Taiyi reality Guangcheng and Yuding reality exchanged a look back channel "What the teacher said was not bad."

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Thoroughly offended the Buddhist The six great divisions in the wheel of karma plate, but didn’t get it. Stealing chickens and costly, the bodhi old zu of the Styx listened to the three immortals and talked with the demon family while thinking about the direction of Asura clan.
"There are Buddha Lord Sakyamuni, burning ancient Buddha, Maitreya statue of the king Buddha, detention of Sun Gu Buddha, great compassion Guanyin Bodhisattva, great wisdom Manjusri Bodhisattva, and the dancing pure land has the glass light king Buddha.
These faces alone have a quasi-saint, and there must be a quasi-saint hidden Moro in the western paradise. Isn’t it once one of them? "
The more I think about it, the more I feel horrible. Even with the help of the blood of the underworld, it is hard to resist the bodhi old zu of Styx. "It’s just … it’s time to find a backer. There are two choices. I am a demon emperor saint and a hongyun saint. It’s not advisable for the demon family to choose to take refuge in the sage. It’s better to send charcoal in the snow than to add flowers …"
I made up my mind that the ancestor of Styx looked at the Three Immortals Road. "Three Taoist friends have come a long way and must go to my ghost blood sea to rest and be original. Can you do your best?"
Explaining the three immortals’ glances at each other, the bodhi old zu of Styx showed kindness this time because he offended Buddhism, and some of them took refuge in explaining the wings of Yuan Tianzun.
Taiyi real person smiled and replied, "The leader’s kindness and feeling of being original is that the heart is original. He is about to go to the reincarnation to run refining and refining the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma plate. After refining, he will definitely visit the ghost blood to ask the leader."
Mo Luo opened his mouth to say something when he saw a golden auspicious cloud floating in the distance and muttered, "It came so fast …"
The bodhi old zu of Styx played it by ear and said, "The three Taoist friends are at odds to be original and Buddhist. They are willing to help the three Taoist friends retreat to the enemy with one arm …"
The words are still unfinished, and I don’t stare at Taiyi’s real eyes for a moment.
Taiyi’s real person naturally knows what it means. "The leader is relieved to cross the river and kick down the bridge. Being original and disdainful to do it, he will personally ask the teacher for his kindness."
Speak, raise your right hand, high five and smile at each other. The bodhi old zu of Styx and Moro move lightly and explain the three immortals side by side.
In a flash, Xiangyun came to everyone’s eyes. There were a Buddha and a Bodhisattva sitting in the golden lotus terrace on each side of the five sides. On the right hand side of the ancient Buddha, Sun Gufo was detained. On the left hand side of Manjusri Bodhisattva, Guanyin Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva all taught traitors.
Explain that the Three Immortals can see clearly that the bearer’s eyes suddenly turn with anger, but it’s a Buddhist, as if he didn’t know the Three Immortals.
"Amitabha Buddha …" The ancient Buddha declared a Buddha’s name lightly, "Three Taoist friends haven’t seen each other for a long time."
Then his eyes turned to the master of Styx and Moro, and he said with an expression, "Styx and Moro, you two apostates, and you still have the face to appear in front of our saints?"
Guangcheng sneered, "When it comes to apostasy, who can compare with you five?"
The detention of Sun Gufo’s face turned to shame and passed away. The other four people turned a deaf ear to the burning lamp. The ancient Buddha was full of compassion and said, "In the past years, Amitabha’s immortals killed and robbed the East, and there were three thousand feet of red dust, so it’s time to return to the pure land of bliss in the west. It’s time for us to abandon the Tao and return to the Buddha."
"Hum!" Guangcheng was so angry that he snorted and ignored the ancient Buddha whose face was thicker than the corner of the city wall.
"Miao Miao! These five people have decided that Buddhism is far better than Buddhism, and they will betray Buddhism and take refuge in the original Buddha at the bodhi old zu and Moro, and they will not refuse. "
The bodhi old zu of Styx smiled and took the message, "It’s a matter of days for an ancient Buddha to abandon the Tao and return to the Buddha. It’s also a matter of days to abandon the Buddha and return to the Tao."
Spear attack shield
I don’t know whether it is shame or anger that the five Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have a red tide on their faces. When they saw Xin Da Le’s lips, they said with a smile, "The leader is very kind."
Although the ancient Buddha with a burning lamp is insidious and deep, it also has a bottom line. People have repeatedly seized the "apostasy" and suddenly flew into a rage, tearing up the compassion and pretending to sink a way. "It’s just a slap in the face to help you be original. See how you can talk big."
Moro sneered and disdained, "It’s not enough to call Sakyamuni to light a lamp!"
"You will know later whether you are qualified or not."
The anger in the eyes of the burning lamp ancient Buddha is getting more and more prosperous, but it becomes calm as water. The eyes float to Sun Wu and Zhu Jiuyin and smile, "The two Taoist friends are just here to witness."
Zhu Jiu’s eyes are like a pair of eyes that are about to explode a volcano and see Sun Wu’s eagerness to try. He hurriedly pulled him to move a few steps and smiled. "It’s natural for a few Taoist friends to help themselves."
It dragged Sun Wufei away from dozens of feet and motioned for him to get involved.
The two sides have deep grievances and attitudes. As soon as the demon family left, they stopped talking. The ancient Buddha detained Taiyi, and Sun Gufo arrested Guanyin, the ancestor of Styx, and Moro Puxian, the Manjusri Bodhisattva and Yuding, and killed each other.
The third volume Fairy things Chapter three hundred and fifteen Watertight
The third volume Chapter three hundred and fifteen Water tight (more chapter for monthly ticket)
The six great divisions in the wheel of karma in the underworld and ten Luoxianbu Nuanzhou in the blood of the nether world "have ordered swords, fists, and various treasures to shine frequently. The Yinshan of the Tibetan King Bodhisattva Dojo has long been ravaged into a pile of tiny rubble.
