"The younger generation thanked Liu Zhenren for asking about my father’s health. It’s a big problem to bother you. The kitchen is stewing sweet. I have to go and look after it and don’t disturb the tea of my predecessors!"

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Watched Xu Keer go to Liu Tie and glanced at Yin Qianhui’s bedroom door gently. Yin Qianhui was pulling her brother to talk in the bedroom. A few days ago, Yin Pingqiu showed great power. She was really scared by Wei Ya’s retelling. It is estimated that she is now playing a three-mother-taught ethics film. These things can’t hide from Liu Tie’s eyes and ears. He said with a ha ha smile.
"Hehe, Wei Xiaoge is sitting on a beautiful flower and enjoying the happiness of Qi people. Your life is quite comfortable!"
When it comes to personal life, Wei Ya coughs a little uncomfortably, and then changes the subject and says
"Cough! Senior Liu, your coming here should be a change on the night of the big stop! "
Upon hearing Wei Ya’s statement, Liu Tie immediately said.
"well! You’re right. Although Hualian did its best to calm things down that day, it’s still a drop in the bucket! Every time I think about what happened that day, I still feel uneasy. All my colleagues in Hualian are busy with the aftermath and finally stabilized the people. But this move can cure the symptoms and cure the symptoms, but it can’t eradicate the hidden dangers. Even if we make more efforts, it will be futile. This time, the country is planning to eliminate the source of the disaster. If the coastal incident repeats itself, I am afraid it will really be a big chaos! "
You can know your elegance by smelling the strings! Hear here Wei Ya shine at the moment immediately interface said
"Does the elder mean that … the origin of those shadows has been found out?"
Very satisfied with Wei Yamin’s sharp feeling, Liu Tie smiled and nodded and reached out to take out a scroll from Gankun’s bag, and then slowly unfolded and pointed and said.
"Yes, you can see that this is the latest scan of tectonic map-on-Sea after the incident that day."
"ah! This shadow is … "
Follow Liu Tie’s finger to guide Wei Ya’s sight to gather in a shadow that occupies more than half of the coastal city. Liu Tie drew a circle with his finger on the map surface and then gently pointed to the shadow range of the circle and said with emotion.
"After analyzing us, we all think that these things are probably coming out of this bottom. According to the first statistics, most of the attacks were born in shadow-covered areas."
Wei Ya also nodded his head in favor of this statement. He narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully
"In that case, is Senior Liu going to send someone to find out the truth?"
"No, because the time is too urgent, we must immediately launch an offensive to wipe out these areas. The purpose of this operation is to kill one thousand by mistake and never let one go!"
Liu Tiegu, an old-school yogi who entered the mountains at the end of his life, had a strong sense of being a scholar-bureaucrat in heaven and man. When he talked about this passage, it was already combative at last. Wei Ya stretched out his hand and touched Ba and said with a smile.
"Ha ha ha, you are not going to let me take the lead this time, are you?"
Liu Tie was not polite to Wei Ya meaning noncommittally smiled and said.
"alas! People in my generation should feel sorry for the world and know that Wei Xiaoge has to trouble you again this time. "
Those shadows really make Wei Ya hate, but the key is that no one knows what they are now, so it is easy for the fox to make a rash move without hitting himself, but it is impossible for Wei Ya to have no scruples about this. He smiled wryly and said wryly
"Liu’s predecessor Wei Mou has a few bottles of less than half a bottle in his heart. You are too proud of me!"
Hear Wei Ya Liu Tie suddenly laughed and patted his shoulder and said.
"Ha ha ha, bold, thick-skinned, cautious and persevering, these necessary conditions are very small, but nothing is lacking! This time, are you really doing your part? Even if you look at my old face, don’t refuse again! "
Although Wei Ya thinks this plan is too blind, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea to put those shadows at home and wait until one day when the interest comes out.
Weighing the pros and cons Wei Ya nai laughed
"Since Mr. Liu said so, I’d rather be respectful than obedient!"
Volume 17 Section 14 There is a door into the ground
Things have changed!
In the eyes of ordinary people, there is no greater change in the world than this. This kind of thing happens frequently in the human world. It is not surprising that it happens once every 1000 years on average. However, the transfer of destiny is an infrequent event, but once it is born, it will have a far-reaching impact. For such life and death events, it is really human to boast that everything is alive, but human beings are as dull as wood.
As early as thousands of years ago, the magic capital Binhai was still a barren coast, and it took a long time for the great river to carry sediment to drain and deposit at the mouth of the sea. It is precisely because of deep well excavation on the shallow surface of the coastal area that the city is struggling, landslides and flooding are endless.
Digging a deep well in the coastal city seems to be a very inexplicable move, but every action has its own driving factors, and it is reasonable at once.
Although most practitioners know a little about the depth of evasion, this action is unusual, and they may be raided by those mysterious shadows at any time. If they are not ready, they will send someone to disregard for human life. On that day, the yogi who had fought against those shadows never failed to worship them with their superb soil.
The speed and flexibility shown by those dark shadows in and out of the land alone has already covered the scope of spells and skills and should be classified as some kind of bioenergy
Everyone can imagine that if the yogi happened to bump into those shadows when the earth was moving in the ground … I believe that the consequences will definitely be not optimistic. Therefore, Hualian decided to dig several deep wells at the center of the shadow area at the same time in the name of cleaning up the ruins of the city. The departure place of this operation can also be retreated to make an emergency evacuation passage.
Wei Ya, standing next to the hot construction site, took a cup of cheap bagged black tea in his hand and assumed a fugue posture. His eyes were deep and unpredictable, as if to penetrate thick soil and rocks to see clearly the horrible creatures lurking in the darkness and devouring millions of lives.
Just as Wei Ya was holding a teacup, a middle-aged man in a blue-gray cassock came to his side and said after taking a salute
"Ha ha enough must be Wei Ya Wei Daoyou? Being original is polite! "
Distraction interrupted Wei Ya squinting at the visitor nodded and said
"oh! Yes, I’m Wei Ya Daoyou, and you are … "
This middle-aged road flyover with a long body and a slim jaw and three elegant long beards at least meets the image of sage like type necessary for the immortals of Huaxia series in appearance, which can be described as excellent in appearance. Wei Ya asked a question here and immediately laughed.
"Being original and being a teacher, Zhang Bingchang"
"oh! Please forgive Wei’s blindness. It turns out that Taoist friends are sixty-five generations of heavenly teachers. I have heard a lot about them! I wonder what A-dao Zhang is looking for Wei? "
Tianshi teaching is the teaching activity that Zhang Jiao’s classmate carried out at the same time, which created the origin of Zhangling Daoism in Bashu area. Later, Tianshi teaching was renamed Zhengyi teaching for some reason, but it was still in a new form. When Wei Ya heard that Zhengyi’s teaching name was the same, he immediately revealed an epiphany.