In this way, one minute passed, and I don’t know how long it lasted. Lu Fei felt that his true qi had reached a bottleneck, and a barrier blocked him, making it difficult for him to expand his true qi again.

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The same thing happened when Xiao Xiao just broke through the middle stage of the foundation. She didn’t expect to break through the late stage of the foundation again in a short time. I didn’t expect that the double major had such a miraculous effect. In just a few hours, she touched the late stage of the foundation again!
It’s hard to imagine that even if you give her more jade, it’s impossible to jump two levels directly in such a short time.
Liu Fei was secretly anxious in his heart. He knew very well that he was afraid of touching the barrier of the then period at the moment. Once he broke through this barrier, he would formally enter the realm of the then.
This used to be a good thing, a great good thing. I don’t know how many practitioners have been practicing for a generation in ancient and modern times and are waiting for this moment.
However, Lu Fei is not happy. If other practitioners know this, they will definitely scold Lu Fei for being melodramatic.
Mom xiu broke through, and you’re not happy. What do you think of those of us who have been practicing for a generation and also benefited from the then period?
Lu Fei is really not melodramatic. He is worried about one thing, Armageddon!
I can still remember the thrilling Lu Fei when I was in Du Jie. It was really a narrow escape.
Lu Fei thought that the preconditions alone had already attracted such a terrible thunder robbery. Once he entered the realm of then, it would be such a horror.
Of course, it doesn’t mean that Lu Fei is afraid of Lei Jie and goes against the sky all the way to practice. Once he is afraid of Lei Jie in his heart, is it still like practicing? He is worried that his present environment is not suitable for Du Jie. Once he is here in Du Jie, it will not destroy dozens of miles in Fiona Fang.
When the body qi obviously didn’t leave too much consideration for Liu Fei, Liu Fei had to think about what to do with a worried face. A really tough qi slammed into the cyclone and slammed into the barrier.
Just like the broken glass, the barriers in the then period are hard to resist. After Lu Fei and Xiao Xiao’s double repair, the true spirit of the earth knocked out several cracks on the spot.
Boom — —
As soon as the powerful horse found a breakthrough, it suddenly crashed into the barrier. The barrier collapsed instantly in the golden elixir period. Lu Fei suddenly opened his eyes. "Shit!"
Liu Fei almost dumped Xiaoxiao’s hands in a conditioned reflex and rushed out of the door to wipe a wooden door and was directly knocked out of a humanoid hole by him.
However, to Lu Fei’s surprise, Wan Liqing doesn’t seem to have changed, and nothing seems to have happened.
"ah! Feifei? What’s wrong with you? "
Xiao Xiao, who just broke through the preconditions, hurriedly chased out and looked at Liu Fei with a face of concern.
"This ….. how? Actually, there is no lightning robbery? " Liu Fei looked at the sky with a face of surprise and muttered in his mouth.
"Thunder robbery?" Xiaoxiao was stunned and immediately laughed, "Haha — — Fei Fei, you are too narcissistic, aren’t you? You want to attract thunder and robbery by pretending to be Dan? Even if you are evil again, you will not be able to attract thunder until you really get married, okay? " Xiaoxiao looked at Liu Fei with a face of language.
"Fake Dan?" Liu Fei took a surprised look at Xiaoxiao and asked, "Am I not the realm of then?"
"Of course not!" Xiaoxiao nodded and then pointed to Liu Fei’s lower abdomen. "See if your cyclone is still there?" There will be no cyclone in the real elixir period, and their cyclone has evolved into a life elixir! "
"Besides, it’s so simple for you to get married. Many people may not be successful all their lives, okay?"
"Shout …" Liu Fei patted his chest with a sigh of relief. "That’s good. That’s good. I’m scared to death. I’ve broken through the realm of then and I’m going to Du Jie again!"
"Cut!" Xiaoxiao turned up his white eyes with a face of words. "Say it’s like you really survived LeiJie …"
[36] You are dying ()
? At the same time, Zhang Yuhang, a villa of Qin family, was reporting to him what had just happened in Bo Gu Xuan in front of Qin Donglai.
"I was beaten to the punch?"
After hearing Zhang Yuhang’s report, Qin Donglai instantly frowned and immediately showed a thoughtful expression.
Zhang Yuhang’s report was somewhat beyond his expectation.
A few days ago, he heard from an antique dealer that there was an odd Yu Pei in Bo Gu Xuan that had not been sold in the store for several years, which made Wu Junxuan a laughing stock of the whole industry.
The most Qin Donglai also took it as a joke and didn’t take it to heart. But just yesterday, when Qin Donglai was reading family ancient books, he noticed a description of a spiritual jade, and the antique dealer said that the eccentric Yu Pei had many similarities!
That is to say, Wu Junxuan’s piece of weird Yu Pei is probably a piece of jade.
Overjoyed, Qin Donglai hurriedly ordered Zhang Yuhang to go to Bo Gu Xuan to buy it back for research. I didn’t expect someone to buy that piece of Yu Pei first!
Thought of here, Qin Donglai couldn’t help squeezing his fist tightly. According to the ancient books, Lingyu is the best material for auxiliary cultivation! If we can find a way to absorb the spiritual power contained in it, he will certainly advance by leaps and bounds and surpass his father to become a congenital four-level fighter before the age of 30.
But such a treasure was beat to the punch? It hurts a little to think about it!
But what worries him more is who will be the person who bought Lingyu? How did he know it was Ling Yu?
That thing has been in Bo Gu Xuan for several years and people have been interested in it. When they want to buy it, others buy it?
Coincidence? Or is someone deliberately targeting themselves?
Qin Donglai quickly thought of Zou Yu’s murder a few days ago. His father had spoken to him, and his face became more and more ugly.
Is there really a yogi in Jiangcheng? Is he deliberately targeting the Qin family?
Seeing that Qin Donglai looks pale, Zhang Yuhang’s atmosphere can’t stand tight and wait for him.
The silence in the room makes people feel depressed
After a long time, Qin Donglai rose from his chair.
"Give me check! Be sure to find this person for me. "After thinking about it, Qin Donglai still felt uneasy and added," You can’t make a big splash in secret investigations. Once you find his trace, you should report it immediately and remember not to provoke him! "
With these words, Qin Donglai went straight out of the room and hurried to Qin Zongzhe’s room. After such a thing, he had to consult his father at the first time.
Tang Dynasty nightclub is the most luxurious nightclub in Jiangcheng, and it is a large-scale entertainment place integrating accommodation, entertainment and catering.
Because of the excellent road section and Qin’s big backing behind it, business is very good
Whenever night falls and the lights are bright, all kinds of luxury cars gather in front of the Tang Dynasty, all of which come here to eliminate the rich.
Brother Qin Donglai is worried. Qin Xilai is in a good mood today, but he can be elated.
Father really kept his word, not only to send him two innate fighters bodyguards, but also to send him the most dependent on the old housekeeper!
Qin Xilai hid at home for a whole week because of the murder of his bodyguard, which is suspected to be a kind of torture for a young master who is used to sex, dogs and horses.
And now Qin Xilai feels that his hard days have finally come to an end. Do you still need to hide at home with such a strong man as an old housekeeper around you?
So that night, Qin Xilai invited a large group of friends to the Tang Dynasty to indulge.