Zhu Jiu sat on Sun Wu’s whistle and watched the battle of the strong with great interest, yelling and commenting from time to time.
"Styx old ghost is really big! It’s only a matter of time before the detention of Sun is also a matter of Luo Xian’s number of peaks, and the strong man was actually bombed without striking back.
"Well, Taiyi’s reality is not bad. It’s because the old man is holding up the lamp and playing better than him."
"Moro, who is really a genius in the battle, can actually break through and cut out the evil resin into the fairy realm, and it’s not just an ordinary fairy." There is a little chaos in the wheel of life and death of Yin and Yang, and it has already reached the threshold with one foot.
"guangcheng strength, though not so good, is a magic weapon that is too fierce and fierce, but I just don’t know what it tastes like.
I heard that Sun Wu couldn’t help but turn supercilious look.
Zhu Jiuyin saw Sun Wu holding the golden cudgel from beginning to end, staring at Guanyin Bodhisattva and laughing internally. "The monkey really bears a grudge. It seems that no one can offend the monkey."
Clear cough a zhu nine Yin lazy way "monkey don’t look at the eye buddhist side fall in the wind you can’t fall again.
Sun Wu with a wave of his golden stick stuffy way "war and don’t retreat and don’t retreat to stay here? Have to see didn’t have to play "hand itch badly.
Zhu Jiuyin smiled and said, "What we have to do is to look at which side is lost here and find an excuse to help which side does not let them take advantage."
Sun Wu smell speech shine at the moment, and then covered with a layer of clouds unhappy way "now fast don’t stay up is the bald donkey, I can’t help them to help you.
After saying his word, the bodhi old zu of Styx summoned the bleeding god to detain Sun Gufo with one punch, and then he flew out far away and came to Guanyin Bodhisattva with a slap, which shook her down in the rubble. Although they were not hurt, they also made a big face.
In view of this, Sun Wu kicked Zhu Jiuyin’s mouth with a curl of strength and said, "Don’t just sit around and buy and sell your door."
Zhu nine Yin angrily stare at dissatisfied way "you kick me to do? ! It’s too early for one side to get involved without making an appearance.
A slight ash Sun Wuji way "who else? We demon people want to fight for the sect, and we have to protect the Buddhism of winning politics and explain the teachings. Is it that people teach Xuandu Master and South China Real People? "
Remembering that he had defeated himself, Zhuang Zhousun realized that the blood in his tight hand was cool again and slowly shook his head. "It’s not right that they are busy searching for victory. There is no reason for ancestor Wu Yuanling not to take this, but it’s no big The six great divisions in the wheel of karma to teach others."
People’s education enjoys great luck. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma takes it away, but it can create a true immortal brother who is far from ancestor Wu Yuan Ling.
I can’t think about the door. Sun Wu scratched his head impatiently and stared and asked, "Fat, who did you say didn’t come?"
"Look not to know" Zhu Jiuyin grumpily replied with a frown and murmured "I don’t know if he will come"
Sun Wu’s ear is excellent, and he listened to "Who is he?"
On the battlefield, when the ancient Buddha lit a lamp and saw that his own situation was not good, he drank hard and forced Taiyi to retreat. He pestered and offered twelve Dinghai beads to hit the three immortals, the ancestor of Styx, Moro and the blood god respectively.
Taiyi real person has a unique fairy sword, and when the light of the sword flashes, he cuts it to his own two Dinghai beads and flies back to the Styx. The bodhi old zu has five-sided and five-line flags-the Xuanyuan water control flag in his hand, and when he shakes it in his palm, he turns into ten thousand black lotus flowers, which easily blocks the pressure of Haizhu.
Guangcheng, Yuding Real Man and Moluo Youbao were caught off guard, and the half-blood god was actually smashed, and the blood and rain exploded all over the sky to light the ancient Buddha. The Buddhist side won a breathing space and the situation was deadlocked again.
After several hours of heavy fighting, just as Taiyi’s real party was about to gain absolute superiority again, a pair of men and women appeared on the battlefield with their feet on five-colored auspicious clouds. It was the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother of the West, the Lord of the Three Realms.
After a short exchange, the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother Xun of the West joined the Buddhist school, and both of them took over the two top fighting forces of the bodhi old zu of Styx and Taiyi real person, which made the ancient Buddha of burning lamps free up his hands to offer sacrifices to Haizhu to support all parties, and even detained Sun Gufo and Guanyin Bodhisattva to attack Moro.
The situation was reversed in an instant, and the shaky Buddhist side gained an overwhelming advantage in the blink of an eye, and this advantage is rapidly transforming into victory.
"Ha ha ha, watching Sun Wu laugh in the distance will jump in.
Zhu Jiuyin grabbed Sun Wu’s arm and stopped. "Don’t worry! The bodhi old zu of Styx still has the closet means, and now it’s time to make moves. "
Sun Wu DengYuan eyes unhappy way "how do you know! It’s not fooling me, is it? "
"Dead monkey! Haven’t you even heard of the famous array of blood and ghosts? ! ! !” Zhu Jiuyin growled in Sun Wu’s ear in disgust, and his face trembled sharply with fat.
"Know know" Sun Wu knows that honest people can’t be provoked, especially insidiously pretending to be 7 small "trying to pull Zhu Jiuyin away and muttering" Is it necessary to be so big? "
In the distance, the old Zuli of Styx shook his hand and the jade emperor shouted, "Get back into the sea of blood!" After saying this, he turned over and plunged into the sea of blood to reunite the blood god to help explain and teach the three immortals and Moro to get away.
The great war has come to an end, but it is far from over.