Hey, princess, you’re not angry, are you?

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Yang day feel something wrong with a hug sweet son stare for a moment the cheek laughed.
Fool, how can I be angry? I want to be alone and try to form an elixir as soon as possible
Feeling the strong arms, fragrant arms, charming body, and some weakness, I couldn’t help but jump into Yang Tianhuai’s gentle way and feel strongly reluctant
Actually, Xianger’s move just now was intentional and intended to force himself to stay alone.
She knows that Yang Tianyan is really good for her, but she really doesn’t want to leave Yang Tianyan.
However, when Yang Tian is together, she will practice according to her legal mind, and this will be resolutely divided into days.
At this moment, Xianger has been repairing the speed in the poplar sky. If he wants to repair it together in the long run, he must not fall too much, otherwise everything will be in vain.
Oh, coming here scares people’s little dreams to plop.
Yang days in sweet son cloud hair mercilessly sniffed a mouthful of full of way just lost and disappeared.
God, remember, Huayang is also your home. I miss you here every day.
Sweet son tightly holding the Yang day for a long time don’t want to loose finally faint way
Silly girl, feel at ease and close the golden elixir. Come to me after an achievement. By the way, have you left this purple blood bodhisattva?
Yang Tian lovingly patted Xianger’s shoulder to comfort him, and then remembered Zi Xue Pu.
Oh, of course I kept two, or you’re going to make people busy for nothing
Sweet son nodded gently say with smile
Hey, I’m afraid you won’t leave it. This time, so much purple blood has been refined. It’s a Chinese medicine in day order. It’s really hard for you to leave more pills.
See sweet son said Yang day this just rest assured.
Although this thing is much better, I’m actually limited to keep two pills, one for myself and the other for this girl.
Sweet son took a white Yang day explained
Yang Tian stayed with Xianger for half a day before coming to leave.
I don’t know if I am too reluctant to give up Xianger or love in my heart. This time I left Yang, as in my heart, there was a faint sadness.
However, as soon as I left Huayang Fairy City, the powerful magical power brought about by the great increase in repairs immediately made Yang Tianxin feel a sense of arrogance.
This is a feeling of not being strong before.
Standing proudly in the clouds, all the scenes in Zhou Wanli and Fiona Fang immediately showed doubts in the cave.
If you want to keep Yang Tianke in this state, you can’t escape Yang Tian’s insight from Wan Li and Fiona Fang.
Suddenly, Yang Tiantong’s childlike innocence was greatly aroused.
It’s sunny for hundreds of miles, and suddenly there’s a strong wind and dark clouds rolling and blinking, and then there’s a rainstorm.
Moments later, the mind moves again, the wind stops, the dark clouds fly away and everything is back to normal.
In the end, Yang Tianlian didn’t even move his fingers. He was silently practicing all this in his heart, but it really affected the world around him.
Yang Tianzhong’s feelings can change in hundreds of miles around one mind.
This is the abnormal condition of the magical power of the cave with the skyrocketing repair.
However, this ability is still relatively weak, and it can’t really be compared with heaven and earth. Especially if you raise your hand, you can reach 100 thousand. Compared with the ability outside Wan Li, it is still extremely weak