!
"This …"
Zhou Hong Zhong seems to be hesitant when "also timely mouth advised" grandpa went to the mysterious investigation bureau! Lu Fei’s injury can no longer be delayed! "
"all right! Then I will ask you all! "
A listen to even "said Zhou Hong Zhong finally nodded and agreed to send Liu Fei to the mysterious investigation bureau to heal.
After reaching a consensus, Zhou Hong Zhong didn’t hesitate again, so he carefully handed Lu Fei to Pure Yin. Without hesitation, he picked up Lu Fei and drove the flying sword rapidly toward the mysterious investigation bureau and drove off!
After arriving at the mysterious investigation bureau, Chun Yin and Huang Tianwang were completely busy.
It was not until after midnight that Chun Yin and Huang Tianwang worked together to get Lu Fei’s body injury, which gradually stabilized and developed towards a good situation. Chun Yin was relieved and walked out of the room, facing the door, always guarding Xiaoxiao and Lin Muyang and asked, "Come on, what happened after I left?"
Xiaoxiao and Lin Muyang naturally won’t hide anything, so they quickly told the pure Yin everything!
"Fucking thing!"
After listening to the whole story, Pure Yin couldn’t help flying into a rage. On the spot, she slapped a desk in front of her!
"I think they are living shuffle when couples spend! Do tigers really treat me like a sick cat if they don’t show their arrogance? "
"Card wipe" a yellow pear wooden fairy table was shattered on the spot by the powerful palm force and several sawdust spilled all over the floor.
"Don’t be impulsive, old chap!"
Pure Yin suddenly startled Huang Tianwang, and his eyes could not help but flash a bit worried. He quickly grabbed Pure Yin and gave him a shot.
Although they haven’t seen each other for many years, Huang Tianwang knows that once this guy is crazy, it’s reckless and notoriously justifying his faults.
Now that Liu Fei has been injured, it won’t be strange for you to really do something out of line
Pure Yin was quite dissatisfied and glared at Huang Tian. "Do you think I am impulsive?"
Cold snorted a pure yin, and then a look of resentment said, "I was bullied for no reason, and I almost lost my life. M told me not to be impulsive?"
"Uh …" Huang Tianwang was speechless at the moment and even he didn’t know what to say.
"no! This matter can’t just be forgotten! " Pure Yin’s eyes glistened with hatred and swore, "Baiqiang and Huangfuxiong, two old men, know that Lu Fei is my apprentice and still dare to be so bold! If you don’t give me a statement today, I will never give up! "
"Take care of my apprentice!"
The words sound just fell and I heard "Shua", a pure shadow has disappeared straight here!
I don’t want Huang Tianwang and others to know why Chun Yin went. This guy has a lot of Hu Du, and he is still a virtue when he was young! Revenge is not overnight …
"Alas …"