It’s strange that when Dabao’s brother is in charge of her, she always wants to steal something … Now that he’s not around, he keeps all his words and’ no’ in mind and consciously carries them out until he can’t see them and won’t be angry.

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Ning Dai’s brain is a tingle. Why does she think of Brother Dabao again?
"Ha …" There were hurried steps behind him accompanied by heavy breathing. "Ning Dai!"
Chapter 1114 Some couples do things outside the United States
Ning Dai herself is hallucinating. After all, she misses Han Xilang too much these days.
Until lijiangcheng, captain qi qi looked at her.
"…" Ning Dai looked blank. "What’s the matter?"
Shirley Jiang head flops motioned for her to look at the past "Korea’s total …"
NingDai heart suddenly jumped and turned to see Han Xilang’s thin lips slightly parted in front of her!
She’s unconscious. It’s not an illusion! Brother Dabao is really here!
Before Han Xilang strode, he leaned over and held Ning Dai in his arms in front of so many people. He was tall and even Ning Dai looked petite in his arms.
"…" NingDai eyes wet out of control.
Han Xilang has a faint smell of sweat and the smell of machine oil in the factory, which is surprisingly good. Wenningdai raised her hand to encircle his waist … But for a moment, she suddenly alerted and stretched out her hand to push him.
"Ning Dai …" Han Xilang looked at her with a face of injury in astonishment.
There are too many people here. Han Xilang simply pulls her "Come with me!"
"Ah …" He dragged NingDai foot forward … not a trot.
They are stationed in front of a lake, and Han Xilang pulls Ning Dai to stop by the lake.
He was very stuffy and confused. He had a lot to say. He walked around in the same place and finally stopped in front of Ning Dai and suddenly grabbed her shoulder. The tone was’ bold’. "Hang Ning Dai, I really want to pick you up and throw you into the lake!"
"…" NingDai bowed their heads and pursed their mouths not to talk.
Han Xilang qi and blood chung "speak! Why don’t you talk? Shouldn’t you tell me that you are here? I am your husband! "
NingDai suppressed along while finally mouth "I also go back to improvise … what are you angry about? What I do is very meaningful … "
"Hang Ningdai!" Han Xilang folded roar off her "you really don’t know? Why am I angry? "
"…" NingDai bit her lip and shook her head "I don’t know"
"Hoo!" Han Xilang felt that he was going to be mad, and the eyebrows tightened into Sichuan words "Wife, you are my wife! I asked you to come with you and me. You said it was hard. I understand that I love you more than you do! But now you’re here? "
"I …" Ning Dai opened her mouth.
Han Xilang drink her "don’t talk! Hear me out! You said it was meaningful. What about me? Is it meaningless to accompany me? "
"…" NingDai heart sank is not the case … Dabao brother is not the case.
Look at her ignorant face. Han Xilang drops loose. She sighs, "Ning Dai, why do you want me to be so tired? I’ve been thinking about you all the time … but I can’t find a reason! Give me a reason this time! "
"I …" NingDai powder lips closed suddenly raised his jaw.
"Yes! That’s what I did! What reason do you want me to give? I thought it was hard, so I didn’t come. Now I think the volunteer team is fun, so I came! What’s the matter? Why are you so big? What want to kill me? "
"…" Han Xilang was stuck this girl was so justly!
NingDai mercilessly stared his one eye and turned and ran away.
"ah!" Han Xilang quite stuffy smoothed her hair and kicked up a stone.
Is he too impulsive? Fierce, ning Dai?
Han Xilang’s forehead slowed down and he walked back and met Li Jiangcheng halfway.
"You?" Han Xilang’s eyes are full of alert. "Why are you here?"
Li Jiangcheng is magnanimous and "comes with the material team"
Han Xilang didn’t have the luxury to deal with him and took two steps forward. He thought about it and looked back at him. "Manager Li, you shouldn’t … what’s wrong with you?"
"Ah" Li Jiangcheng smiled "Han always thinks too much. Mrs. Han is not such a person … She deserves to be respected. Your idea is insulting your wife."
Han Xilang was blocked by his words. "My wife is naturally not worried … but she is too simple. I am worried about her …"
"Han Zong" Li Jiangcheng frowned and interrupted him.
Han Xilang’s eyebrows are beyond his reach.
Li Jiangcheng met his eyes primly. "Although Mrs. Han is young, it doesn’t mean that she has no discretion …"
He said here toward Han Xilang nodded and walked away.
Han Xilang frown looked at LiJiangCheng figure increasingly puzzled … This LiJiangCheng NingDai really boring? Is he thinking too much? But how do you explain his kindness to Ning Dai?
Back to the garrison, Ning Dai has gone back to the tent.
Captain nature is know Han Xilang identity pointed to the tent position "Han provided total deputy team is there"
Han Xilang nodded his thanks and went over.
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