Mo Ning smiled with satisfaction. She got up and twisted her waist and went to the door to cover her mouth with a smile. "You two have fun. I’m going to call everyone over. I hope the three of you will give you a wonderful drama in a moment! Ha, ha, ha. "Mo Ning finished and went out. The door left unlocked for her. It was not convenient for everyone to watch for a while.

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The two men had long coveted Anjou’s beauty and watched her gradually enter the role. Both of them were excited to set up a small tent. As soon as Mo Ning left, they threw Anjou into the bed and curled up their bodies and brains. Her face was flushed and her heart was ashamed and resentful! Mo Ning! Suddenly, it is a truth to be lenient to the wicked and push yourself into a desperate ladder.
Her body was desperate for men, and another fierce heat wave hit her. She rolled into the bed in pain and tried her best to hit the wall. The sight was clear before her eyes. After a while, she turned her head and saw two men undressed and approached her with a sly smile.
Just under a little control, the bone erosion was limp and numb. When he saw two naked macho men rushing out like the waves of the sea, a man jumped on her with one hand to buckle her soft and slender waist and the other hand to go around behind her to pull her gift zipper. Her hair was scattered behind her, and he could not touch the zipper quickly.
The man’s body is close to her, and she knows that the brain can’t firmly reach the order to the body, but her hands can still hold it.
"NiHaoDong save me" her voice has been blurred, and when she wants to speak, it becomes a sexy and provocative note.
Mo Ning came by ladder to ask people to visit the fifth floor, but she didn’t want the first floor to be a mess. Mo Zhong walked out of the crowd with a sullen face, followed by Mo Ning. When she saw their expressions, she knew something was wrong. She stayed where she was and followed them with her eyes. She didn’t dare to go near to ask questions. She heard many reporters chasing after her father with a microphone.
"Mo Ji, what do you think of General Sun’s remarks?"
Mo Zhonghuai didn’t get angry. "He drank too much!"
Text 141 Shake you for two hours and you try.
"But Mr. Sun always said that he was the leader of the whole business circle, and the business direction was under his control, and he said that he had already made a plan to remember that he would definitely be promoted, and your daughter was about to marry him into a family. In the future, business and politics would all belong to one family, and he could shake three shakes in Sioux City by stamping his feet casually."
"Hu said!" Mo Zhonghuai yelled at the reporter and asked him that he was furious. Today, he hosted a banquet for all the important people! Sun Shan, a man who has always done things closely and has first-class business methods, will choose him, his right-hand man and give his daughter to him. I didn’t expect him to give him such a hand today! Now, it’s the most critical period before the election, and Sun Shan has done this to him, let alone get promoted! I’m afraid I’ll get people from the procuratorate!
Mo Zhonghuai is not in the mood to explain here at this time. The bodyguard escorted him and the car left.
Mo Ning, after listening to the reporter’s words, hid behind the column and dared not come out. Don’t say that Sun Zong, as the reporter said, must be Sun Shan who didn’t run away! She suddenly felt cold all over. She just gave herself to the old man, and this happened to him! She’s so cunning and smooth that people can’t grasp his shortcomings, but he should say such a stupid thing!
I didn’t expect dad to be mistaken! Mo Ning hid behind the column and secretly worried. In this situation, she can’t come forward and shout that everyone can go to the fifth floor together. But it’s so wonderful if no one watches it. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to settle down that bitch!
She stamped her foot angrily, and she’s not stupid. In this case, protect yourself first! When she ran out of the door while others were not paying attention, she saw that Chen Shuai stopped at the door and turned around to stare at him.
Chen Shuai grinned at the sight of her and asked her, "Miss Mo, in fact, I just turned on the light that day to practice the imitation show. I was with East Brother all day, so I naturally thought about imitating his voice first and then imitating the big star. What did you do that day to cooperate with me? I am so scared! "
"I will punish you sooner or later!" Don’t coagulate gas, she is tearing her hair out about the car. She put her hands on the steering wheel and gasped silently, but she suddenly laughed at the thought that Anluo was being ridden by two ducks now.
A few minutes ago.
In the monitoring room, Yang Bai asked the monitor to retreat, and a pair of eyes kept wandering on the large display screen. Ni Haodong kept staring at his wrist and urged him to "hurry up"
"I found it!" Yang Bai exclaimed, "The fifth floor!"
