"Boom …"

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In autumn, when the imperial envoy’s angry sword crossed a tortuous and fiery trajectory, it bombarded the low end of the mountain peak, and in a loud "bang" or "bang" noise, a cave was gradually formed.
In the autumn, Qian Xue’s two brothers and sisters stared at the roaring handle like a burning flame, and both of them whispered in their hearts that Qiu had made an angry sword to build the abode of fairies and immortals.
Following Qiu for a hundred years, they still know something about Qiu’s trademark treasure Qianxue, and they all know that the angry sword is Qiu’s constant enemy treasure.
A brief abode of fairies and immortals took shape when the angry sword flew for a moment. It may be a little crude to live all the year round, but it is ok to cope with it for a while
After the formation of the abode of fairies and immortals, they flew into it with thousands of snows in the autumn, and said to them in the spacious hall, "Xiaofeng Xiaoxue, now the time is ripe, I will give you the Lingcao."
When I heard that autumn was so windy and snowy, I was excited, and my face was a little dizzy. My eyes were all condensed and I stared at the autumn waist.
"Hehe, take it."
In a light smile, the Mid-Autumn Festival wiped her waist and took out two jade boxes to throw them out toward Qianxue’s two brothers and sisters.
At the same time, I stretched out my hand to catch two jade boxes with thousands of winds and snow, and looked at them carefully, just like cherishing life.
"L Lingcao! Ascending spirit grass! I have a climbing grass, and finally I can have Linggen, just like most monks. "
Qian Xue, holding a jade box in his hand, was so excited that he cried after repeatedly touching the jade box for several times.
Compared with Qianxue, Qianfeng is particularly excited, and it is calmer in the external performance. Many of them are holding the jade box in their hands for a moment of silence, but from his slightly red face, he can still know how calm his heart is in the Mid-Autumn Festival.
"Ascending Lingcao is in this jade box. Don’t you want to have a look?"
See two people excited very look autumn eyebrows a wrinkly towards two people woke up.
"Yeah, I want to see what it looks like."
After the autumn, Qian Xue should wake up and mutter to himself that the jade box is coming.
As soon as the jade box was hit, a grass about an inch long came into everyone’s eyes. This grass was full of red [color] and a little red light gathered from heaven and earth and surrounded it.
"Is this the Ascending Spirit Grass?"
Glanced at thousands of snow hands rose Lingcao thousand winds some wooden eyes suddenly there was a bright light flashing in a soliloquy will also be in the hands of jade box.
The jade box hits a line, and a thousand snows hit that jade box, just like a flaming spot falling from heaven and earth, and when the jade box is finished, an identical Lingcao appears.
"Yes, this is that Lingcao can make ordinary people have Linggen Lingcao. Now that Lingcao is in hand, you dare not adjust your spirits and calm down quickly to get a good Lingcao."
Nodding slightly affirmed that this strain of Lingcao is a rising Lingcao, but seeing Qian Xue’s brother and sister’s emotional ups and downs, Qiu said with a slightly heavy lesson
It is extremely undesirable for the two people to be so excited and distracted at the critical moment of Ascending Lingcao. Although Ascending Lingcao will not fail, it will be able to obtain Linggen, but the quality of Linggen is affected by many circumstances, and it is a factor that the mood is calm and the spirit is condensed.
"Yes, Master, let’s calm down, adjust our spirits, and then raise the spirit grass."
After the autumn, a thousand snows also woke up and hurriedly respectfully promised to sit cross-legged on the ground immediately.
"Follow your teacher’s orders"
Qianfeng didn’t talk too much nonsense, and immediately obeyed the autumn command. Qianxue crossed his legs and meditated at the same time.
The cross-legged practice of thousands of winds and snows has been going on for a whole hour. In autumn, I can detect the change of the two gods, and see that the "color" of the two gods has become more and more calm, and the ruddy face caused by excitement has gradually disappeared.
An hour later, the two men opened their eyes almost at the same time and looked sharply at the swing snow one after another and asked, "Master, I feel calm. I wonder if I can raise Lingcao."
When Qian Xue spoke, Qian Feng didn’t say anything, but he still saw a little consultation from his eyes during the Mid-Autumn Festival.
Autumn nodded affirmatively.
Immediately, Qianfeng and Qianxue respectively picked up the ascending Lingcao in the jade box in front of them and stuffed it into their mouths without hesitation.
In fact, after years of verification, we also know that there is a kind of elixir refined from the main "medicine" of elixir, which has the same effect as elixir and is better than elixir in effect.
Moreover, a plant of Spiraea can give one person a chance to refine a miracle drug, and a plant of Spiraea can be refined into many miracle drugs, which is quite cost-effective.
It’s not that Qiu doesn’t want to refine it, but that he has tried his best to get the elixir for more than a hundred years
Things like Linggen are not only based on the "sex" of parents’ Linggen, but also have a certain chance of "sex". It is possible that parents are top Linggen and great magical powers, and the child is an ordinary person without Linggen.
Monks have long discovered a law that the higher the cultivation of immortals, the more difficult it will be for them to have children. Once their offspring have no spiritual roots, those monks are willing to pay a great price to get an ascending grass or an ascending elixir.
It is for this reason that the value of ascending Lingcao is so high among the terrans in the spirit world, even though the elixir of Ascension is tightly covered by some monks, there is little flow outside.
Let’s talk about Qianfeng and Qianxue. They didn’t have an abnormal situation for a while after climbing Lingcao, but the situation suddenly changed after a while.
As the two groaned bitterly, the "naked" and "exposed" skin of the two brothers and sisters’ bodies, including a face, became red and red as if they had been cooked.
Full-bodied and reddish, a little red light came out directly from their bodies, and the red light became more and more prosperous. In the end, they were wrapped up and disappeared.
Like two big red cocoons or big red balls, thousands of snow figures are completely submerged in them, and the stuffy hum is constantly echoing in autumn ears.
For three days and three nights, the strong red light did not dissipate, and it was not until the morning of the third day that the two big red balls gradually fluctuated and slowly dissipated.
When the red light dissipated, Qiu looked up in a hurry and saw two lights falling very fast in the high sky.
There was a dim light flashing in his eyes, and immediately autumn saw clearly the two bright lights, one is three "color" lights and the other is four "color" lights, both of which flashed bright lights and sank into the mountain.
Those two lights are quite magical, and the dense rocks can’t stop their footsteps. In a flash, those two lights came to the autumn cave and went straight to Qianxue’s two brothers and sisters.
See that three "color" light four "color" light fall direction autumn eyebrows can’t help but pick a step and want to stop them when suddenly god "color" moves like thinking of what life will take a step back.
Two red "color" ball red light dissipates faster and faster. When all the red light dissipates at this time, the two lights from the sky sink into the two heads at the same time.
In autumn, it is a four-color light to see the score sink to the top of a thousand winds, but a three-color light to enter the top of a thousand snows.
"Thunder robbery!"
Just at this time, when the high roar exploded, Qiu was surprised and looked up only to find that the dark clouds were gathering and the dark purple "color" thunder was gathering.
There are more and more purple "colors". When it reaches a certain level, it no longer expands, but a heavy pressure still falls from the sky in this abode of fairies and immortals.