People came and went at the school gate, and she urged, "Bye-bye and see you later."

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Meng Yunan light ah coming a pull the door Su Yun oh a stare at him.
Meng Yunan doesn’t care about those who are slender and well proportioned. Hold her there and give her a kiss.
Su Yun’s "uh-huh" did not refuse. Shyness was gradually disintegrated in front of men. She hugged men and stood on tiptoe. They exchanged a French kiss in depth.
Kissing Bi Suyun blushed and said, "Be careful on the road!"
Then he turned and ran Meng Yunan looked at her back and got out of the car happily.
As soon as I entered the teaching building, a teacher came around and asked with a smile, "Was Teacher Su your boyfriend at the school gate just now?"
"What does your boyfriend do? That car doesn’t look cheap, "asked another.
Everyone joked in good faith that Su Yun was judo "Well, it’s my boyfriend" when she was near the classroom.
Everyone showed envious eyes. Su Yun pushed the classroom door and taught her all day.
Envy? Do they envy her?
Su Yun thought absently when changing clothes, maybe, but she thought that she preferred to feel happy and sweet with this man than Meng Yunan’s external conditions, and looked forward to every second and minute as if she had a fresh feeling all the time.
Women in love are particularly beautiful and patient and gentle. Su Yun’s face has been smiling gently all day.
I have never expected Ben Suyun to come to the school gate so much, and I accidentally found Meng Yunan’s car parked at the door.
Su Yun was surprised to find a driver inside when she pulled the door.
The surprise on a woman’s face quickly disappears and becomes lost.
The driver gently coughed, "Miss Su Meng is still here and will tell me to pick you up first."
go home
Su Yun arranged his expression and smiled. "Thank you."
The driver said you’re welcome to start the car.
When I got home in a good mood, I received a soft MengMeng hug from the stars. I changed my clothes and Su Yun came to the kitchen again to "grab the rice bowl" with the chef. Su Yun recalled that Meng Yunan had cooked a dish he liked and then waited for the man to go home with the stars at ease.
Section 11
Meng Yunan came back today, but she didn’t come back at dinner time. The star was too young to bear the hunger, so the housekeeper fed her first and then led her to the small living room to play.
Su Yun didn’t move chopsticks, but looked down at the mobile phone every few minutes. The man didn’t call. She thought he should still be busy, so she didn’t bother him.
When the housekeeper went to get the star toy and saw Su Yun still waiting, she advised, "Miss Su, let’s eat first. Young master is often busy and doesn’t know what time it is. He certainly hasn’t eaten dinner yet, and he didn’t mean to call home on purpose …"
The housekeeper is afraid that Su Yun will misunderstand Meng Yunan. Everything that Meng Yunan enjoys in this status is not a drop in the sky. He is much harder than ordinary employees when he is busy. Maybe he is not used to being worried about someone behind him. He is not used to reporting his situation to close people …
He didn’t adapt, not that he didn’t care.
Su Yun recognized the meaning of his words and said with a smile, "I’m not as hungry as Uncle Liu."
The housekeeper didn’t say "yes" reluctantly.
Su Yun is sleepy when he waits. The kitchen dishes have been heated twice. The stars and the housekeeper went to the audio-visual room on the third floor to play games. Su Yun watched the news on the sofa in the living room with her pillow.
At 7: 30, the door finally braked. Su Yun lit his head and was unconscious.
Meng Yunan pushed the door and the first thing he saw was a woman dozing off on the sofa.
In the dining room, if there is a delicious meal, Meng Yunan walks over with a light step.
Before walking to the sofa, he bent down and touched the woman’s hair. Su Yun smiled and got up and said, "Come back?"
Meng Yunan said, "Why are you sitting here? Sleep upstairs when you are sleepy. "
Su Yun took his arm in judo and waited for you.
Meng Yunan smiled and said nothing. Su Yun took off her coat and tie and said, "Have you eaten? How busy it is so late? "
Meng Yunan said "no"
Su Yun winked and said, "Ah, what a coincidence. I didn’t eat either. Shall we eat together?"
Meng Yunan’s eyes were tender and he said "good"
When they came to the restaurant, the servants heard the noise early, and took the food to heat up. The good food was brought to Su Yun, who first picked many dishes for Meng Yunan’s bowl and then sipped the soup, staring at him from time to time.
Meng Yunan chuckled and said, "If I come back late, you can eat before me."
Su Yun took a sip of soup and said, "No, you’re back. How lonely it is to eat alone."
Meng Yun relieved his mouth and pinched chopsticks to tighten Su Yun. He didn’t hear his voice and looked up and wondered, "What’s the matter?"
Meng Yunan smile during the "nothing, I mean … I have scruples when I’m busy, and I can’t do anything well in your place. You can directly tell me that today is due to …"
"All right, all right," Su Yun said with a smile. "Can I have a good meal now?"
Meng Yunan sighed "can"
"Mm-hmm" Su Yun nodded her head for dinner. She hardly eats soup, vegetables and fruits, but she will give Meng Yunan food from time to time and explain which dish is rich in what elements while giving him food.
After dinner, they looked at the stars in the audio-visual room on the third floor and then went back to the bedroom.
Su Yun went into the bathroom to put hot water in the bathtub. She took out clean pants and pajamas in Meng Yunan’s closet and put them on the bed.
A few minutes later, she came out and said "OK" to Meng Yunan.
Meng Yunan picked his eyebrows and took off his clothes in front of Su Yun and went into the bathroom.
Su Yuncheng calmed down, but his face and ears turned red uncontrollably.
Meng Yunan stopped at the door of the bathroom and said, "Do you want to join us?"
Su Yun shook his head. "No!"
"Oh," Meng Yunan said, "My shoulder hurts."