Chapter three hundred and sixteen Stop trying to be brave

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Gong Jintian clenched his fist and picked up Fang Yao without saying anything. "Let everyone have a patient here!"
Those people who go home for the New Year are crowded with carriages. wait for a while looks at him sideways, and no one moves.
It can’t be blamed that their whole carriage is full of people and it is difficult to move.
Gong Jintian shouted angrily, "Give me the aisle or don’t blame me for being rude!"
His ferocity startled the honest people. Everyone saw that he was really in a hurry with someone in his arms, and they all tried to make way.
Gong Jintian held Fang Yao and walked in the direction of the sleeper, pushing a cart to sell melons and peanuts. The crew also froze with fear.
"Don’t be stupid enough to call the doctor!"
Although Gong Jintian wore an ordinary black cotton-padded coat, he was still very scary when he got angry. The passenger was so scared that he nodded again and again. "Okay, I’ll inform the conductor."
Gong Jintian quickly carried Fang Yao to the sleeping car next door. He took out several bills from his pocket and put them in the nearest shop. "Give them to me."
"…" Gong Jintian gave money for a full thousand yuan, and the man bought this green leather shop for hundreds of dollars. The man rushed to accept money and gave up the shop.
Then Gong Jintian released Fang Yao.
Seeing Gong Jintianxing, Fang Yao said, "Didn’t you agree to experience life with me?" Former Gong Jintian wanted to come with bodyguards and followers, but Fang Yao refused.
Since you want to know her, you have to know her background and life.
"It’s different now. Why are you so stubborn?" Gong Jintian pressed Fang Yao’s shoulder and let her lie down and looked at the person who was counting money. "You go and pour a cup of hot water!"
"Oh, oh, okay, I’m going!" The man who took so much money for nothing was a little embarrassed to see the little couple rushing to help again.
Fang Yao blushed. He pulled Gong Jintian’s face down close to his ear. "I’m fine. It’s not so exaggerated. Just take a rest."
"You see you like nothing? You don’t wear makeup when you play the female ghost. "Gong Jintian frowned tightly and didn’t agree with her at all." You are so strong and have a bottom line. How can you torture yourself like this? "
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If you’re uncomfortable, you have to hold on and take him to the train! This train can’t run away. When can’t it be crowded?
Looking at Gong Jintian’s anger, Fang Yao’s warm stomach is not so painful
In Datong, Gong Jintian is different from Xue Qiaoxin and Zhuo Xuanyu. Xue Qiaoxin has a good temper and good popularity. Zhuo Xuanyu is a cold boss, while Gong Jintian always gives people a sinister feeling.
Because he is the vice president of Datong, he is also responsible for the company’s network and security, and he knows many secret things outside the company.
This kind of person was terrible in ancient times. The eunuch was in charge of everything, and no one could hide it from him. Everyone was afraid of him.
Don’t lose your temper with Gong Jintian, who is in the company. He wants to laugh and everyone is scared.
It happened that Gong Jintian just had a hard time with her and entered the company for several years. Gong Jintian didn’t lose his temper and scolded her for a long time. Fang Yao especially hated Gong Jintian, and then gradually got used to his inexplicable anger
But today, she thinks Angry Gong Jintian is quite cute.
I couldn’t help it. Gong Jintian approached him again and told her the secret. "I came to have my period and my stomach hurts."
"…" Gong Jintian stared at her eyes and turned a little red. "That’s not a trivial matter. You need more rest and comfortable environment at this time."
"I’ll find you a soft sleeper later and you have a good sleep." Gong Jintian blushed and added, "You women are very weak at this time and will get sick if you don’t pay attention."
"… you know so much" Fang Yao said with a smile.
"Of course, Xue Qiaoxin’s family is making sanitary napkins. I’ve known him for so many years and I know a little about this." Gong Jintian gloated.
Speaking of Xue Qiaoxin’s family business, Fang Yao wants to laugh again. No wonder Xue Qiaoxin would rather be a special assistant in Datong than a boss at home.
"By the way, Gong Jintian, what does your family do?" Fang Yaoxiao smiled and suddenly thought of this problem.
She knows that Gong Jintian is a rich second generation and a corporate family, but Fang Yao doesn’t know what his family is doing. It should be said that this is a secret.
Gong Jintian is a low-key person in this respect.
Gong Jintian coughed. "My family makes women’s clothes … that bra." He whispered in Fang Yao’s ear.
No wonder Gong Jintian keeps a low profile! He and Xue Qiaoxin are really called female friends!
Soon the conductor came to Gong Jintian and asked the other party to find some painkillers and brown sugar water for Fang Yao to drink.
Fang Yao took the medicine and got much better. She was tired and weak, but she fell asleep quickly despite the noise in the carriage.
And Gong Jintian sat beside her, paying attention to the whole carriage. Who dares to talk loudly? He immediately cut it with a knife.
Gong Jintian’s momentum is not ordinary people at first glance, and everyone dares not offend him.
After sleeping for several hours, it was getting brighter outside. Fang Yao woke up slowly and Gong Jintian bought a hot porridge for her to eat.
This green leather car food Gong Jintian can hardly spit. He can choose a porridge for Fang Yao by picking and choosing. It looks barely edible.
"Fang Yao, have some porridge. The bus will leave soon. We are eating something else." Gong Jintian helped Fang Yao up.
"Well, let’s buy a bus ticket for the train first. If you enter Xiaofang Village, there will be a bus one day. Don’t wait until the day."
Fang Yao felt much better after a sleep.
"… how long will it take?" Gong Jintian was shocked. It took him six or seven hours to fly to the western city of G and then take the train to the prefecture-level small city. They had already passed by for a day.
"It will take about five or six hours, even if the bus goes back to the county seat and then to Xiaofang Village, it will take several hours." It is also difficult for him to see Gong Jintiantou taking a black line and Fang Yao wanting to laugh again.
Gong Jintian was born in a big city since childhood, and he is a rich second generation. He has been to the smallest city, which is probably his aunt Lengbing’s home. Although Lengbing’s home is a county seat, it is only six or seven hours’ drive from S city, which is not remote!
How can Xiaofang Village, located in the deep mountains, be so accessible?
"…" It seems that it will take another day!
Next to the man who gave his berth to Lengbing and squatted on the ground to soak noodles, he suddenly got up and looked at Fang Yao with bright eyes. "Are you Fang Yao from Xiaofang Village?"
Chapter three hundred and seventeen She is a child bride.
"… it’s me" don’t meet an acquaintance? Fang Yao looked at the man carefully, but he still didn’t recognize him.