Is it possible to bind the breach of contract at the oath door, but it is really embarrassing to fulfill the agreement. The fact is that Ye Tianmu Lagan is not familiar with it.

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Well, bitter Ye Tian suddenly sat up straight and quickly pulled out his clothes on his chest. Look carefully at a golden light door like a tattoo. Now Ye Tian is in the heart.
Bitter and bitter, Ye God knows that things have escaped, and now things have become very obvious. His two choices are to dissolve Teana directly, and then everyone will stop singing, dancing and playing musical instruments for life, but look around and see everyone excited and happy. How can he do it?
In the second choice, of course, I went to fulfill the agreement and took a deep breath. Ye Tian got up and scratched his head. Ye Tian suddenly figured it out. It’s so hard for a man. It’s a good thing. Others are looking forward to it. Tonight, he can enjoy the way that women can reach body parts for ten times in a row.
He shook his head with a wry smile. Ye God knows that after tonight, Murat will no longer be a secret to him, even the most part will be clearly printed in his mind, but at the same time, everything about him will no longer be a secret to Murat.
Thinking about Ye Tiannai’s excitement when he found himself, in a way, is he cheating? You know, Mira is her husband and her husband is none other than Jason.
It is said that in the background of music, Ye Tian is whispering, and his body is constantly dancing with the beat of music, and a handsome and super cool movement is presented to the audience one after another.
Finally, the music has gone too far to a more intense stage, and Ye Tianban’s dancing range is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, the gorgeous fireworks around the venue are sprayed wildly, and the audience is screaming at the strong visual and auditory impact.
One or two spectators are fine, but there are too many people on the scene, and many things will be dyed. So when people around you are crazy, you will get excited, especially when the light stimulation will enter a state of extreme excitement.
Finally, when Ye Tian stopped singing and dancing together, the audience’s mood reached a peak.
Hold your hands tightly over your face. A girl screamed when she lost control of her excitement and then shouted when she got longer. Her brain was deprived of oxygen, and she felt black at the moment and fell to the ground.
See people around you soft down around the crowd is not a wave of fortunately Ye Tianqian has told the holy warriors when aware of this situation, a figure quickly jumped up in the past to hold the girl who was completely in a coma and flew from the crowd to send the girl to the sidelines.
The first one will be the second one. At this moment, the venue is completely crazy, and Ye Tian, the platform, sings and dances crazily, and falls into the world of dance music, which spreads rapidly through the magic video audio device.
As a matter of fact, people who have never experienced a concert on this scale have finished the French interpretation, just sang and danced. How can they pass out?
Lack of oxygen is a factor, but the most important thing is that once you enter the venue, it is impossible to get excited. Even people who are shy and regretful will completely abandon everything and join in the call.
Many magical effects of light to stimulate stage performances have been deified. At this moment, people in Taiwan are gods and people dominate him, and one move can trigger a tsunami-like shout. This magic is the special feature of stage art.
As Ye Tian became more and more crazy, the performance venue fell into a dizzy state, and more and more people, one, two, three and four, were carried away in a short time, but the dance was only in the middle, and the fierceness was yet to come.
Looking at the soft fall of the audience, the leader of the holy warrior finally became vigilant. If you continue to go like this, it will be a disaster, and a thousand holy warriors may not be busy.
Thinking about the first soft man, it is said that men are less excited by comparison, but in this atmosphere, even comparative men can resist the impact.
Ye Tiange is not sad and dancing is never sad, but the audience can reach out to Ye Tianmian like a pilgrimage with their hands. However, these tears are not sad or pleasant, but they are a form of hair. The deepest touch of the soul is the tears of admiration that were completely impressed by Ye Tianzheng.
Ye Tian also saw the situation of Taiwan, but by now he has stopped, and he will be infected. The audience will never be able to detonate a singer and a dance in a fiery venue, and Ye Tian is in this state at the moment.
Ye Tian once saw Jackson’s performance on earth before, but the audience was crazy, and even more so than Jackson, they almost choked to death and threw themselves into it completely. The audience went crazy together.
In the crazy state, Ye Tian is definitely playing beyond the standard, and the dance has reached the limit. Everything is perfect to make people dizzy, even singing has reached the highest level.
Ye Tian has reached the four-in-one state of people singing, dancing and music. People are songs, dances and music.
With Ye Tian’s more and more crazy performances, more and more people are full of tears, and thousands of holy warriors are still rescued. Don’t know that in today’s environment, a little carelessness will kill people.
Seeing this, the leader of the Holy Warrior finally turned his head and gave an order to the leader of the Holy Cross Corps to guard the stage workers, while the rescue workers were transferred to 10,000 soldiers of the Holy Cross Corps.
Looking at the stage, Ye Tian’s performance of harmony between man and nature, watching the stage fall to the ground one after another, the audience box, Mira’s pale face and paper, has no need for anyone to decide whether this dance conference will win Ye Tian.
Mira has always believed in herself. This confidence is not aimed at her appearance, but more about her dancing. But even in her dreams, she never thought that the appeal of dancing was so great that it was crazy.
You know, the competition this time is absurd, not more difficult or graceful than the audience’s reaction, which can excite the audience. Any kind of dance is fine
However, looking at the chaotic audience outside and those who are dizzy because of excitement, Mira is completely at a loss. She knows very well that even if she is willing to take off her clothes on the stage, even if she is willing to show everyone all the most shameful and secret parts, it is absolutely impossible for everyone to reach this level.
Before today, in Mira’s view, the limit of dance charm was just to make the audience unable to resist, which she had already achieved. She could make men set up tents by dancing alone and wish they could not rush to the stage.
However, Ye Tian has left her far behind, and he made the audience dizzy simply by singing and dancing. The most important thing is that even Mira can resist the charm of the emperor
At this moment, Mira’s heart is full of fear. This time, the challenge will be lost, and she will not lose the game. Give her back Ye Tian’s gambling, which is extremely lewd. She will definitely not lose the gambling.
The song continues to dance, and the atmosphere continues to infect the scene. Even the dancers are crazy. In the middle of the stage, God’s will dances and sings hard, and the dancers around him are all in a state of cooperation.
Finally, when Ye Tian stood in the front row, more than a dozen dancers lined up behind him and made a group that was cooler and more handsome than Qi Tian, the venue was completely chaotic, and the audience was full of soft-fallen and comatose audiences.