There was a sour impulse in my heart to hang up, but I saw the past years ago with Ann … Ruan Danning licked his lip and said, "Hello, I’m looking for Hang An."

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"…" The other end was silent for a long time. "Who are you? What is it for Ann? "
"I …" Ruan Danning language unconsciously clenched the phone "I am his friend".
"Really?" Chen Jiayu held the microphone and looked at the balcony smoking. Hang An said in a low voice, "I know Ann’s girlfriend and her friends, but I obviously don’t know you, miss. I hope you won’t call again. Ann is in a bad state now and he needs to be quiet."
Say that finish before Ruan Danning reaction to hang up the words.
"…" Ruan Danning Meng this feeling is like being beaten in the face, she doesn’t even have a chance to talk to Hang An.
Come and ask Lian Hang ‘an to make it clear to him, and they won’t stand in the way, but the fact is not as simple as she imagined.
Ruan Danning had the idea of going to Dongling to look for him again because she couldn’t connect with Hang ‘an in the words. Once she was timid, but this time she must make it clear to him with her memories of the year.
Le Xuewei also agreed to this idea.
Le Xuewei didn’t know that Ruan Danning’s illness recurred, and she was very enthusiastic about making preparations for her before departure. This time, Han Chengyi prepared a special plane for her and sent bodyguards to take her there. However, bad news came from the presidential palace just before her departure.
Hang’ an’s mother tried to kill herself again in the nursing home!
Leci hurried over at the first time. After receiving this news, Lexuewei had to tell Ruan Danning.
"Danny, she is my brother’s biological mother … I think you should go and see her."
Ruan Danning, of course, had no objection to this and immediately followed Le Xuewei to the nursing home. This is the first time that Ruan Danning has seen Hang An’s mother …
Shen Xiuqin was lying in a nursing home, pale, eyes closed and asleep.
"Ah …" Ruan Danning couldn’t help covering her lip at the first sight because Shen Xiuqin looked so much older than her actual age. Although she was asleep, it was not difficult to see that Hangan’s facial features followed her mother.
"Ah ….." Dean explained at a side, "It seems that I remembered a lot of things before and my mood fluctuated very much … The nurse who took care of her for a long time asked for leave, which was really our negligence."
Leci aside also can’t help but sigh "who will take care of her during this period? Be sure to find a careful person … "
"Madam, this nurse is not very easy to find … you don’t know that most people are very resistant to it, not that they are unwilling to take care of themselves." The dean’s face is reluctant, but those who can find them are naturally willing to find the best.
"I’ll do it!" Ruan Danning couldn’t help interrupting, "Dean, can I come?"
"This …"
Everyone looked at Ruan Danning Lian Le Ci in unison and looked surprised. "This child … what are you talking about?"
"Mom …" LeXueWei busy hold mother leaned against her ear and said, "you let Danny take care of it! There is nothing more suitable than her … The elder brother number is to give it to her. "
"…" LeCi zheng is quick to react gently smiled and nodded "turned out to be so before watching you two is a bit what ah … why didn’t you say so earlier? Good boy "
Ruan Danning stayed in the nursing home that night.
Shen Xiuqin has just rescued drugs, but she has been sleeping soundly, but Ruan Danning dare not be careless and always stay at the bedside and even dare not take a nap.
Quiet night words suddenly rang Ruan Danning got a fright and hurried to pick up "hello? What’s the matter with Xue Wei? "
"Danny …" Le Xuewei trembles "You must brace yourself after hearing the news! I discussed with Chengyi for a long time, although I knew you would be very sad, but I still thought I should tell you. "
"What is it?" Ruan Danning dry pull pull corners of the mouth a heart straight to sink.
"My brother … my brother, he …" Le Xuewei really couldn’t say it intermittently.
"Ann? What’s wrong with him? " Ruan Danning scalp chills unconsciously yelled at the words. As a result, Han Chengyi took over the words. "Danny, listen up … there was a riot in Dongling, and Hangzhou An was seriously injured with the garrison riot …"
Ruan Danning’s brain buzzed and his footsteps unconsciously retreated. The color in his face quickly faded. "That he, that he is now …"
"Now I don’t know that Xiaoxue and her mother will go to Dongling together early in the morning. Xiaoxue means that you also go together …"
"I am going!" Ruan Danning nodded without hesitation and promised that Ann was seriously injured. How could she not go?
Words haven’t hang up suddenly from the inside to "crash" a loud noise Ruan Danning look a tight hastily hung up the words and went in.
See ShenXiuQin has woke up and got up, sitting on the head of a bed forehand hook the infusion tube and want to unplug it. Ruan Danning hurriedly ran over and grabbed ShenXiuQin’s hand and said, "Aunt, what are you doing? Don’t move! I am taking an injection! "
Shen Xiuqin looked at Ruan Danning in confusion. "Who are you?"
Listen to her tone is not like a confused person Ruan Danning zheng thought she was probably awake now.
At this moment, Shen Xiuqin was really awake. She looked at Ruan Danning and sighed and shook her head. "No matter who you are, please leave me alone. People like me are better off alive than dead."
"No aunt!" Ruan Danning kept shaking his head. "Think about it for Ann. What if something happens to you?"
"Ah …" Shen Xiuqin’s eyes are even dimmer. "I just think of Ann. He is a drag on having a mother like me."
"no!" Ruan Danning interrupted her urgently. "This is what you think. Have you asked Ann what he thinks? You don’t want your own ideas to replace Ann’s ideas … Ann won’t think you are a drag. "
Shen Xiuqin looked at Ruan Danning silently and smiled slightly. "Who are you?"
"I …" Ruan Danning bowed his head and said softly, "I … am a friend."
"Ha ha" Shen Xiuqin smile even more asked "not ordinary friends? Is it a girlfriend? "
"Ah?" Ruan Danning is more shy and doesn’t know how to answer.
Shen Xiuqin raised her hand to Ruan Danning and stroked her hair softly. "I don’t have much time to wake up, but I know that Ann is 29 years old. He should have a girlfriend at this age, but I haven’t seen you once as his first friend and see if your reaction is really our girlfriend?"
"Auntie …" Although Ruan Danning felt embarrassed, she nodded firmly years ago. "We … have been dating for a long time."
"Oh?" Shen Xiuqin’s pale face showed a little joy. "I’m sorry, I’ve been ill for so many years, and most of the time I don’t even know Ann … will you dislike our Ann if you know that she has such a mother?"
Ruan Danning quickly shook his head and looked anxious. "Aunt, what are you talking about? How could I … No "
"Ha ha, that’s good, that’s good." Shen Xiuqin was very weak and lay down again without saying a few words. "Hey … why didn’t Ann come with you?"
Ruan Danning’s heart sank in Hangan, disguised as "Ann is busy recently, and now he is not in the imperial city … Don’t worry, I will always take care of you here and I will come to see you as soon as Ann comes back."