"Oh, that’s good. See you another day." Xu laughed and hurt NiHaoDong’s eyes like a warm sun. Xu Fan just walked out of the sight of AnLuo and NiHaoDong came to her.

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"Ni less qiao ah you also have an appointment? That doesn’t bother you. I’ll go back first. "Ann slipped away from NiHaoDong’s side and was pulled back by him with his collar before he took two steps. The first room on the stairs is a hotel property. NiHaoDong pushed her inside and locked the door.
Section 33
Settle down heart a tightly staring at his growl "NiHaoDong what are you doing! People often come in here so that others will know what we are doing here! "
"What are you afraid of?" NiHaoDong step by step to settle down and lean on that pile of tablecloths, and then retreat. NiHaoDong looked at her seductive red lips and corners of her mouth with a cold smile. He put his arm around her waist and reminded her that she was light in her ear and asked, "Isn’t dressing so beautiful looking forward to being pressed?" Huh? "
"get out! I’m not expecting you! " Ann’s cheeks are burning. She just sent him such a photo on the spur of the moment. In the past, she was embarrassed because he felt that Ni Haodong couldn’t take her. He stayed with her. Now the two people are injured and hospitalized. He won’t know her whereabouts, so she got bold and deliberately angry with him. How did he know that he could find her like this?
Ni Haodong deliberately approached and squeezed her between him and the pile of tablecloths, enticing her hand to wander around her waist, and asked her, "Then who are you expecting?" That man just now? "
"Yes, right? I haven’t even had a girlfriend! Unlike some animals and children, they always want to cheat. "
"Really?" Ni Haodong bowed his head and bit her lips while tasting the beauty of her red lips, which made people angry and exhaled in her ear. "People are clean and white, but what about you?"
You!’ An Luo just wanted to call names when she heard someone pushing the door outside.
She immediately said with a guilty conscience as a thief, "Someone is coming!"
As soon as she bowed her head, her nervous and lovely expression came into his eyes. He chuckled but didn’t intend to let her go so easily.
"door! Who’s inside! Hurry up! "
People outside are shouting and knocking at the door, and the noise is getting louder and louder.
The longer it takes to settle down here, the more people do not do good things in it! Ann looked down at NiHaoDong has moved to her chest hand ashamed and resentful dark scold is not good!
"Let me go quickly!" Ann grabbed his hand and growled angrily.
Ni Haodong’s eyes were covered with a thick smile. He stretched out his hand and scratched her nose and laughed. "Listen and I will let you go."
"Kiss me" He turned his face to the perfect line, and his side face was in front of her, and his ears were getting more and more urgent. Knocking on the door seemed to have wound up in her brain, and she couldn’t wait to rush out of this narrow space at once and ask him to let her go, and she would do everything according to him.
She quickly stood on tiptoe and put a kiss on his face, then looked at him piteously and asked, "Can we go?"
"Say you love me." He looked down at her and looked at her. The angry little flame in her eyes rose and deflated, and then he heard a small sound like a mosquito humming. She pursed her lips and frowned and said, "Ni Haodong, I love you."
"Well, good," NiHaoDong raised her mouth high and clenched her hand. She walked over to the door. Instantly NiHaoDong bent down to hold Anluo up. Her face was covered with long hair, and most of her face snuggled in his arms. She wanted to struggle, but NiHaoDong whispered in her ear, "Don’t move. There are many people outside." Anluo was obedient and motionless. Her arms hooked his neck and stood in his arms.
There are a lot of hotel workers outside, most of them are hotel cleaning ladies, and there is a floor manager. The cleaning ladies don’t know Ni Haodong, but the floor manager knows him. This hotel is also one of Nishiqi hotel chains.
Ni Haodong stared at the manager with cold eyes when he passed by. He immediately bowed and paid tribute. Suddenly, he was frightened and let him have some words, "Ni Shao walks slowly and welcomes Ni Shao."
When she arrived at the car, she watched that this was not the direction to her house, so she grabbed his arm and shouted, "Ni Haodong, I want to go home!"
"Well, go home."
"I said I was going back to my own home!" This is the direction to Longtan Mountain Villa. Do you think I’m blind?
"You are me, and I am you. You must be so clear." He reached out and held Ann’s hand, and her fingers slipped over her beautiful bracelet and asked her, "Do you like it?"
Anluo quickly shook his head "don’t like it"
Ni Haodong chuckled, "People will have a reaction when answering questions. When they answer too quickly, they are lying."
Ann is too lazy to argue with him. She really likes this bracelet, but she really doesn’t want him to send anything.
"Can you help me pick it? I really don’t like it."
Ni Haodong’s lip corner smile disappeared and his lip line leveled. He suddenly turned around at a crossroads.
When the car stopped at her house, Ni Haodong grabbed her wrist and narrowed his eyes and said to her, "When I give you a week, say you accept me yourself."
She blinked back and listened to the first half of the sentence, and then he said, "I’ll give you a week to consider whether to stay with me or not. Be obedient and don’t get as far away as possible." Isn’t that what rich men always tell women?
Ni Haodong’s line of sight closely followed her figure. It’s cloudy and fierce, and it may snow. Although it’s not late, almost every family has turned on the lights. Ni Haodong has been waiting for him to wait until he settled into the room. After the lights, he left, but after waiting for about ten minutes, her room was still dark.
"Grass!" He is irritable and scolds.
He realized that something might have happened! He ran all the way from the car to the fourth floor where Anluo was located. Her door was closed by her bag, throwing keys that she had just taken out but didn’t come to insert in the door.
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