"This is Mo Youling?"

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Want to know this thing in today’s Yuanheng can’t get it. After knowing its characteristics, Yuanheng swept the whole world and finally found it in a hidden crack. "Boy, if I don’t know what it is, I’m afraid I’ll hide it from the past."
It is said that Mo Youling is actually a piece of black and tattered wood in Yuan Heng’s hands. I’m afraid it is still on the road, and others are too lazy to look at it.
According to the method of Khal’s memory, the sacrifice will be refined and then collected into the body
"After learning from this hundred-boundary virtual removal method, my own secret method has finally been completely improved, and the last piece of puzzle has finally been completed in Gamo Youling!"
Shoot the virtual horizon like a vertical pupil into the virtual space at will, and go to Yuan Heng’s mind. The calculation has finally formed a complicated secret method.
The overwhelming torrent of Tao Yun has sent out a dollar, and it has soared again and finally broke through the line of 20 million feet.
"All gods respect the gods and demons of the Great Realm and help me!"
A big drink resounded through the flood.
At this time, the whole universe gods saw the most horrible scene in their lives-
A statue is like Pangu’s greatness in the world, and suddenly it appears in the middle of nowhere. Its height is boundless, its indomitable spirit is silvery white, but it shows chaos. The gods and ghosts are dancing all over the whole universe. The influence of great gods and demons is manifested one after another, and the projection is filled with poverty and power.
The projection of the 3,000-high ancestor god is high in 129,600 congenital gods. At this moment, a projection is also revealed. After being arranged in a unitary array, Qian Qian’s 100,000-strong supernatural powers also sit in a series of gods and take the opportunity to fit their gods into heaven and earth.
"Pangu is a world of gods!"
The establishment of the official name of virtual vibration flood
This is the official name of this universe. For example, the previous universe was called Pangu Honghuang Xuanxian World, which is a truth.
"Ha ha ha … give me the brilliant hand!"
Roaring and laughing, a giant hand penetrated into the virtual space and grabbed something.
Going …
Lala …
Going …
When the glorious hand looks at the distance, it will be caught by ten golden domes of Ganges in the seal.
"Shout …"
The eternal fire brewing in the body surfaced and touched these ten giant eggs
Just like a spark splashed into the oil pan, it lifted a huge wave of fire and wrapped ten golden domes.
"Hum! Want to reintegrate? "
Feel the residual fate of the great will force Yuan Hengyi cold hum "there is no place for you in your vision!" "
Ten Domes Re-transform into Ten Heavenly Towers and Thoroughly Run Through All the Sources of Ganges River, I don’t know its origin or its end.
If there is a deep absorption of the source of life, it is a great chance to change the destiny from now on.
"What is this statue of ancestors? Even high above the fate can be in its injured tumbling struggle … "
Many gods in the universe were stunned and looked at this towering giant. In his leisure, he seized the high destiny and melted it at will, so that the gods in the universe could feel the great power of the sky.
"The gods are branded together!"
Yuan’s constant thinking, adopting the most original spirit of the gods in the whole universe and condensing the brand of the gods will enter the core of these ten rivers and will be formally integrated into the universe.
I feel the faint resonance of these ten rivers in the universe, and a satisfied smile flows out of Yuan Heng’s mouth.
"It depends on this last step."
Yuan Heng really planned this talent in his mind!
The two figures are separated from the constant body, and the rich breath is more suspicious than when.
"What should you do for nothing?"
Yuan Heng looked at the two statues of himself and said, "You are the same."
"This is nature"
As if from the past, the eye pupil is grinning. "It’s really interesting!"
"Ha ha, I am the future, but I didn’t expect my past to be beyond the time barrier, so I just don’t know how this future came from?"
In the future, Yuan Heng’s eyes showed interest.
Yuan Heng shook his head. "When the mystery is deeper than the depth, we are just about to get rid of it. You will struggle."
Yes, Yuan Heng has not only condensed out the past, but also the future!
This is still Yuan Heng’s lucky completion with the help of the right time and place at this time. After all …