They regard the power struggle as too simple. They always listen to me. Yes, let’s sit tight and let them fight.

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Maybe in the end, the snipe and the clam will compete for the benefit of the fisherman. Who can say for sure?
However, Emperor, we are so prepared. If we take the initiative to join in the first hand, it will definitely be your wish.
But if we miss this best opportunity, even if we still have a chance, it will take a lot more weeks. Is that really good?
Guangyu, you seem to be very wordy today. Are you ready to listen to my decision?
Light feather dare not.
The mouth says that I dare not tell in my heart that I am protesting against Donghua Dijun’s decision at this time.
This lover has been with him for so many years, and he has always been so respectful and stiff. How can he not know that he is unhappy in his heart? It is the thought that the ink burn god in his sleeve must be placed in the shortest possible time.
He will have to bear the pain to let the light feather them down.
With a slight sigh, I patted him on the shoulder. I know you are in my heart. It’s a pity, but I’ve also thought it over. Although we are immortals and gods, we also have a long life, so we are different from human beings in that they have the opportunity of reincarnation and we don’t.
We can’t afford one thing more, and the name of that thing is regret.
You may not be white now, but I think if destiny takes a hand, you will definitely be white.
With that, the figure of Donghua Emperor disappeared at the end of the corridor.
Light feather scratching their heads and looking at the back of Emperor Jun can no longer see the low tunnel regret Emperor Jun. You will regret it after giving up such a good opportunity this time, but it doesn’t matter that light feather will achieve your wish, even if you close light feather, but you can do it.
Chapter 454 After everyone makes a choice.
Donghua emperor didn’t know that light feather didn’t really listen to him after he closed.
On the contrary, he has been more active in preparing for every specific step.
His first step was to inform Zong Zhengwu that he was hiding beside tourmaline.
He wants him to try to provoke tourmaline to lead the spirit world to declare war on heaven even in the next few days.
On the other hand, the dark chess lurking in the underworld also received similar orders one by one.
The total light feather has to stir up the muddy water in this pool, which is now muddy enough, so as to help the tension condense.
Once the atmosphere between the two sides is tense, it is hatred and opposition, and the two sides will be quiet with each other.
This was the first step he took, and the second step was that he withdrew the watchers who had been stationed in irrelevant places and focused his efforts on staring at the Purple Temple of Heaven.
At the same time, I also monitor and observe the movements of the courtiers in heaven at any time and place, thinking about what decisions I want the Emperor to make, so that I can be known by him for the first time so that I can arrange the corresponding means and strategies.
However, Guang Yu never thought that since Emperor Donghua could let him secretly train a group of secret forces to serve Donghua Taiwan.
How can a man who is good at planning and calculating not leave some hidden power for himself?
I don’t know if this is because Guang Yu Cong was mistaken by Cong Cong, or that he was in the middle of the game and didn’t see the situation clearly.
And Donghua emperor, if he knew that he had changed many strategies behind his back as soon as he closed his light feather, I don’t know if he would smile bitterly and be too loyal to himself.
You know, if Guangyu really listened to the words of Donghua Emperor, Donghua Taiwanese would not take the initiative to make trouble without taking the initiative. If Tiandi prepared those two traps, it was really impossible to design Donghua Taiwanese.
But because Guangyu unilaterally decided to fight for his Lord Donghua Emperor, he pulled all the people in Donghua Taiwan into the water.
Being given a clean meal by the Emperor of Heaven also damaged most of Donghua Taiwan’s strength.
It’s true that people don’t count.