Kang Dao, what’s the good thing? You can’t say it in words.

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Mo Yifan rushed to the location to see Kang Liming, who was busy there, holding a walkie-talkie and constantly coordinating with the prop artist in arranging protective air cushions. When he saw Mo Yifan, he immediately excitedly pulled Mo Yifan aside and said, Smelly little, haven’t you always wanted to show your face on the screen? This time, you are lucky. Helen suddenly became very interested in you as a stuntman. I suggest that you modify the play to play today’s role and add a lot of scenes in the back. Hey, so you can be regarded as a main supporting role in the play. If you perform well, it may be a hit.
Really, Mo Yifan couldn’t help but get excited when he heard the news, but then he asked Helen doubtfully who Helen was.
Kang Liming made a faint and said with a wry smile, No, you’re from Mars. You don’t even know the English name of the big star heroine in our crew. Helen is Fu Diejun.
Fu diejun
Mo Yifan was even more surprised when she murmured, how could she suddenly recommend me? I, she seems to have never met before.
I’m not sure about that.
Kang Liming shook his head and said that it was Du Dao who said it shouldn’t be fake. Oh, by the way, when she came yesterday, you were just doing that jump test. Maybe she saw your sexy performance and suddenly became interested in you. Haha, you are lucky. But Helen is now the biggest box office actress in Southeast Asia. If she really wants to take you with her, it’s hard for you to get red. Well, if you have another chance, she will make a scandal or something, which will immediately become the focus of media attention. You will become red before this play is shown.
Mo Yifan is certainly very happy that he can make a name for himself in the entertainment industry when he hears that his forehead is flashing with black lines, but he hopes that he can get it by his own strength and attract attention because of the actress’s scandal. Then he would rather be an honest stuntman and get Fu Diejun, but the innocent girl on the screen symbolizes that he has made some scandal, and he must not be drowned by public saliva.
Of course, he also knows that this is just a joke made by Kang Liming casually. People won’t agree to this kind of gossip even if they want to.
Mo Yifan, although I feel good, I haven’t reached the point of falling in love. Of course, I don’t think Fu Diejun will really take a fancy to such a little stuntman.
Funny, right? Hey, hey.
Kang Liming laughed at it and said, Let’s hurry up and go to the rooftop. Director Du should wait for it. By the way, Helen is also here. Because it is a temporary change, although you have a heavy scene today, you don’t have many lines, but you have to correct one line before you can enter the real scene. But you can’t keep people waiting, big star.
I heard that Mo Yifan was nervous about his lines. Although he has been on the set for more than a year, after all, he has never even shown his face, but he has never said his lines. Du’s filming is also famous. If he is not satisfied with his performance, he is afraid that he may lose the opportunity to show his face at any time.
But when the tension comes, you can bite the bullet.
Everything is ready on the rooftop, because this lens is convenient for work across two buildings. A temporary springboard has been set up in two buildings, and four cameras have been set up on the rooftops of two buildings to adjust their positions.
Du Dao told several actors that when they saw Mo Yifan coming to Kang Liming, they immediately waved and called Mo Yifan to his side and said, Xiao Mo, you also know that Lao Du rarely holds new people, but this time Helen recommended me to give you a chance to try. I will tell you about your play first. In this play, you will play a leading actor named Aaron, and I know that you have little acting experience. Let the screenwriter change the play. You don’t have many lines and expressions. You just have to keep a straight face and pretend to be cool in most shots. You mainly have to express it. In your contradictory and embarrassing situation, the hero and heroine are lovers, but you secretly love the heroine in your heart, but at the same time you are very loyal to the hero. Later, you will be blindsided by your opponent, but there is nothing you can do. If the screenwriter doesn’t write you to death, then the hero’s scene will be robbed by you. Well, this is a few scenes of today. You should familiarize yourself with Helen’s lines first. Well, I will give you an hour. If I pass the test, I will immediately enter the real scene. If not, then I will shoot according to the drama. Can you continue
An hour is not difficult for Mo Yifan, who has never seen a mirror before, but he knows Du Dao’s temper. What he said is that it is absolutely impossible for the board nail to make him flexible. He also tries hard. If Du Dao can’t pass this, there is nothing he can do.
Mo Yifan took the play and looked around, but he didn’t see the big star Fu Diejun. He thought that people were big names, even if they were late for a while, it was not uncommon to do more meetings. It was a mess here, so it was difficult to watch the play quietly, so he stepped on the springboard and walked to the opposite building.
