When Yuan Sirong saw the clouds, he suddenly meditated and asked softly, "What is Brother Yun thinking?"

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Clouds firmly wake up and don’t know what to do, but listen to Chang Qinshi’s words in the side socket. "Brother Yun, what else do you want? Listening to my sister is like losing my soul. I grabbed Qinshi and didn’t ask Sister Yuan if she came all this way but didn’t get a snack! " With this, he pushed his mouth out and made a small appearance of being wronged.
Yuan Sirong and Yan Qinghan listened to it, and they all chuckled and said awkwardly, "Sirong can’t be martial arts and I’m not in good health, so I’m so worried that my sister must have misunderstood me. How can I be careless?"
Chang Qin’s poetry is not willing to give up. "But Qin’s poetry has also taken the trouble to come all the way here! Brother Yun has to show something, right? "
"show?" Xingyun heard the words and laughed. "That’s nature. That’s what nature’s sister wants. Just say it!"
Clouds are full of promises, but Chang Qinshi’s eyes turn and say with a smile, "Qinshi didn’t think about it for a while, so let’s talk about it, but Qinshi has always called her younger brother Yunqian and his younger brother Keyun, but she still called her younger sister. How can she be so identified?"
At the beginning, Chang Qinshi and his party had great affection for themselves, but now Yuan Sirong and Yan Qinghan are present. What should they do?
Chang Qinshi saw that the clouds hesitated and wronged. "Brother Yun’s heart is dishonest! Don’t even hesitate to call! "
See clouds embarrassed Yuan Sirong also don’t understand. Looking back, I’m seeing Yan Qinghan. Smiling and moving, I know what the problem is. Busy is to clear the way. "Sister, don’t be difficult to Yundi any more." Said the clouds and laughed. "Sister Qin Shi didn’t come here this time as Yundi thought. She came to recognize her brother."
When Xingyun heard this, he wondered, "Do you recognize your brother?"
Yuan Sirong smiled and pulled the clouds, sitting in her and Yan Qinghan, and pulled Chang Qin’s poems in front of her. She smiled and told them again.
After listening to this, Xingyun’s heart is always loose. It’s not a good thing to want a little girl. It’s good to marry her two daughters, Yuan and Yan, and Chang Qin’s poems can understand the difference between admiration and love.
"It’s my constant gift and deep friendship. How can he help me instead?"
However, Xingyun has no time to think about the reasons because Chang Qin’s poems are still around.
Xingyun was busy laughing. "Qin Shi helped me a lot, not to mention some rewards. I want Xingyun to do what Qin Shi told me!"
Seeing that Xingyun changed his name to Chang Qinshi, he was not really angry. When he heard this, he laughed. "Brother Yun can’t talk without cheating!"
Xingyun was teased by Chang Qinshi, the little daughter, and nodded, "You can’t forget a word!"
Chang Qin poem smell speech hee hee smiled and ran to the side of YanQing culvert was YanQing culvert a embrace in her arms and no longer make clouds.
Chang Qin’s poems don’t pester the clouds and settle down a lot, caressing Yuan Sirong’s small hands and heart. "Is Si Rong really in the way? Why don’t you go to rest first and I’ll go to your room to find you if something happens? It’s better than sitting here and being involved. "
Yuan Sirong whispered, "Sirong is really good."
See the clouds still don’t believe that Yan Qinghan is laughing. "Sister Si Rong can’t fight martial arts, but she’s not always weak by weak people. It’s just that she’s stressed by her heart. It’s good that she can’t go to her body."
Said and looked at is nestled in the clouds side a face of happiness Yuan Sirong how clear culvert light.
"Now Sister Sirong’s heart is exhausted, and she can naturally restore her former spirits."
Yuan Sirong said, "Yan Jie said that Li Sirong came out this time, but he let everything go. Brother Yun never gave up. It’s a round wish, even if he dies immediately, it won’t be wasted."
Moved by the news, Xingyun couldn’t help holding Yuan Sirong in his arms and thinking that he had promised to be guilty. "Sirong, I said I would marry you aboveboard, but Qing Han is also very affectionate to me. I can’t let you go. Can you blame me?"
How clear culvert smell speech heart a sweet know clouds really care about yourself in my heart.
Yuan Sirong looked up at the clouds and smiled gently. "How can I blame Yundi? Martial arts is not important, and my sister’s appearance and wisdom are far better than mine. How can I complain about Yundi’s help? Besides, with Yundi’s present status, how can I complain if I don’t forget my promise? "
Yuan Sirong said here that Yan Qinghan laughed. "Sister Sirong is modest. If it weren’t for her sister’s gift to Qing Han, how could she meet the patriarch? Even early by the Xiao Shouchen hurt "
The more two women say, the more ashamed they are, and it is even more disturbing to think of their own methods to distract these two people with the same name.
Looking at the clouds, Yan Qinghan seems to feel something suddenly. "The patriarch’s position is high, which attracts much attention. Although our sisters don’t care about this name, they still have to say that this is even the worry of the patriarch."
Seeing that the walking cloud lifted its head, Yan Qinghan smiled and said with a smile, "Sister Sirong is famous and the patriarch has already made a marriage. It’s natural that there’s nothing to argue about at home. What are our sisters’ ideas?"