Ni Haodong turned and ran, followed by Yang Bai.
When the door was left unlocked and kicked, Ni Haodong turned black when he saw the scene inside and wanted to kill someone. When he rushed over, he did pick up the stool and slammed it at the two men.
When I hugged the man, I felt that he was not NiHaoDong. NiHaoDong was more compact and powerful, and his skin was as smooth as silk. The man was touched by goose skin and pricked his hand. She snorted and stretched out her hand to scratch the man. As soon as she scratched his blood with her sharp nails, he lost patience with her animal calls, regardless of whether her gift zipper caught her hair or not.
The gift was to wrap the zipper around the chest, and the invisible bra was exposed on the chest. Just as the two men stretched out their salty pig hands to pull her bra, they were suddenly knocked to the ground by someone who broke in and gave a heavy object.
Before they passed out, they looked obscene and ugly, but before they knew what was going on, ko dropped them!
Ann’s clothes were pulled and chilled, and her body trembled violently. Suddenly, she felt a dress falling from the sky, and then her body was embraced in a warm embrace.
"Get out" She was hugged, but her body trembled even more. Her eyes were already dark, and the last trace of self-control was easily defeated by this embrace.
"It’s me."
Ni Haodong hugged her tightly and whispered in her ear that she was hallucinating. She bit her lip and shook her head, but her hands could not resist the temperature in his arms and hooked his neck tightly.
Her lips have been bitten by her. NiHaoDong was afraid that she would bite herself. He reached out to break her mouth and put his finger in for her to bite.
"Ni Shaoche is ready. Leave it to me here." Yang Bai said to him at the door.
"Well," NiHaoDong eyes cold and looked at the naked two men, if he came late, the consequences would be unimaginable!
"Find a way to get them to sit through jail."
Ni Haodong picked up Anluo and strode toward the outside. Anluo was covered in his suit. She reached into his shirt and rubbed it on his chest. She felt that the person holding her looked like Ni Haodong! Although reason told her that she was confused by drugs, she was brought by two ducks. How did she become Ni Haodong? But what if she can’t control it?
The man in the suit was very dishonest and kept wriggling in his arms, which made him scratch his heart and tickle his lungs. She still held his neck and two soft lips gave off seductive breaths and kept kissing his neck.
NiHaoDong came out to see the RV parked at the door next to QiWeiFeng eyebrow look at the past QiWeiFeng stand hand a face of nai "Yang Bai saw me with the RV to call me to borrow my car my brother! I bought this car to pick up girls. As a result, I haven’t been happy yet, and it’s cheaper for you! "
Section 111
"Thanks!" NiHaoDong you’re welcome to the car NiHaoDong finally believed QiWeiFeng words this RV is decorated with a big bed, a small bar and a video wall.
When you are drunk, you can flirt and do it while watching movies.
Chen Shuai sat in the cab and raised the cab partition, and then the sound insulation effect of his car partition was very good, but he still turned red. He frowned and gritted his teeth. "There is something wrong with this car! How to keep shaking! "
I can’t take care of it completely. The numbness in a certain part of my body has made her suffer. She urgently needs to find a comfort. She hugs this man who holds her, kisses her and bites Ni Haodong madly. How did a small woman become like a crazy trapped animal? Let’s put it aside for the time being. The most important thing now is to help her out of this pain.
Chen Shuai drove the RV around the Second Ring Road for two laps before the car finally stopped shaking. Ni Haodong packed her clothes and bowed her head. She was already asleep. Her face fell a gentle kiss and then she went and knocked on the cab partition. Chen Shuai put the partition. From the mirror, I saw that Ni Haodong was refreshed. Why did Yang Bo not come to the car to stay and deal with the scene? What a fucking dog abuse!
Ni Haodong lowered his eyes and looked at Chen Shuai pants and twisted his eyebrows. "Did you pee your pants?"
Chen Shuai’s face suddenly turned red and looked down at his eyes. Immediately, the lamp in the RV was depressed and retorted, "Shake you for two hours and try it!"
Text 142 Shu Shu
The car stopped at the entrance of Ni Haodong and Anluoxin in Cuizhulin.
The car door hit Ni Haodong and she came from the car with her sleeping.