The two buildings are different in height. They came from the opposite rooftop and entered the first floor of the building’s ceiling. At this time, most of the workers were busy on the rooftop, and there was hardly a figure in this floor.
Although the building hasn’t been demolished, all the residents in it have moved away. Mo Yifan casually hit a room and saw that there were still some shabby furniture in it, so he went in and found a rag to wipe the dust off the sofa. Then he sat in the face and watched the play carefully.
The play was hastily revised and photocopied, but there were still typos in it. Fortunately, Mo Yifan really didn’t have many lines, but the requirements for movement were complicated. On the one hand, it had to be guided and coordinated.
Mo Yifan soon memorized all the lines of these scenes, but he didn’t know if he would forget his words when he was facing the camera because of nervousness. He kept reciting them in his heart to deepen his memory. It was here that he suddenly heard a piercing scream in the next room.
Chapter 36 Irregular menstruation
That call sounded very suddenly in memorizing lines. Mo Yifan was startled and could find the past and push a next door. Who knows that the door was actually pushed by people from the inside.
At this time, the room continued to scream as if people were on the verge of death. Mo Yifan didn’t know what was going on inside. In a hurry, he simply stepped back and kicked it hard according to the position of the door lock.
When Peng rang, Mo Yifan’s strength was so great that the quality of the door lock was so good that the door and the door frame were all blown down together, and at the same time a cloud of dust was brought up.
When the door fell, the screams came to a screeching halt. Mo Yifan stepped on the door panel and went in, then froze.
It’s tempting to see a girl in a bra and panties holding her shoulders in her hands at a worn-out desk and staring at him dumbfounded. The girl is very white, and the sculptor with perfect figure is handsome and delicate.
Throwing a pile of clothes on the desk, two rats of different sizes skimmed over the pile of clothes and sneaked into a wooden bed.
The two men stood face to face for a moment, and then the girl realized that she had very little clothing. She couldn’t help but exclaim again. She squatted down consciously and covered her chest with her hands, and then looked at Mo Yifan in panic and said, You go quickly.
At this time, Mo Yifan also recognized this girl as the first supporting actress in the play. Yuan Ni had guessed what was going on when she saw the situation here. Today, most of the scenes in this play are Yuan Ni. This Yuan Nigang is also here to recite lines and change the scene by the way. But after all, it is a long-abandoned residential building. No one can play without some cockroaches and mice. Yuan Niyi just didn’t know where it was. When she got out of her clothes, she found that the mice inside were not scared to death.
This kind of thing is actually very common, but it is just a misunderstanding. I believe that Yuan Niji is also white in his heart, so Mo Yifan didn’t do much to explain, nodded and said he was sorry, and then he planned to turn away.
But as soon as he turned around, another man bumped into him and screamed again.
What-what are you doing?
A soft and delicate but full of alert sound.
Mo Yifan looked up and saw a stunning beauty dressed in a black leather suit at the door with doubts and anger in her eyes. For a while, she looked at Yuan Ni squatting at the table, clutching her chest, and then she stared at him with disdain. Obviously, she regarded him as a pervert who wanted to molest people.
The situation in the room is too ambiguous. Anyone who sees this scene will naturally recognize Mo Yifan’s intention to molest Yuan Ni, but this matter is actually very easy to explain. Let Yuan Ni testify, of course, and the truth will come out.
It’s a pity that Yuan Ni was ashamed and afraid of the root at this time, so she didn’t expect Mo Yifan to prove anything.
Sex maniac, you bastard
Just now, the two men bumped into each other in a hurry. Mo Yifan’s elbow just hit the leather beauty Feng Qiao crisp. It was just an accident. Mo Yifan didn’t even realize that he had hit the sensitive part of others.
However, as soon as the leather beauty saw the house half-naked and frightened, Yuan Ni had already decided that this guy was frivolous, and when she came to know that she had been so angry and annoyed, she raised her hand and slapped Mo Yifan in the face.
Mo Yifan stayed for a while when he saw the beauty in leather, but he was a color stuntman, and his body was still a hundred times stronger than that of ordinary people. Although his brain didn’t give any instructions to his body, as soon as he felt the biting palm wind coming on his face, it was like a conditioned reflex. Suddenly, he raised his hand and grabbed the wrist of the beauty in leather by mistake, and then he twisted his arm behind her, and her body lost its center of gravity and fell straight into Mo Yifan’s arms.
The leather beauty exclaimed and struggled desperately, but the struggle broke away from Mo Yifan’s big hands like iron tongs, which actually enhanced the physical friction between the two people. She clearly felt the process of her breasts being squeezed into shape in each other’s chest.