Yuan Sirong said in the side socket, "At home, Yan Jie is naturally the biggest Sirong. I don’t know anything about this family, but Yan Jie is running it."
It is no wonder that the two women have been talking and laughing for a long time since they closed.
Yuan and Yan can think for themselves so much, which can be said to be their own blessings? How can they be demanding again? Besides, what Yan Qinghan said is the best. Yuan Sirong is the head of Qingcheng, and his granddaughter is married to others to be small. Even if people are willing to be in Qingcheng, where is the light? You cann’t be safe in your own center of the earth
Thought of here, the clouds sighed, "But Qing Han was wronged."
There’s nothing melodramatic about this saying.
Yan Qinghan heard a laugh. "It doesn’t matter if you have a clear culvert in the patriarch’s heart. The patriarch doesn’t have to care too much."
Having said that, birthright is birthright after all. Who wants to be small? While I was going to marry Yuan Sirong, now I want her to serve a lady together, and I feel guilty about the two women. I can’t help but sigh, "It’s a blessing for me to get the two ladies’ attention."
Speaking of which, he raised his right hand and swore, "Xingyun vowed here that I would never let anyone hurt you if I took a breath!" In this life, let the two ladies be happy. If they violate the sky, they will be tired! "
When Yuan and Yan heard the news, they all reached out to stop, but their faces were full of happiness and sweetness. However, Chang Qin’s poems on the side were unhappy. When they saw the busy clouds, they laughed. "So are Qin’s poems!"
Chang Qinshi smell speech Chen color to big eyes a turn xi xi laughs "that cloud elder brother when to marry two sisters? Qinshi is still waiting for a wedding banquet. "
Clouds without hesitation, "on the day of the succession ceremony! I said I would marry Sirong fair and square! On that day, I will be the whole Jianghu to marry Sirong and Qinghan! " Yet even Yan Qinghan bowed his head in shame.
It’s no harm to die in the evening (chapter 64)
On the day of the succession ceremony! I’m going to be the whole Jianghu to marry Sihan! "
Even Yan Qinghan, who has always looked comfortable, bowed his head shyly.
The little girl Chang Qin’s poem is clapping her hands and applauding her. She laughs bluntly. "Brother Yun says it’s great and doesn’t waste Yuan Jie’s love for you."
Yuan Sirong listened to the little girl’s words and was even more ashamed to bury his head in the clouds. Yan Qinghan always extended his finger in Chang Qinshi’s forehead and criticized "you are white."
Chang Qin’s poem knows how to be clear, but she doesn’t care if she smiles.
Yan Qinghan is also painful. This innocent little girl rubbed her place a moment later, as if she was afraid of killing her. Only then did she say with a smile, "Qing Han felt that since this marriage was arranged on the day of the ceremony of succession, it would be better to catch up with the marriage of the little door Lord and Narcissus sister, and it would be difficult for them to be more lively in one day."
Chang Qin-shi listened to the jubilation and said, "The ceremony of Brother Yun’s accession to the throne is really fun. Qin Shi likes it!"
Clouds smell speech since won’t object to nod a way "is so" had a meal by YanQingHan this first line of clouds suddenly way "when it comes to teacher younger brother how to see others? But the injury has not healed? "
Yan Qinghan nods, "The little door master is still closed, but the patriarch doesn’t have to worry about it. Every time the little door master goes out, he has a daffodil sister beside him to take care of others. It is also extremely difficult to step in and help."
Just then, Chang Qin’s poems were suddenly earned from Yan Qinghan’s arms and ran to the side of Yunyun, saying, "Can Brother Yunxian’s feet be cured?" Sister Narcissus’s flying skill is double, but now it’s a pity. "
"How do you know Qin Shi?"
Yan Qinghan laughed at the side. "This girl loves to be clingy. Sister Qinghan Sirong and sister Narcissus are not less entangled by her, but she is partial and lively and lovely. We are also very familiar with each other. What’s the secret?"
Narcissus saves you at the expense of injury and makes a proud flying achievement. Then you go to thirty percent. Yunxin is also Pei. At the moment, I see the little girl’s heart in this way. She discusses it with Yan Dao. "Qin Shi can rest assured that even if you don’t say that Shuinv hurts me, I will try my best."
Chang Qinshi heard the words and laughed. "Qinshi knew Brother Yun had the best heart!"
Xingyun laughed when he heard this, and then there was a hearty laugh outside the door at the moment. "Can you tell Lao Qin what’s on your mind?"
It is Qin Baicheng who is vigorous and heroic.
When they smell speech, they will see Qin Baicheng striding from the outside to the cloud and laughing. "The patriarch is here as expected! The little girl didn’t pester me today, and the old Qin felt something was wrong. After four inquiries, I heard that the patriarch was already out of this and hurried here. "He said that he could sit in a chair at the beginning of the cloud at will."
There are no outsiders present, and there is no theme. He is sitting side by side with two women, Yuan Yan, and Qin Baicheng is casual when he comes.
Seeing that everyone was beaming, Qin Baicheng first asked Xingyun about the injury. "But what interesting things did Lao Qin miss?"
Chang Qinshi came to see Qin Baicheng and asked Jiao with a smile, "Brother Yun married Sister Yuan and Sister Yan on the day of the ceremony of succession, and Sister Narcissus and Brother Jun also got married together on that day. Grandpa Qin thinks how busy the mountain will be that day?"